Not of Works, Less Any Man Should Boast…

But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness. (Romans 4:15)

I want to suggest that you go back and read the first six words of the above scripture, “But to him that worketh NOT…” Whew! What a relief…Salvation does not and cannot come through or by man’s “works.” We cannot work our way into Heaven or into God’s good Graces. It is only through belief and faith that we are “justified,” made right, with God. Sadly, there are so many religions that “require” people to do this or to do that in order to receive salvation; or eternal life with God. Then, even on top of all of their do’s and don’ts a person cannot be assured of his or her salvation before they die…What a dreadful way to live never knowing for certain if you are or are not saved by faith through Jesus Christ…But, thanks be unto God we can know for certain, without a doubt, that our redemption stands sure by simply believing what God says in HIS words known as the BIBLE…And, in the book of Romans, we learn that Salvation is not of works, or at least man’s works, but totally and fully dependent upon God’s works through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith…I am as secured in my salvation through Christ Jesus as if I am already living in glory! I may not be living in glory right this moment, but I have a place prepared and when I do leave this old life I will go directly to that wonderful place; where Christ is. The Apostle Paul said to be “absent from the body is to be present with Christ.” Amen…
Today, you may belong to a particular organization or religion that requires you to perform certain works or tasks in order to receive salvation. My friend, this is simply not true. All we ever need has already been provided to us through the perfect conception, perfect life, and perfect blood of Jesus shed at Calvary and through His triumphant resurrection. If you believe in that Truth, then, my friend, you belong to God through Jesus Christ. I encourage you today to make your preparation sure through the Word of God and not through a man-made religious plan. However, once we receive the finished works of Christ Jesus into our hearts and the sealing of our souls until the day of redemption we will want to work for His kingdom out of pure Joy, Love, Excitement, and Pleasure…For, we know that we are saved; therefore we want to spread and share our Joy with others through kind deeds and acts of kindness and being about our Heavenly Father’s business. Not to be saved, but that we are already Saved! Praise be unto God who took it upon Himself to design Redemption’s plan for all of mankind. Oh, what a Savior is Mine!

Remember, God Loves You
Lin T Rollins, Author