Deception…Satan’s Tool

Deception…Satan’s Tool

The Power of Deception…

In my last blog, I wrote about Trust…Less than an hour after I posted that blog, God led me to read an article and Scriptural verses on Deception…Not only are so many people lacking and unwilling to put their Trust into the ONLY ONE who can be fully trusted, but they have also allowed themselves to become heavily seduced by Deception; Satan’s Powerful Tool…Very sadly, I know this terrible fact from personal experiences within my own family…I’m sure you do, too.

Let me give you a very clear definition of Satan’s role in Deception: ANYTHING that we are believing in or acting upon that is contrary to the Words of God found written in the Bible is a LIE directly from the Father of Lies, Satan…A continual, day by day, consistent way of life that is knowingly in contrast to the teachings of God’s Word is a Bondage of Deception…This my friend is a very serious bondage indeed…

Sadly, the distortion of Scripture is one of Satan’s most powerful tools in the lives of those enslaved to the bondage of Deception…Satan always tells those in bondage, “No, that’s not what that Scripture means, it really means this or it really means that.” Satan tells those in bondage-to-deception that it is alright to hate, not to forgive, to condemn, to judge, to mistreat, to be indifferent, and to feel that they are always in the right and everyone else is in the wrong…Satan loves to work in the realms of a person’s ego when they are being deceived; boosting them into believing they are right and those in opposition to their ways and follies are clearly in the wrong. Many ugly lies hide behind pretty faces…

Oh, my friend, I have witnessed the lives of many ministers who have fallen into the bondages of deception leading their families and congregations into believing that if it doesn’t come from “their” mouth then it has to be wrong. They may tell you to “read” the Bible for yourselves, but if you do NOT come to the same conclussions that they possess then they will tell you, “That’s not what it means.” Then, they will persuade you into beleiving that they have some sort of intelligent “inner” source into the Power of Interpretation of the Scriptures…I have witnessed these deceived preachers taking sections of Scriptures and putting them together to build a case supporting their own personal agendas and ideologies. And, sadly I have watched a many undiscerning believers entranced by their false teachings!

Many of these types of deceived ministers are very smart, clever, charismatic, filled with self-certainties, and false assurances in so much so that many people believe “they” are the ones to follow. Sadly, these ministers reject the fundamental teachings of God’s Word, and they reject those long-standing fundamental preachers who do not “shine” within their own spotlight, but stand assured only in the True spotlight of God.

Oh, but do not be so easily fooled, TRUTH will prevail. One most assured day Truth will prevail…And those sadly enslaved in the bondages of deception will be exposed for who they are and what they are…Men in white-washed tombs. Meaning, they look so appealing and trust-worthy on the outside but full of dead-man bones…

My heart breaks for those who have been mislead and lured away from God’s Biblical teachings to false teachings and false acts of Hope…For many of these held in Satan’s Bondage-of-Deception it is easier for them to “love” the ones they do not know rather than to love the ones they do know…Or, they will only surround themselves with those who believe as they believe and do as they do…Anyone else who is opposed to their teachings or ways are forbidden to “walk” within their spear or realm of life; including close family members who do not see as they see or do as they do.

According to the Words of God, the only way to be rescued from Deception is to be filled with the Truths of God as written in God’s Words alone…One must read the Scriptures for himself or for herself. Steadfastly and daily read what, “Thus saith the Lord,” not what so and so says about it… The Bible teaches, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32 KJV). Only GOD’S WORD IS COMPLETE AND TOTAL TRUTH!

If the Bible teaches us to be ye kind, tenderhearted, forgiving, and loving one towards another then that is exactly what it means…FOR GOD IS LOVE….And, NO where in the BIBLE does it teach for one to be “indifferent” and to “separate” themselves from those who do not agree with your every man-made belief, wish, or desire. That my friend is the definition of CONTROL in the highest sense of the word….Both mind control and emotional control…

Today, want you help me to pray for those who are in bondage to deception? Help me to pray that they will come out and see the LIGHT for themselves and come to know JESUS at HIS WORD…Blessed Be the Lord, let it be so. Amen.

Lin T Rollins, M.Ed. Author


Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?

What makes you Happy? Think about it. What really makes you Happy? A new car? A new wardrobe? A new friend? Perhaps, a trip out of town? When you think about it there are all kinds of possibilities to “make” us happy. But, with these types of things the “new” usually wears off with time and you are left searching for another “fix” to make you happy.

But, what if you found a way to keep “happiness” within you at all times; no matter the situation, circumstance, or matter? God tells us that there is a way. God teaches us to, “Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Heaven and His Righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Matt. 6:33 KJV). It is sad how some people simply refuse to accept and apply this most promising Biblical Truth into their lives. Decade after decade passes and they still run after superficial, shallow, external, and trivial objects to make temporary “fixes” of happiness into their lives. It’s like watching a dog chase his own tail…They just keep running around and around without accomplishing what they are running after. But, I have found that there is nothing more satisfying or brings more happiness in life than Seeking and Serving God’s own Son, Jesus Christ.

For me, there’s nothing more fulfilling than sitting on a church pew hearing the Words of God proclaimed and preached from the pulpit. There’s nothing more soothing than singing in sweet harmony the Songs of Zion. There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than seeing a lost soul surrender his or her life to the Lord. And, what’s so wonderful about this type of happiness? It never fades! And, I don’t have to wait for a new, improved, or updated version…God is the Same, Yesterday, Today, and Forever…His JOYS are never ending and never ceasing and need not be improved upon…When I trust in Jesus I have the real deal forever and forever. (Hebrews 13:8).

Maybe, you are one who attends church on occasion or when the opportunity presents itself. That’s good; but what is better is when you attend church regularly and faithfully (as your physical health allows) and grow in the Lord with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Making your foundation solid, sure, and steady in the Lord promotes God’s Spirit of Joy and Happiness within your heart that even flows over to those around you. Because my husband is a retired Pastor, I have been at the bedside of one who is about to die. I have witnessed both peace and fear in the eyes of the one dying as well as in the eyes of their loved ones and friends. Not once have I ever heard a dying person say, “Oh, I wish I had one more new car.” Or, “I wish I had one more new dress.” Or, “I wish I had taken one more trip.” But, I have heard them say, “Oh, how I wish I had served my Lord better.” That should be the longing of every Christian’s heart…To serve the Lord better.

I believe we discover real, lasting, and satisfying happiness when we seek to Serve our Lord better each and every day; for in doing so we learn that GOD himself brings into our lives those things that HE knows bring about godly happiness. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness. And, all these things shall be added unto you. Amen…Are you happy today?

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author

In Church…Or, in the Lord

In Church…Or, in the Lord

And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4 KJV)

I am by NO means an expert in this area, but I am clearly seeing a difference between raising a family “in church” as opposed to raising them “in the Lord.” Now, don’t get me wrong…Raising children in the Lord requires a disciplined church life, but when the disciplined church life becomes the “focal point” rather than the Love, Grace, and Mercy of God things can get quickly out of balance and the results are not always what we had hoped for…

I recently read a story about a pastor who confessed to a close friend regarding his prodigal adult daughter that he had faithfully raised his daughter in church, but had failed to raise her in the Lord…Wow! Instead of blaming the church or other church leaders for his daughter’s behavior and decision to leave the church, he accepted full responsibility and discerned where things had gone array…Obviously, he had allowed rules, regulations, duties, and unreal expectations to exceed the “light yoke” of the Lord’s Love and Compassion…Sadly, I have witness this type of thing happen in several, pastor’s families as well as other committed church goers. Where both duty and expectation exceeded Grace and Mercy.

When our three daughters were in public high school, they were very involved in activities. Our twins were members of the band’s color-guard and rifle team and our youngest daughter was a cheerleader. Even though my husband was a pastor of a local church, he and I made sure that we were in attendance every Friday night for their ballgames. My husband always said, “Well they support me on Sundays, so I’m going to support them in what they do.” I loved his attitude back then even though he was greatly criticized by many “legalistic” pastors in our area who thought attending ballgames was simply “beneath” them and their children’s spiritual walk…I even watched as one of our daughters’ closest friend had to quit the color-guard when her pastor preached that young ladies had no business wearing short uniforms. Her family not wanting to rebel against their pastor’s teachings insisted that she quit the team…

People can get caught up in man-made rules, regulations, and duties and forget that GOD has a purpose and plan for everyone’s individual lives when we make HIM our final authority. Believe me when I say that our daughters were not perfect growing up and we faced a few trying times along the way, but I can graciously and thankfully say that they never left God and today now in their late 30’s they are still committed to God, church, and raising their own children in His ways…

Children need to witness and experience Grace and Mercy along the way…Too many rules can make God seem distant, cold, and uncaring…Our own children need just as much time to grow, mature, and develop in Christ as the next person…It’s hard I know to find balance…It take lots of faith to forsake man-made rules, rituals, and routines…But, thankfully the Disciples did just that when they abandoned the teachings of the Pharisees and Sadducees to experience the marvelous works of Christ!

Oh, how our children need to be brought up not only in church but in the Love of the LORD! Amen…

Remember, God Loves You
Lin T Rollins, Author

There Should Be a Cost

There Should Be a Cost

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. (Matthew 16:24 KJV)

I had an amazing revelation tonight while studying about being a “follower of Jesus Christ.” Being a true follower of Christ will “cost” you something in your life, and usually the “cost” will be ongoing; not just a one-time ordeal…Truly “following” Jesus can cost you personal time, finances, certain freedoms, friendships, family ties, set-backs, judgments, and even Peace with others who do not value or understand your commitments. I know…I can truly testify that “following Jesus” has cost me certain things in this life…

1. Personal Time: Following Jesus costs a person “personal time.” No longer are you the CEO of your daily schedule. Your time belongs to God to be used as He directs. This is NOT popular since most people feel that after working all day or night, depending upon your work schedule, driving in traffic both to and from work, taking care of practical daily eating needs, personal hygiene, and countless numbers of household chores and errands, what “time” is left for God? This is why the Bible talks about “slotfullness.” A truly “slothful” (unorganized, undisciplined, even lazy) person cannot be a true “follower of Jesus.” Why not? Because they simply don’t know how to “discipline” themselves to SURRENDER and ALLOW God to organize their daily schedule of events. Believe me, having raised three daughters while working a fulltime job, attending college, and carrying out the duties and responsibilities of being a Pastor’s wife, pianist, and Sunday school teacher, my life would have run amuck had GOD not been my “time-keeper.” Yet, God did not send down “angels” to do all the work load, I had to be “willing” to surrender a lot of things that my “flesh” would have lavished in; if given opportunity…Many times, I had to also be the “bad guy” in the family not allowing my children to lavish in their fun and more pleasurable times…I’m pretty sure they’ll tell you that my role as a mother resembled a Marine drill Sargent at times, but I can truly say that as adults they know how to work!! So, “following Jesus” costs you Personal Time…

2. Finances: Following Jesus costs personal “finances.” Laying aside for a moment the teachings of the Bible regarding tithes and offerings, let’s just talk about money for gasoline to drive back and forth to church and other church-related functions. Added clothing for special events. The purchase of Bibles and other religious books and materials. Paper, tablets, or notebooks for prayer journals. Cards and postage to mail a variety of cards to those in need…All contributing to the “cost” of truly “following Jesus” in addition to tithes and offerings.

3. Certain Freedoms: Face it; when you are a true “follower of Jesus” you simply can’t behave like or “do” what everyone else is doing! You are called to a “higher” standard. A higher sense of value and moral character…Your life is no longer your own. It’s been purchased by the “Shed Blood of Jesus Christ.” You represent His kingdom and HIS values and standards…That will “cost” you something, indeed! People will “watch” your life more closely and inspect your outgoing and incomings…Everything you say or do will reflect upon your personal relationship with Christ…from the way you present yourself in dress to the way you clean out or don’t clean out your garage! People notice…And, in reality they are supposed to notice!” That is your “purpose in Christ” to live differently than the world; or why else have two different types of people; lost or saved?!

4. Friendships: We ALL want to be liked and have friends. Friends enrich our lives. We enjoy being liked and being a part of a group of friends…Until, our friends decide that our “dedication” and “commitment” to Christ infringes upon “their” lives and freedoms! They, perhaps, don’t want “what we’ve got!” So, either one or two things will happen…Your friendship and association will eventually decline or one of you will eventually follow the other…either towards Christ; or away from Christ…Compromise is never a pretty thing in the lives of those who “follow Christ.” It will “cost” you something.

5. Family Ties: This one is tough. I remember having to explain to my grandmother that I simply could NOT attend family gatherings anymore on Sundays after my husband started in the ministry. Since Sundays were the only time the majority of the family could gather in one place at the same time, I had to miss out on those family gatherings. At first, my family didn’t fully understand it. And, I’m sure that my name was brought up a time or two at those gatherings for not being able to attend, but after years of seeing my family in “service” on Sundays, they accepted and “valued” our commitment. Now, thirty-five years later, I would say that my grandmother’s family and I are as close, if not closer, than ever…Even though my grandmother has gone on to be with the Lord…Following Christ will “cost” you something.

6. Set-backs: Whew! I could be on this topic all night. I have seen my share of “set-backs.” As a young pastor’s wife, before I entered into the teaching profession, I worked as a secretary for one of the doctors in our town. I truly enjoyed my duties and time spent there, but I was eventually “asked” to resign my position because I simply did not “fit in” with the other staff. Why? Because I guarded my testimony and relationship with the Lord and did not wish to compromise on certain invitations to “party” with the girls after hours. I was heart-broken when I was asked to voluntarily “leave.” I thought my world had ended in many ways and I wasn’t sure what we were going to do financially. But, GOD came on the scene and opened doors that only HE could have opened. I was offered a job with the school system that would eventually lead to my returning to college for my teaching degree in middle school education…Thank God for that “set back” in life that was a catalyst in disguise! Following Jesus will “cost” you something!

7. Judgements and Peace: Following Christ will cause you to be “judged” and at “odds” with many of the people and family members that you share your life with. You say, “But, I thought “Christians” were peaceable people.” Yes, we are to live our lives at “peace” as much as possible, but not to the tune of “compromising” “Thus saith the Lord.” It’s scary to “put it all on the line” for Christ…I mean you are not guaranteed a pleasant earthly outcome…Chances are you will “suffer” from your sacrifices. But, it’s your choice to truly “follow” Christ or follow him from a distance…

Sadly, too many people who say they are Christians choose to “follow Christ at a distance.” Which is actually NOT following HIM at all…The price for our Salvation cost Christ everything…And, HE was willing and obedient to pay the price…If you are “following” Christ and NOT paying a price, then you may be following Him from a distance; which is, like I stated earlier, NOT following HIM at all…Like my husband used to say, “Being a Christian is NOT a walk in the park, it’s a journey on the battlefield.” But, let us not forget that our reward for any and all costs that we pay here on Earth cannot compare to what Christ Jesus has in store for his “followers” when we gather on the other side! Oh, the JOY of Following Christ…There Should be a Cost…Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

When God Seemingly Doesn’t Answer…

When God Seemingly Doesn’t Answer…Or, He answers in a Different Way\

For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways” Isaiah 55:8

If you truly have a personal relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and have served Him for any reasonable amount of time you have to admit that there have been times when you have had to deal with feelings of unwanted “frustrations” because of ongoing circumstances, situations, issues, or concerns arising from areas within your life that you have prayed and prayed about with either no answer from God, no changes, or no relief in sight…Be honest…After all, one can never really and truly Grow in the Lord without complete and total honesty. I’m not saying that you have to go around “confessing” or “admitting” your frustrations to everyone you see, but you do need to “admit” and “confess” them to God…

But, you say…”Oh, no…I can’t tell God that I am upset or frustrated because HE has not answered my prayer the way that I want.” Why not? HE already knows it!! Believe me, I have had some mighty deep and personal prayers with God down through the years…I mean pouring out my every emotion, thought, concern, wish, and perspective…You say, “Oh, I’d never do that. God is Holy.” Yes, HE is…And, he knows that I’m NOT! ALL of man’s righteousness are as “filthy rags” in the sight of God…So, why try to hide who we are and how we feel from God…After all, HE alreadys know it. When you have a “best friend” you usually share with him or her your feelings about things. Let me encourage you that you have no great Friend that Christ Jesus!

I settled this matter a long time ago…One day during deep closet prayer I explained to GOD that my feelings of frustration and anger seemed to be justified as far as I could tell…Even the Bible states, “Be ye angry and sin not.” God knows that we experience at times a battery of different emotions. So, who better to tell your anger to than our Heavenly Father in personal, closet prayer. I mean when you want an increase in salary on your job your don’t present your case to the guy sitting next to you who can’t do a thing for you. You seek out the hierarchy of the place and set in to go step-by-step until you reach the top; the person in charge! Well, that’s how it is with closet Prayer…I go to the TOP! And, when I am in the presence of the ONE at the TOP who has ALL POWER to either change my circumstances or change me then I can leave my case at HIS feet!!! But, just suppose the person at the top won’t listen to your plea? Just suppose you keep marching to his office every day making an appointment to present your case and each time you get sent right back on your way…He (or she) simply will NOT hear you out…What happens? You get angry…You get upset…You get mad…You feel you are not being treated fairly…You want to quit; and sometimes you do…

Well, isn’t that how you feel when you petition God time and time again with a prayer need that seemingly is getting “pushed to the side” and unnoticed! You start feeling frustrated…You may even get upset and mad…You feel that God is not treating you fairly; after all HE did promise that HE would never leave nor forsake you…So, what’s up? In your mind and heart…you want to quit… You might even say something like, “I’ve had enough. I’m packing up my tool box and I’m going home.” Face it, we’ve all been there…And, God knows it…But, God is desparately wanting to teach and show us that HE is God no matter our circumstances or the length of time between asking for prayer requests and receiveing an answer. In other words, God is not our Santa Claus…He’s GOD! Higher and far more superior than we can ever think or imagine.

So, what happens after years and years of dealing with life’s frustrations? One or two things…You quit on God…Lots and lots of people do quit on God each day and each year…I would really hate to see the stats on such a thing…Or, you decide that God’s Ways are NOT your ways…And His thoughts are not your thoughts…HE’S GOD and HE can rule the universe or call the shots how HE wills…Not an easy thing to surrender to when your feet are kicking and your mouth is screaming! But, I have learned to take “comfort” that GOD does not rush to move at my demand, temper-tanturms, or earthly perspectives on how “I” see things…This is sometimes how our Faith is built…We learn that HE’s in charge and we really don’t have to “worry” about it the way we think we do…I may not “like” waiting on God, but there’s really not too much I can do about it…HE’s the Boss! And, I do mean the absolute, real, unchallenged BOSS who loves His servants also known as His children.

Do you want to know how I learned this? Through various storms and trials that God sent into our lives that did not work out the way we had wanted, hoped for, or prayed for….Doors that shut and NO ONE could open them, and GOD wouldn’t open them! It’s hard to learn that life is not all about “me,” “myself,” and “I” nor about “we,” “us,” or “ours.” It’s about God and them…All the “thems” that we know nothing about…But, God does! He SEES and KNOWS the Bigger Picture!

To be perfectly honest, sometimes (which is most times) I can’t explain what God is doing, why HE is doing it, or How HE is doing it…I just know (Believe!) that HE is…And, I believe God counted it unto Abraham as “righteousness” because he Believed!! I can take Comfort in Knowing that God is God!

Go ahead; talk to God in prayer…Tell him your feelings; your perspective; your will; your wishes; your wants; your desires, Your feelings, and your likes and dislikes. He already knows them, but HE is waiting for you to “surrender” them to HIM to see if you really and truly want HIS will in the matter or you just “talk” like you do…As the old saying goes, “talk is cheap!” And, believe me, God knows cheap talk! God knows when we are upset, frustrated, and angry because HE isn’t moving on the scene the way “we” think He should… Yet; He understands our turmoil over such things…Remember, HE IS GOD! I take comfort crying before God and sharing with Him my emotions…I know HE is listening to me even if HE chooses not to answer my prayer need in the fashion I desire…God is always a Just God…By faith I have learned that HE has a better plan…HE knows what I stand in need of and how it fits into the full picture; the total picture of my life…I can assure you that after you have cried out your heart, mind, feelings, and emotions before GOD HE will bring Comfort as NO one can…I can then say with the Apostle Paul, “I Find His Grace is Sufficient For Me.”

Let’s end in prayer: “Thank you Sweet Jesus that you love and understand the weak frame of your children and our human hearts and limited minds…We Praise you because you are not a god, but you are the GOD; the everlasting, all-knowing, all present GOD…Hallelujah…God thank you for those times when we can not take one-day-at-a-time but rather only one-second; one breath at a time to get through our circumstances…During such times, we can Trust You…You are ever Faithful…You will never leave nor forsake your own even when we do not and cannot understand THY ways…And, though our physical eyes cannot see…By Faith, we can crown you King of Kings and Lord of Lords over our lives until we meet face to face on that great eternal day in Heaven on high…Until then, please accept our “surrendered” weaknesses as proof of our faith, love, and belief in You…

Remember, God Loves You…Even in the darker times When God Seemingly Doesn’t Answer….
Lin T Rollins, Author

In Search of Nehemiah…

In Search of Nehemiah…

For the Joy of the LORD is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10 KJV)

Let me ask you a question…As born-again Christians, do you feel that the “walls” of America are collapsing? In the ancient world, a city without “walls” was a city completely open and vulnerable to its enemies and possible destruction. I believe that America’s “wall of protection” was her stand on the Bible, Godly principles, and God’s Word. From the mid-1700’s, God allowed America to grow as a super-power overcoming some of the world’s greatest political and military powers. But, since 1962, when our nation declared a policy of “Separation of Church and State,” (that could be regarded as “Separation of God and State!”) we have watched our nation’s glorious position among the nations of the world decline. No longer are we considered a military threat to other powerful nations, but as an equal; if not inferior. Nations now taunt us with their possibilities of nuclear attacks and various sects across the world threaten us daily with fears of terrorist attacks. Whether we openly admit it or not, there’s probably not a single American who feels truly safe in a public gathering or mall. At least once or twice during a ball game, shopping spree, concert, or political gathering our minds drift away to wondering if a bomb has been planted somewhere or some lone enemy is hiding in the shadows with a weapon in hand…There was a time, not so long ago, when such fearful thoughts did not enter into our hearts and minds as we, as “Americans,” felt safe from such harm. Now, every stranger we pass on the streets or see along the way we “wonder” who they are and if bad intentions towards us are hidden deep within them. We ask ourselves, “Are the Muslim people now living in our neighborhood actually friendly neighbors or a part of a terrorist cell?” “Is the Mexican family down the street legal or illegal aliens?” “Is the Russian family that just moved in next door spies or truly third-generation Americans?” Face it, we are skeptical; and sadly not without cause. Our “walls” have been damaged; some even destroyed…

God not only protects nations from physical harms, but also from “moral harms” and decay. Look how our nation has plummeted since the 1960’s in regard to morals? One nearly has to ask, “What morals?” Anything goes now in America. If you don’t believe me, just look at yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling regarding same-sex marriages. Who’d ever believe that such a thing would be lawful in America? Something so directly against God’s designed plan for humanity. But, then again we have been killing off babies left and right for over forty years as well. Each day while you and I go about our business thousands of innocent babies are being aborted to the direct wishes of the mother; or mother-to-be. Yet; there are still those who insist that America is still the “greatest nation on Earth.” And, yes, I agree. Thank God for people such as Franklin Graham and his organization Samaritan’s Purse and Joyce Meyer Ministries. People who work tirelessly and endlessly to obey God’s Great Commission. Pastors across our land who still Preach the Word as it is written. Those who still call “sin” “sin” and don’t back down.

Oh, but how we need a “Nehemiah” to help rebuild the wall of protection in our land. How we need a “Nehemiah” to declare, “The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength.” Someone who will build with one hand and hold the Sword of Truth (God’s Word) in the other while others Pray, Pray, and Pray for God’s Hand of Protection and Prosperity to once again be upon our land. But, are we willing to do what “we” need to do in order for God to bring along such a person? Are we willing to return to the “Old Paths” and give up our idols of pleasure, money, success, and self-fulfillment to replace them with, “There shall be no other gods before thee?”

I have been known to go out on a limb here and there, so here I go again…I dont’ believe in legalism, but I do wonder if God was more “pleased” when we regarded His places of Worship as being reverent and ordained (set apart from the world)? Those times when we used to get dressed up to go to the House of God instead of looking “cool” and “worldly?” It almost seems as if today’s generation wants to look so “with it” that it makes you wonder if they are actually “without it?!” (Without the real and true GOD dwelling within.)…Our generation has become so focused on “not” looking “spiritual” that I feel “looking casual and cool” as practically become an idol! And, what is really wrong with using the old King James Version of the Bible instead of the NIV, or NKJV, or other “newer” translations? I mean, the old KJV did “get the job done” for many, many decades? I know my own Baptist Asssociation has done surveys showing an ongoing decline among “professions of faith” and “baptisms.” I have asked myself, “What has changed?” Well, I feel I can actually lend some insight into what I have seen changed over the past four decades… 1. The various versions of the Bible being preached from behind our pulpits. 2. The decline in calling “sin” “sin.” 3. Our at-church appearances…we look as if we have just gotten out of bed, grabbed some wrinkled garment off the floor, and headed off to church, or that we are going to a ballgame or the beach. I mean God is a King; the King of the entire Universe. How would you dress if you were going to see a King here on Earth? Shorts, T-shirt, Khalis? Most likely, NOT. Well, God is a KING! Maybe, we should realize that and start projecting within our minds that we are going to Worship the KING of KINGS! 4. Music…Honestly, some churches actually hand out ear-plugs because the music is so loud! It reminds me of when Elijah told the “false prophets” to “yell louder” because their god could NOT hear them! Our God doesn’t need boom boxes to hear a Joyful noise from the heart…But, today’s churches sure do! And, chanting…where did we get this “chanting” stuff from? Recently, I attended a church where there was a “bridge” in the song that probably said, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” twenty times in a row! I started to wonder if they thought Jesus was deaf? I mean Peter only yelled out one time, “Lord, save me.” And, Jesus immediately reached out His hand to save him! 5. Competition…Churches, Sunday school classes, Preachers, Pastors, and Youth Programs have ALL become very competative…Who has the most in attendance?…Which group is offering the “most” to do or most activities offered to entertain us? Which class has the best food on Sunday mornings? It seems that we no longer measure “answered prayers” or “growing in Faith” as indicators of God’s presence in a matter. Now, we only want “human” results…Does it make us “feel good about ourselves?!” Or, “Does it make us look good to others?” 6. A church’s Spiritual growth versus a church’s production? What do pastors really want these days? To baptize every Sunday morning to make them feel as if “they” are doing their job? Or, to discern if the people are actually growing spiritually and being feed the full truth of God’s Word; meeting the “needs” of the congregation? I once heard a very discerning, godly, Pastor, who is now deceased, say, “If a church (local assembly) is where it should be God will give the increase according to His timely plan and purpose; not ours.” Look at it this way, what family on Earth gives “birth” to a child every week? I feel this is one reason some churches may have 3,000 on roll and only 900 in attendance? Jesus said, “Those who remain are with us.” Too many times I see people “confessing” they have been “born-again” only to see them “never” get faithful in God. But, “numbers” make us look good; right? Sadly, too many churches have bought into playing the “numbers” game…

God said there will always be a remnant that will remain faithful and true…Churches across America have become “big” business. And, sadly with the collapse of our nation’s economy many of these mega churches are feeling the effects. Yet; many of your smaller, paid-for, volunteer churches are slowly but steadily marching onward…I have witnessed first hand where smaller congregations, NOT receiving “pay” for every task, office, or service, get as much accomplished as a much larger, paid-staff church…Perhaps, not on the same grand scale, but the “quality,” to me, often outweighs the “quantity!” Which one do you feel actually reflects the “heart of the matter?” Perhaps, both, if everything is done moderately through prayer and petitions making our requests known unto God!

So, my prayer today is, “God, please search out a Nehemiah in our day and time to come on the scene of history to help the “remnant” of your church in America remain strong, thrive, and prosper once more in Your will…May our eyes be turned to you and towards your heart…In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Lin T Rollins, Author

No Good Deed…

No Good Deed…

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14

Have you ever heard of the expression, “No good deed goes unpunished?” If you are at least my age, 56, you know what I am talking about. It seems the more “good” we try to do the more insult and injury we can personally receive.
We live in a selfish society. We sometimes barely “survive” among selfish family members. It seems that when we try to put our best foot forward to help, we come back with one less foot!

But, there is hope. There is justice for all, and it can be found in the words of King Solomon…”God shall bring every work into judgment…” Thank goodness God is keeping a record; a score card so to speak. We don’t have to “work” for salvation because none of us could ever work hard enough to earn salvation! We are saved through the complete, finished works of Jesus Christ. Amen. What I am talking about is good deeds and works for fellow mankind…Sometimes, we simply don’t get the appreciation or response that we feel we are owed. But, God knows the “heart” of all matters. He knows when our “heart” is in something or when we are just doing it for personal, self-gain.

As a retired pastor’s wife, mother, and school teacher, I know a thing or two about trying my best to help or assist others to reach their full potential and for the Glory of God and the up building of His kingdom only to have them sadly mistake my intentions. In the ministry you have to learn to dread waters lightly! In other words, “don’t rock the boat!” But, it’s not only church members or co-workers and peers who can mistake our intentions…It can happen in our immediate family as well. And, when it does…it hurts our feelings. Family dynamics can be the hardest to juggle at times…Too much this way or too much that way will upset and unbalance a happy haven. We all need God’s help in our lives when interacting one with another.

Today, I am thankful that God sees and knows my heart. I know you are, too. The Bible says that man’s heart is deceptive and wicked. I believe that good, saved Christians will one day be surprised when God reveals our own true motives for things we did while on Earth. I try to be on guard with my heart and confess my sins and faults each and every day…But, I’m sure, like all other human beings, my heart can be deceived as well.

I like what King Solomon said, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; FEAR GOD, and keep HIS commandments: for this is the WHOLE DUTY of man.” Amen…

Remember, God Loves You
Lin T Rollins, Author