“To Do Lists”

To-Do-Lists…We have all them.  But, let me ask you some important questions regarding those pesky little “to-do-lists.”  By any chance, on yesterday, did you mess up and not get half-way through your to-do-list?  I know I did.  Did you not succeed in all you wanted to do or to get done?  Were you suppose to call someone back?  Go to the market?  Pay a bill or go to the post office? Did you fall short on your new diet plan?  Did you not take care of a chore or task that you wanted to do?  Did you fail to get your Bible reading or lesson in for the day?  Or, did you not pray about matters as much as you had hoped or intended?  What was it that you didn’t accomplish or achieve on yesterday that you would like to accomplish today?

See, one of the greatest things about a 24 hour day is that every twenty-four hours….it starts all over again!  You (and I!)  can start the day all over again and have another opportunity to do better than the day before; and if we don’t….Yes!  Yippee!  Another twenty-four hour day is just around the corner!

There are many reasons that we don’t always accomplish what is on our “To-Do Lists” for the day.  Perhaps, we just woke up not feeling as well or as energetic as we needed to be to accomplish all that was on our list.  Maybe, we put too much on our “to- do-list” to get it all done!  (This is self-defeating!)  Or, perhaps unexpected things happened throughout the day that got in the way of “our” plans.  Or, another activity captured our hearts and interest, so it took up all of our time.  In short…interruptions and other activities that stole  us away from  our to-do-list from being completed!

Whatever it was that pulled you away from your finished goals on yesterday you now have a bright new day….Today…. Yes, today is the “gift” of the “present.”  And, you are afforded the privileged to fill the hours with whatever activity you choose to do.  And, today, that activity could very well be simply resting from all of your other activities!  Or, perhaps you can’t get to your to-do-list because you are resting in bed fighting off a cold or a sinus infection. Or, perhaps your “to-do-list”  is more work or career centered based upon what your “boss” wishes.   If so; you might want to pay more attention to that list than your own! smile…)

Sometimes, I believe we are just too hard on ourselves when we don’t accomplish everything on our “plate.”  We tend to overburden our load.  So, today, do as much as you can and remember that tomorrow’s yesterday is today….So, whatever it is that you didn’t get accomplished today….you can start all over again on tomorrow.

The important thing on yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s “to-do-list” is to keep your life balanced and moderate.  Not overexerting yourself to be “perfect” for everyone and everything around you; including yourself….In other words…give yourself a break every once in a while… And, taking a break is a whole lot like drinking milk…it can do the body good!

As Scarlett O’Hara so famously put it, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow….after all, tomorrow is another day!”

I hope you are able to accomplish your to-do-list for today; but if not….keep pugging along, because Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise…you will have tomorrow and the day after that…and the day after that. Stop stressing!! We are too blessed to be stressed!!  Amen….

My next task on my today’s “to-do-list”…..hit publish for today’s blog and treat myself to a cup of hot chocolate!  A task I actually prefer to do!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s lighter side of inspiration.  Hope to meet again tomorrow…Why not put it on your “to-do-list!”

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author