A Writer Is Never Loved…

A Writer Is Never Loved…

If you are a writer or one who automatically sees the need to dig deeper, research farther, leave no stone unturned, analyze the analyzed, and can never, never say anything in ten words or less then my heart goes out to you…For writers are never truly loved or understood….Unless, you learn how to channel all of your inward thoughts, passions, and emotions into a number one best seller with several sequences. Other than that, you may have to face the realistic truth that at times you aren’t very well received among your peers and/or closest relatives.

Writers are often teachers; whether professionally trained or naturally gifted. Some writers are “speakers” as well. That can make life even more challenging for the individual writer. Writers and speakers often challenge the status quo…They challenge people to think on a different level or even an advanced more sophisticated level at times…Some people don’t always enjoy that challenge or appreciate its results.

Writers are always seeking the truth, intentions, or motives behind someone’s actions or reactions…In the writer’s or speaker’s heart and mind there must always be a “reason.” Even if that reason lies within the absolute mysterious Sovereignty of God, there must be a reason. And, writers often can’t stop the search until that is their absolute last option; God’s Sovereignty.

So, we must ask ourselves this question, “What are people to do with writers and their quest to enlighten the world around them?” In many ways, writers are like “prophets of old” bringing messages and news that no one really wants to hear….”Off, off with their head!” The gathering crowd shouts!

So, in many ways the writer feels like a martyr waiting for the ax to fall. But, ask yourself this question as well, “Where would we be without devoted writers in our lives?” First, my answer would be that you would not be reading this blog…For a writer is writing it…Second, you would not enjoy your nightly entertainment shows, news broadcasts, or sitcoms because it takes an entire staff of writers to make it possible. Even the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is based upon good writing abilities. Writing, whether it be for entertainment or informative reasons, colors our world and showers our interests

So, the next time you get upset with the person who simply cannot tell the “shorter version” of the story, or who has to consider numerous points before settling on just one, or uses tons of analogies to make their point why not try thinking what life would be without that type of person….

In closing, the next time you curl up with your favorite novel, remember that the author is actually someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or grandparent and the very fact that their words are entertaining you means they don’t do “simple” very well!! 🙂

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, M.Ed, Author