Day 25 Celebrating Immanuel

Day 25 Celebrating Immanuel

For by Grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  (Ephesians 2:8)

I am approaching the last “five” days on my theme, “Celebrating Immanuel,” being interpreted God Dwells Among Us.  Amen. 

The Christmas Season is past and the New Year is upon us.  What better time to “celebrate” God’s Grace and the Gift of Jesus’ miraculous birth, sinless life, painful death, and victorious resurrection!  He did it all for me!  He did it all for you!  He did it all for “whosoever” will come unto Him!  Amen.

Today’s focus verse talks about the GRACE of GOD and the GIFT of GOD.  They go hand in hand…Jesus Christ is our GRACE and He is our GIFT!  The sad thing is that so many refuse to accept Him as either. They would rather “work” themselves for a salvation that they cannot keep.

God’s authentic Salvation is all about the wonderful, glorious, marvelous Grace of God!  We don’t deserve it and we can’t work for it!  When we try to “work” for God’s Grace we make a mess of our lives…We try this and we try that…We do this and we do that…All to no avail…In God’s plan of Salvation, we are saved by Grace through Faith..Faith in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son (John 3:16).  Jesus is our Gift of Grace!!

Today, you may be struggling within yourself to make sense of your life.  But, you will never be able to make sense of anything outside of the Grace of God…God extended His Grace towards man while we were yet sinners, lost and dying without hope.  There is no excuse.  Without Jesus there is NO Gift of Grace…You can’t work it up…You can’t make it up…You can’t even plan it up….Salvation was and is God’s plan; and His alone!  To God be the Glory!

God rendered to us the Gift of Grace because He loved us and was willing to die in our place to pay the final and ultimate penalty for the wages of Sin.  For the wages of Sin is death (eternal separation from God…Romans 6:23)…Our sin debt was paid in FULL at Calvary.  And, our Resurrected Hope (Jesus Christ) now sits by the Throne making intercession for those who believe in His everlasting atonement for our sins.

If you have never believed or received God’s marvelous Gift of Grace, I invite you to do so.  Join those of us who already Believe and have Received His Grace by Faith in “Celebrating Immanuel” for the next 365 days and beyond!  Glory to His Name!  God has extended His Gift of Grace to all who will believe and receive…Want you believe and receive this marvelous Gift today?!  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author


Day 24 Celebrating Immanuel…HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013

Day 24 Celebrating Immanuel…Happy New Year 2013!

What a great way to begin the New Year by continuing my 30 day series on “Celebrating Immanuel!”

The birth of Jesus Christ was and still is all about New Beginnings…A new way to communicate, relate to, and live by God’s Holy Word… And, a new way to communicate and interact with fellow human beings on earth…

After Jesus’ birth, man’s relationship with God would NO longer be about serving Him or obeying Him only through a set of strict Laws, rituals, and routines.  It would become a personal relationship; a “HEART” matter.  “As a man thinketh in his heart. so is he” (Proverbs 23:7 KJV).  No more would “adultery” just be seen as the very act of committing adultery, but if a man even looked upon a woman with lust in his heart he had already committed adultery!   No longer would the very act of killing or taking a person’s life be judged as “murder,” but even hating a person without cause would be sin!  And, the wages of sin is death!  

After Jesus was born, man’s heart became openly exposed as being wicked, deceitful, and sinful no matter what outward, ceremonial rituals were being performed.  The Law would not and could not save man, because man’s inward heart is wicked….It would take the Holy, Righteous, Pure, Sinless BLOOD of Jesus Christ to cover and to forgive the sins of mankind…And, it would take man’s believing in God’s only begotten Son to receive the Gift of God’s redemption and salvation (John 3:16).

Oh, my friend today is a new day; a New Year.  Only through Jesus Christ can you make a new start…No amount of “resolutions” or self-made plans can deliver you from your inward wicked heart….If you don’t believe me, ask yourself this question.  “How is it that you can be doing a task when suddenly out of no where an unclean, unrelated thought pops into your mind or thoughts?”  Where did it come from?  Answer:  Your heart; your wicked, deceitful heart…And, I have one, too….We all do.  That’s why we ALL need Jesus’ sinless life (Immanuel; God is With Us) and pure heart to save us from ourselves, our sins, and from all unrighteousness.  Amen…

Each day that I live I have the opportunity of beginning a new day with Jesus in my heart and in my life…I can rest assured that Jesus is taking care of my thoughts, ways, mannerisms, wickedness, and deceitfulness…HE will deliver me and show me the RIGHT way to go in my life and the RIGHT way to behave…And, when I do mess up, as we all do…HE will forgive me…”If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” (I John 1:9).

What a great way to live!  What a great New Year ahead of us with Jesus in our hearts….What a great day to Celebrate Immanuel! What a great day to celebrate Jesus!

Happy New Year 2013…May Jesus be in your hearts and lives and walk beside you all the way.  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author



“He is despised and REJECTED of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief…”

(Isaiah 53:3 KJV)

Oh, my goodness. Sadly, I read this morning in the newlines where a murder recently took place in the United States because a person was “defriended” on Facebook.  If REJECTION or being defriended” is a sound, valid, and justifiable reason for murder… then, how many of us, including myself, would be acquitted on charges of murder due to rejection?!!  Mostly likely, every human being on planet earth!  Sadly, “rejection” in one form or another comes into every human’s life…I know it has come into my life through many different areas and ways.

As with many others, I have been personally rejected  by close and immediate family members, extended family members, school friends, neighbors, peers, employers, and even church family.   Right now, I have a teen-age grandchild who will not accept my request to be “friends” on Facebook!!….I guess if the new modern-day term for rejection is “defriended,” well believe me when I say that I have been “defriended!”  I suppose in modern-day society’s language Isaiah 53:3 could be written as, “He (meaning Jesus Christ) is despised and DEFRIENDED of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief…”

I have a close family member, that means a lot to me, who was given up by his unmarried mother when he was around the age of two. His tragic story of living in thirteen different homes and environments across the nation has always touched and broken my heart in one way or the other.   I applaud how through the Graces of God he has overcome his past and made a life for himself and his family….He is even the Senior Pastor of a church…However, there are those who have experienced other forms of rejection within their lives… Possibly not as traumatic or dramatic, but painful and scarring to them…

A person can be brought up in a home by their own biological parents and still feel the pains of being “rejected.”  Sadly, not every child “conceived” is wanted.  There can be circumstances surrounding a child’s conception that brings about a sense of shame to that child; at no fault of their own…just circumstances.  There are also children who are conceived and birthed into a family that causes financial hardship…That child may grow up feeling a form of rejection but never actually knowing why…Yet; on the other hand and  through God’s wonderful mercies,  there are children who are “conceived” and birthed under non-traditional circumstances who feel very muchy loved and wanted throughout their entire lives.  There is no “set” of rules for feeling or not feeling rejected in this life.

Schools can be a place that breed rejection.  For no apparent reason, a child can be “bullied” and shunned.  Or, a person can receive ridicule for their looks, size, and abilities or lack there of.  I know when I was in the fifth-grade my teeth were coming in badly “bucked.”  I was very self-conscience.  One day, around the time of Halloween, a group of mean-spirited boys got off of the school bus and went inside the store located at our bus stop.  They purchased these waxed “vampire” teeth.  As I was walking home, they came up running behind me yelling out my  name.  When I turned around, they each opened their mouths showing their “vampire” teeth and chanting, “Buck Teeth, Buck Teeth.”  I remember going home, throwing myself on my bed, and crying hot tears asking God to never let me “make fun” of another person’s looks.  “Rejected and Defriended!”  Since that time I have always maintained a tender heart in that area of my life.

Work places can also be a place to encounter rejection; especially if you are a Christian.  I once worked with a group of ladies who went out for “Happy Hour” every Wednesday afternoon.  I did not go along because of my personal beliefs towards not drinking.  Also, my husband was the pastor at his first church.  I wanted to set a good example.  Even though I worked very hard at my job and desperately tried to ignore their “whispers” and “rejection,” the time finally came when I had to leave that particular place of employment.  “Rejection” and “Defriended.”  Then….to be honest, I don’t even want to go into the countless number of times I have been “rejected” and “defriended” by church members where my husband has served as the pastor.  Heart-wrenching “rejection!”

You may ask youself…What on earth has this lady done to bring about all of this “rejection” in her life?  Don’t worry…I have asked myself that question a trillion times!  Even though I am far, far from being perfect, I do love the Lord, I love my family, and, I even loved those with whom I have worked and served.  Nevertheless, it is only through sustaining Faith in God and His Grace and Mercy, I have not once thought of or attempted to “murder” someone because they either rejected or defriended me….Why?  Because, I am daily reminded that according to the Bible,  my Lord was “rejected” and “defriended,” and He certainly didn’t do anything whatsoever to be “rejected!”  HE actually came to planet Earth in LOVE and Willingness…. and through Him and His blood shed on the Cross at Calvary both you and I can have everlasting Love, Peace and Fellowship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost…  From that Biblical perspective, I suppose being “rejected” here on Earth can be considered an honor….A most humbling honor.

Having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus will NOT make you immune from being “rejected” or “defriended.”  It might even make you a more likely candidate to be rejected!….But, through Faith in Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross, burial, and resurrection, you will never hear God say, “Depart from me I never knew you.”  You won’t experience an eternal “rejection” when you ask Christ Jesus to come into your heart.

Yes; close friends and acquaintances will let you down and reject you….Family will let you down…Mankind will let you down and reject you.  All people from ALL different walks of life can and often will hurt you, reject you, and “defriend” you…But, God’s Son Jesus Christ never will.  Thereforth….Put your faith and HOPE in HIM.

Today, place your faith and trust in Jesus….Then, when you are “rejected” and “defriended” by others you will find the much-needed grace, strength, and courage to go on…

Remember, GOD LOVES YOU and HE WILL NEVER REJECT of “Defriend” YOU…The Bible says that Jesus is a “Friend” who will stick closer than a brother…Amen.

Lin T. Rollins, Author

Leave the Comfort Zone!

Leave the Comfort Zone!

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

To me, the coined phrase, “Comfort Zone” describes a place, or state-of-mind, within our lives where we feel safe, aware, and comfortable; or, able to manage, control, lead, guide and direct situations and circumstances to our desired likings and choosing. People who enjoy living in the “comfort zone” do NOT enjoy living otherwise.  But, not everyone; thank goodness, enjoys living within the “comfort zone.”

Comfort-Zone-Living” is very opposite than God’s Word, the Bible, teaches.  We are not to give in to fears of the unknown…because to God there are NO unknowns!  A life filled with authentic faith in God does not contain a life-long, day-to-day “comfort zone.”  A life filled with faith in God is thrilling, exciting, never boring, never alone, challenging, and worth-the-living!

But, how many of us, including myself, have succumbed to a life of “comfort” not willing to step beyond the borders and boundaries of our own makings?  I believe the “root” to dwelling in comfort-zone-living is none other than FEAR itself.  We fear change, meeting new people, taking on new roles, stepping into the “unknown” parameters of life and taking the risks it might involve or require.  After all, we are creatures of “habit.”

I believe that when we fall into living within the “comfort zone” that we become lonely, downtrodden, depressed, and oppressed.  Life becomes dull, routine, meaningless, and at times even hopeless.  “Why try?”  We ask ourselves.  Then, we answer ourselves, “Too many disappointments, too many discouraging happenings, too many failures, too many times falling flat on our faces and looking like an idiot to the entire world around us!”  So, we dig our heels into our “comfort zone” and decide to live out the rest of our days on planet earth without Passion or Explorations.

But, thank God for Passion.  I believe Passion can be that voice within that says, “There’s more out there than meets the eye.”  Try! Try! Try and Try again!  Oh, I know…the older we get the easier it becomes to tell the “voice within” to simply “shut-up” and “leave us alone.”  After a while, the voice fades away and leaves us sitting in our comfort zone pining away as the days move on.

So many people I know today have reached this place within their lifes…At times, I am included in this group.  When I recognize this fact…it scares me…I begin to feel as if the dirt is actually being shoveled over my face…I can’t breath…and I get very concerned over what I am missing in life…Another beautiful sunset…a walk in the park even when it’s cold outside…Another chance to be with friends and family…The possibilities are endless when we decide to LEAVE the COMFORT ZONE!

What is your “Comfort Zone?”  Is there something out there that you have been wanting to do but “fear” is keeping you back?  Attend college?  Write and publish a book? Learn to play a musical instrument?  Join a support group?  Learn to draw or paint?  Singing lessons? Speak kindness to a person whom everyone else shuns?  Bake a cake for your next door neighbor just to be friendly?  Sing in the choir?  Volunteer at the nursing home or hospital? Become a substitute teacher?  Volunteer to work with kids at church or through an organization?  Become a gourmet cook?  Go on a missionary trip?  The possibilities are endless…when we LEAVE the Comfort Zone!!!

Author’s Note:   Being a Christian, I am NOT suggesting a life-style of “loose” “riotous” living or dangerous risks that are contrary to God’s Word…I am simply suggesting that we be willing to leave our Comfort Zone to explore God’s wonderful world of life more abundantly!  Amen…

I don’t know about you, but this year I want to leave Comfort- Zone-Living and explore God’s many possibilities…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

I Know the Plans…Happy New Year 2012

I Know the Plans….
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”   Jeremiah 29:11 
At this moment, on the eastern coast of the Unites States of America, New Year’s Day is three hours away…At 12:00 AM, we will joyously ring in a New Year and all that it holds.  Yet; I am most thankful that my LORD already knows what the New Year will bring…He has a plan!
And, it is a joyous plan… A plan to give me “hope” and a “future.”  I can rest assured this evening in this Promise as well as,  “My God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in Glory!  (Philippians 4:19). Amen.

My God has a plan, and His plan does not require twicking, revamping, or rewriting.  He is the eternal, everlasting author and finisher of my faith and He will carry out His plans on my behalf.  This I can be assured of.

So, tonight…Let those of us who know Christ Jesus as our Personal Savior rest in His promises to take care of our past, present, and future!!  For we know that ALL things work together for the good of those who are called according to His purpose (and plan!). (Romans 8:28).  Amen.

Happy New Year, 2012.  May we all be blessed with good health, heavenly wisdom, and faith-filled prosperity…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

A Week to Ponder Ahead…2012

A Week to Ponder Ahead… 2012…Today, is December 26, 2011.  Five days remain in the year 2011. 

For me, the very minute Christmas Day is past, I begin to look forward with great anticipation towards the New Year.  What does it hold in store for my family, friends, and me; personally?  Oh, how we all look forward to a New Year of great fortune, bliss, and Heavenly blessings flowing non-stop from the Throne of God!  Amen.  This is my prayer for all of us… 

Of course, amongst our many Heavenly blessings, we can be assured of a few hills and valleys along the way.  That’s LIFE…Yet; it is always our heart’s desires to be filled with joyous merriment and glorious glee.

The beginning of the year is also a good time to reflect over past blessings and to look forward with renewed zeal and determination to “change” and “drop” all of the old and bad habits we have developed!  Oh, the lists of New Year Resolutions! I don’t think there’s another month in the year where new diets and exercise programs are started more than January…going to the gym…walking a mile a day…stair-master climbing…counting calories…Oh, the joys of diet and exercise!!  I hope I will stick to mine this new year!

Then, there’s the start of reading through the Bible for another new year.  But, for me, instead of simply reading through the Bible this year, I wish to slow-down and dig deeper into the Scriptures one-by-one.  I’m not going to be as interested in “how far” I read this year, but how much I study and learn (Study to show thyself approved; a workman unto God).  Then, I want to “apply” all that I learn.  I want others to see Christ’s Spirit dwelling within me.  And, when a person sets out to make this a goal…you can be assured that the enemy will come knocking at his or her door!!  Lord, have mercy!

For others to see Christ’s Spirit thriving within us is not always an easy goal to meet.  What do I mean?  Well, others may see many of us going to church; and that is well and good.  The Bible clearly teaches us “Not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together…(Hebrews 10:25). Others may see us reframing from certain activities and life-styles in Honor of God’s Word…That’s all well and good; too. (Ephesians and Romans..the entire books!)

But, do others see the Love of God as taught in I, II, and III John richly dwelling within our hearts and manifested within our lives for His honor and glory?  Does the Love of Jesus reign within us…like it should? 

I’m afraid I fall very short in this area at times…Take the long lines at the stores this past Christmas shopping season or the high volumes of traffic….and it doesn’t take very long for me to be reminded just how “human” I am!  Or, when I think a certain situation should go a certain way (my way!) and it doesn’t.  Or, people simply don’t behave and/or respond in the way I feel they should.  When these things happen, I quickly have to tend with my flesh!  But, the Bible teaches us to “Give thanks in ALL things…”  Whether the “ALL” things work out the way I want them to work out or not!  After all, it’s God’s world; he made it…and all that belongs in it is His (Genesis 1).

Today, you may feel like me and wish to Give Thanks to our Heavenly Father for all of His rich blessings upon our lives.  Also, like me, you may be wanting to work on those “love skills” taught in the books of I, II, and III John. 

It is my prayer that we all do better this year; 2012.  After all…isn’t life worth it?  Aren’t our friends and family worth it?  Isn’t our Lord worth it?  Oh, yes my friend…they are…And, HE IS!!!

Now, is the time to humble ourselves and seek ye Lord!

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T. Rollins, Author