Who is Your Trust?

“O LORD my God, in thee do I put my trust; save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me…My defense is of God, which saveth the upright in heart.” (Psalm 7:1, 10).

In the Old Testament days, King David of Israel fully understood the need to be rescued and delivered from his enemies. He was the king. In those days, kings were not always loved or liked by their family members or those who dwelled within their kingdom. Their lives were constantly in danger and in need of protection and safety from their enemies.

As many earthly body-guards as King David’s court included, his trust safely dwelled in the God of Israel. The same can be true for you and me as well. No matter how many friends and loved ones we may have in our lives none can secure our daily safety and protection like our Lord God through his Son, Jesus Christ.

Like King David our trust should always dwell safely in God. Today, you may be facing an unknown enemy; or an enemy of sickness, disturbance, loneliness, grief, persecution, or discouragement. Whatever the enemy may be in your life you can put your whole heart’s trust in God through Jesus Christ.

The Bible is filled with God’s many promises to those who put their trust in Him. I encourage you to take your eyes off of man and put them solely, by Faith, on Jesus. Jesus is our help in every circumstance of life.

The Bible teaches, “The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; so shall I be saved from mine enemies.”

Today, please join me in Praising God for always being our TRUST, Salvation, and Deliverer. Worthy to be praised is thy Name, O LORD…Amen and Amen!

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, M.Ed, Author


Hold to the Rock of Ages…

Hold to the Rock of Ages…

Storms of life and trials that endure for years, some even for decades, can rob us at times of our inward strength, abilities, and energies. The enemy, God’s enemy, begins to believe that he is winning over our “will,” and even God’s will for our life, and that we will eventually become a “quitter” on God. But, God’s children are not “quitters.”

Perhaps, at one point you were strong in the Lord, obedient, determined, dedicated, and totally dependent upon His leading in your life…For years and years you faithfully served God and others in His loving protection, promises, and provisions…But, suddenly, the unseen protective Hands of God seemed to vanish from you life and the enemies’ thunder, lightnings, and clouds were all you could see. At first, you thought the violent storm would eventually pass over; but it didn’t. Instead of passing by, it stopped right over you and stayed much longer than you ever anticipated or prepared yourself for. In the midst of the ongoing storm you tried to find your wits and sense of it all, but they seemed lost in the swelling tides of the storm. After a while, your senses began to dull and you didn’t know how to behave or handle the plethora of emotions that were bombarding your heart and mind practically daily; minute by minute. Somedays you were able to find solace in Prayer and Scripture readings, but then the next day everything is filled with added turmoil and uncertainities…To say the least, the enemy has you on the run…And, it appears to be a “run for your life,” except for one thing…The more you run the more you run into obstacles that hurt and harm you…You know that you need to stand still but standing still in such a strong storm goes against every grain in your mind and body.

The natural voices within tell you to run…It’s the old, “fight or flight” sydrome…By running I mean, “fix it,” “do something,” or, “make it go away.” Even though you know the verse, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord,” all too well you still feel the need to “do something,” because if you don’t the storm will overtake your life and “all” will be lost. So, you are in a quandary and nothing in life makes sense to you anymore. And, believe me I know, that when you are experiencing such a long, long lasting storm many of your friends and family will tend to depart…After all, it’s your storm; not their’s…Thankfully, you do experience short, brief periods of “sunshine” when the thunder and lightnings cease momentarily, but when they return they return with a vengence…One minute you are up and the next second you are down being tossed under the raging waters’ currents…No one, and I mean NO ONE, seems willing to throw you a “life- line” of rescue. Most of the people you know are just standing on the sidelines of life shaking their heads in disbelief as they watch you try to balance the strong and ever stronger waves pounding upon the seashore of your battled-life…They don’t want to “see it.” They don’t want to “hear it.” So, they look the other way…To them, it’s just too taxing to watch you endure…

Sadly, those once closest to you start to lose faith in “your faith” and start believing that you are all “washed up.” To them, you are a wreck; a train wreck; a crash; a plane crash…They may even accuse you of being a “nut case.” It appears that All the works and efforts of your past have been destroyed layer by layer…You feel spiritually exhausted, naked, ravished, and ashamed.

Why me, Lord? Why me? You ask yourself over and over…But, wait…Why NOT me? Who am I not to endure such heartaches and trials? Why should I be any different than any other human being on planet Earth who also endures personal trials and defeats at various times within their lives? What team player wins 100% of the time? Who hasn’t thrown a few foul balls in their time or struck out? Who among us is Perfect, let him cast the first stone? Even my own Savior was persecuted, stripped of his garments, and nailed to a Cross…What world do I think I live? Do I wish to live where “all” is happy, happy, happy 24/7? That world does not exist; well, not YET anyway. But, it will one day for those of us who are alive in Christ Jesus! For we will be where He is and we will ALL be happy, happy, happy 24/7…But, until then….we must learn to endure…to carry our own Cross…to know that we know that we know that God is on our side…

With God on our side, and in our hearts, we are more than a conqueror through Him… We can say with full assurance, “I will survive…I will endure…I will see the SONSHINE again upon my life…I will learn to know both defeat and victory as it is appointed unto man to know…Until then, Glory, Glory, and More Glory unto the God who gives and takes away…Praise be unto His Holy Name!”

After the storm passes, and, yes, my friend, it will one day pass…we will rebuild upon the Blessed Rock of Ages…we will cut our losses and we will rebuild…We will survive the many hurricanes, the tsunami, the tornadoes, the floods, and the raging seas with all of its fury to one day stand stronger and taller upon our Foundation of Faith (God’s Faith) not built upon sand, but upon the everlasting, Blessed Rock of Ages! Until then, my heart will go on singing…until then I will Praise His Name…until then I will HOLD TO THE Blessed ROCK OF AGES…Until Then I Will Go to the Rock of Ages! Amen…

Remember, Even in the Storm, God Still Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author

Adversaries…We All Have Them

Adversaires…We All Have Them

Luke 6:27-

“But I say unto you who HEAR,Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.

Putting into “action” God’s instructions on how to handle those who do you harm is not always easy.  Adversaries (enemies, those who speak evil of you, those who betray you, persecute you and those who bring harm into our lives) can come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and relationships.  Sadly, it is not a matter of who or how, but when and where they will attack us…And, we have to be ready and on guard because our “Adversary, the Devil, seeks whom he may devour.” 

And, that’s exactly what an earthly adversary does as well…they want to devour us!

At first, it stings when the enemy comes after us unexpectedly.  As I stated above the “attack” can come out of nowhere and from just about anyone on planet Earth; including friends and family…both immediate and distant relatives.

It is Satan who puts it into the hearts of people to attack one another.  It is Satan who fills the heart with malice, anger, bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness.  It is Satan who causes a person to betray and turn on someone who has offered nothing but understanding and a listening ear…And, you just never know what tools, antics, or tactics Satan will pull from your past to try to bruise who you are in the present…

Christians, real Christians, are constantly growing and moving towards “righteousness” in their lives…This doesn’t mean we are “perfect” and do not fail and fall in our lives and behaviors, but it does mean that there is a Spirit within us that redirects our path and places us back on the right path when we have failed, plummeted, or just plain out sinned! We live by Faith, Grace, and Mercy…Not the works of perfection… As I tell people, “Perfection was nailed to the Cross.”  Amen.

The “enemy” LOVES to attack us about our past, present or future failures and often uses people who are ignorant of the true WORD of GOD or His teachings to “point-a-finger” at us when we have fallen short of the Glory of God; as we ALL do.  To these “controlled-by-Satan” people, they seek out imperfections and opportunities to “devour” our human-side nature and relentlessly refer to us as “hypocrites” and “liars.”  Well, one trip to the Bible and we learn that Satan is the Father of lies and hypocrisies, so it’s no wonder that he (Satan) likes to use these particular terms to attack those of us who are truly Children of God and living for God!

But, God has a formula as to handling such vicious, undeserving, and relentless attacks…Prayer…Praying for our “enemies;” those who are our adversaries…Maybe, one reason for this is because these poor souls would not have anyone praying for them if it weren’t for the prayers of those believing and practicing Christians they are attacking!  So, as you can see it is very important to pray for those who persecute and try to bring harm into our lives; we may be the only ones praying for them!

It is God’s will that ALL come to repentance and belief in Jesus Christ and to follow his Biblical teachings.  We should NOT and can NOT always “interpret” our own set of interpretations and beliefs in what, “Thus saith the Lord.”  To be truly grounded and rooted in the Word of God we need to faithfully attend a true, Bible-believing church.  Or, listen by TV or radio to those who God has imputed the “gifts” of teachings and mentoring our lives for Christ.  Anyone can come up with his or her own interpretation of who God is and what God says, but God reveals Himself to His church (the Body of Christ) and the gifts of the Spirit….Sadly, this is why so many “unchurched” people want to call those of us who DO faithfully attend the church of our choice “hypocrites” when they do NOT understand the effectual teachings of the Bible!  Blinded eyes cannot see the truth!!!  Get into a good church and Sunday school class somewhere, attend it faithfully, and learn something before you go off on something and someone you know very little about!

It’s so easy for the “world” to point a finger at our “imperfections.”  Sadly, some believers even enjoy pointing a finger at other believers in judgment…But, this is NOT the will of God.  So, either way the instructions of the Lord still apply…”Pray for those who use and abuse you…”   When this is difficult to do, Ask God to first let you “forgive” them for their attack on you and then ask God to forgive them as well…Just as our Lord and Savior did that day on the Cross at Calvary.

Adversaries and those who “defriend” us and abuse us will be with us until the Lord returns for His bride.  At that time, they will either have repented of their own sins and turned from their wicked ways or they will be left behind to face a world filled with great tribulation, unbelief, violence, and unparalleled wickedness….The choice is yours; the choice is ours…

Today, I am praying for someone right now who is verbally attacking me in a very mean and vicious manner.  It happens…My heart hurts for them as I tried to befriend them and be a listening ear for them for many decades of my life…But, sadly they have “chosen” to hang on to anger, bitterness, broken-ness, and unforgiveness…Maybe, perhaps one day, before it is too late, they will lay down their hatred and malice and rejoice in the Love, Acceptance, and Goodness of the Lord…I pray so, and I know there are others who are praying with me about this as well…Amen…

Remember, God Loves You.

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyrighted Lin T Rollins@ 2012