A Writer Is Never Loved…

A Writer Is Never Loved…

If you are a writer or one who automatically sees the need to dig deeper, research farther, leave no stone unturned, analyze the analyzed, and can never, never say anything in ten words or less then my heart goes out to you…For writers are never truly loved or understood….Unless, you learn how to channel all of your inward thoughts, passions, and emotions into a number one best seller with several sequences. Other than that, you may have to face the realistic truth that at times you aren’t very well received among your peers and/or closest relatives.

Writers are often teachers; whether professionally trained or naturally gifted. Some writers are “speakers” as well. That can make life even more challenging for the individual writer. Writers and speakers often challenge the status quo…They challenge people to think on a different level or even an advanced more sophisticated level at times…Some people don’t always enjoy that challenge or appreciate its results.

Writers are always seeking the truth, intentions, or motives behind someone’s actions or reactions…In the writer’s or speaker’s heart and mind there must always be a “reason.” Even if that reason lies within the absolute mysterious Sovereignty of God, there must be a reason. And, writers often can’t stop the search until that is their absolute last option; God’s Sovereignty.

So, we must ask ourselves this question, “What are people to do with writers and their quest to enlighten the world around them?” In many ways, writers are like “prophets of old” bringing messages and news that no one really wants to hear….”Off, off with their head!” The gathering crowd shouts!

So, in many ways the writer feels like a martyr waiting for the ax to fall. But, ask yourself this question as well, “Where would we be without devoted writers in our lives?” First, my answer would be that you would not be reading this blog…For a writer is writing it…Second, you would not enjoy your nightly entertainment shows, news broadcasts, or sitcoms because it takes an entire staff of writers to make it possible. Even the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show is based upon good writing abilities. Writing, whether it be for entertainment or informative reasons, colors our world and showers our interests

So, the next time you get upset with the person who simply cannot tell the “shorter version” of the story, or who has to consider numerous points before settling on just one, or uses tons of analogies to make their point why not try thinking what life would be without that type of person….

In closing, the next time you curl up with your favorite novel, remember that the author is actually someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, or grandparent and the very fact that their words are entertaining you means they don’t do “simple” very well!! 🙂

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, M.Ed, Author


Rejoice My Children Rejoice!

Rejoice My Children Rejoice!

Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice. Philippians 4:4

The Hebrew word, “simcha,” means to have “Joy in the most full sense.” In other words, “Be Happy!” In the book of Philippians, we find the Apostle Paul writing to the church at Philippi to, “Be Happy in the Lord!” The thing is that Paul wasn’t telling the church to “be happy” as he was sitting out somewhere on the beach with bright rays of sun shining down on his face with a cool glass of grape juice in his hand…He was telling them to, “be happy,” as he, himself, was sitting in a cold, dark, lonely prison cell facing death. Sure, it’s easy to tell someone to be happy when all around you is at peace and happiness, but can you tell someone to be happy when your cup is running over with stress! That’s exactly what Paul did.

The past few days, actually the past four years, have been stressful at times for my husband and me as we take care of his mother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Two years ago, we had to admit her into a fulltime nursing home to help with her care. But, even that doesn’t completely erase our concerns, cares, and obligations to her. I continue to do her laundry at least two to three times per week. And, it is very sad watching her decline as she goes from one stage to another. This past week she decided that she doesn’t need to wear her glasses, so she hid them in a bundle of clothes. After searching for them for several days I finally found them wrapped up in a pair of pajamas. When I took them to her, she became quite defensive and insisted that she has never worn glasses her entire life and I could do with them whatever I wished but she would not wear them. So, naturally, not wanting to upset her any further, I brought them home. Since then, her behavior has continued to decline. Some days it nearly seems that it is too much to bear…So, today my husband called me from a funeral he was attending and when I answered the telephone he started singing an old Gospel song, “Rejoice My Children Rejoice!” Truthfully, I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh at his attempt to “cheer” me up, or scream!

But, he was right…The Bible does tell us to, “Rejoice in the Lord.” So, I took a deep breath and said, “God, I really need your strength to continue with all of these issues involving my mother-in-law. And, after a few deep breaths, I could feel my tension leaving being replaced with JOY! I have so much to rejoice about…And, when life is taking a hit at you, we sometimes need to remember to REJOICE just like the Apostle Paul did while incarcerated in prison…

Today, you may be in need of JOY…So, as my husband reminded me today, “Rejoice My Children Rejoice for our names are recorded above…Be glad, exceedingly glad for Heaven is ours today.” Yes, my friend we have a lot to Rejoice about!

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins,


Papa! No sweeter sound to the human ear except for Meemaw (or, Nana, or MaMa, or Mimi, or Grandma)!  No matter the name your grandchildren may have given you…or call you…nothing is sweeter than hearing their little voices call out to you.

There’s just no way possible to explain the sensational joys of being a grandparent.  A young parent won’t understand it.  Parents with children in elementary and middle school won’t understand it.  And, parents of high school and college students won’t understand it.  It’s one of those things that you simply cannot understand until it happens to you!  And, when it does….Oh, dear friend there’s nothing like it in the world.  I am the blessed grandmother to nine grandchildren; four boys and five girls ranging in ages from eighteen to six months!

Another wonderful thing about being a grandparent is that…Grandparents NEVER get jealous of one another…It’s the unwritten code of “grandparent-hood.”  See, we know that the love that resides within our heart is the same love that resides within other grandparents’ hearts…So, there’s no need to compete or compare….because ALL grandkids are great and wonderful….no matter what!!  We have an unconditional love for ALL grandkids!

That’s why two grandmothers or granddads can sit for hours talking about nothing more than their grandchildren!  My husband once stated behind the pulpit that if he knew that grandkids were so wonderful we’d had them first! LOL!

Then, there’s the really good secret….Sh! Sh! Sh!…At the end of the day…we can send them home!!  Sort of like eating all the ice-cream you want…without getting a single calorie!!  Zap!! When you get tired; or the noise level gets to be too much….Zap out the old cell phone and request a pick-up service!!  Or, we can always use one of our many “aging” ailments…sciatica, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome…There are tons! Just watch TV and you can find dozens of “aging” reasons to cut the visit short; if you need to! (Just kidding girls (my three adult daughters!) …I would NEVER, NEVER do that to My grandchildren….hehehe!)

Another fun thing about being a grandparent is that we simply “lose” our memory of how it actually was raising our own children.  We say things like, “Well, I never did that when you were growing up!”  Or, “I didn’t raise you that way!”  Sometimes, it’s just way, way too much fun! 

Then, there’s the “hero” mode…You know what I mean…Your grandkid is standing there begging for a piece of candy.  Their parent (your adult child!) responds, “No, you don’t need any candy; don’t ask again.”  Then…that precious, sweet, little, innocent face looks over at you with their little lip poked out and sad little tears forming in the corner of their eyes…And, you reply, “Now, now don’t cry…Meemaw was just about to drive to the store (it’s like 11:30 PM!) to buy some milk and while I’m there I’ll just pick up a little box of candy just for you.” 

Everyone wins!  The kid is happy.  The parent is happy that they didn’t have to pay for it!  And, you are the happy “hero” who accommodates your grandchild’s every little wish! (If, within reason; of course!)   

Recently, my fourteen-year-old grandson told his mother that if she didn’t let him spend the night with a school buddy that he’d call Meemaw (that’s me!) and Papa and tell us that his Mom wasn’t feeding him!  Wow! That boy has it down flat! LOL!  We all laughed, BUT he still didn’t get to go off that night or spend the night with his friend!  But, I guess it was worth the try!!

So, if you are enjoying the precious, blessed time of “grandparent-hood” then enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy….for there’s nothing like it!  Wait, I hear my grandsons upstairs now…They are calling for “Papa!”

Got to love it.

Remember God Love You

Lin T Rollins, Author

The Old Recliner

The Old Recliner…Twenty years ago, when my husband turned forty-years-old, I bought him a brand new leather recliner.  Next month, The Old Recliner will be twenty-years-old and my husband will be sixty.  Together, they have seen a lot of changes over the past twenty years.  Three daughters graduating high school, three daughters getting married, and nine grandchildren joyously birthed into the family.

Even though the leather is starting to get very ragged and worn, how can I ever throw out Papa’s recliner? It has become a part of our family.  After all, our first grandson slept peacefully for three hours while Papa held him in his arms afraid to move so as to not awaken him. (Papa’s are like that; yes they are.)  Then, the other babies came, one by one, all precious little bundles being held by Papa in Papa’s recliner.

Over the years, I have watched “Papa” go from being dark headed to grey all while resting each night in that old recliner.  A many good ballgames and movies have been watched from that old chair!

It’s also in nearly every Christmas picture for the past twenty years.  It’s a prize possession… that old recliner.  Even though it doesn’t exactly go with the rest of the living room pieces, it sits proudly knowing it has been here longer than any other piece in the living room.  It takes top prize…that old recliner.

Isn’t it funny how things, like an old recliner, become more sentimental to us as we grow older? A simple fruit bowl given to us as a wedding gift; a crystal vase; a set of dishes that we once didn’t even like suddenly becomes meaningful just because they are older and managed to somehow never be thrown out over the years!

I believe that we hold on to these things because they remind us of our life; much like a patch-work quilt.  Each piece telling a story.   And, as life passes us by, holding on to them becomes more and more precious.

I have a few items that once belonged to my grandmother on my father’s side. She died when I was only two years old.  So, I never really got to know her.  But, for me, having those pieces have made her to feel more a part of my life.

I have, what people call, a “Pie Safe.”  It’s over seventy-five years old.  My dad says that my grandparents started out housekeeping with it back in Cherokee County Alabama in the early 1930’s.  Oh, how I wish I had never redone it many years ago.  I painted it a pretty cream color and added new hinges and knobs.  Today, I think I would love having all of the original paint, pealing decals, and scratched hinges.  Yet, it is lovely in my kitchen holding my mother-in-law’s Blue Willow China from Churchill England.  The two seem to make the perfect match; the cabinet and the dishes.

I also have my grandmother’s cedar chest filled with old family pictures and keep sakes from my daughters when they were little girls and in school.  Memories; all precious memories.

It’s funny how a simple aging recliner can suddenly take us back to a place long forgotten and rekindle the memories tucked away inside of our hearts.  Truthfully, I hope that old recliner holds out another twenty years and holds even more fonder memories as our grandchildren head towards adulthood and one day have children of their own.

I also hope that when my grandchildren marry they will want some of Meemaw’s and Papa’s belongings.  After all, handing our precious items down to our grandchildren helps us to know that we will live in their hearts and lives after we, too, have passed from this life.  A piano; guitar; gold bracelet; string of pearls; dining room table; antique table; cherry-wood bedroom set, and my grandmother’s pieces.  All hoping to be handed down to another generation of life with as much hope that they will add flavor and enjoyment to their lives as they did mine.

But, right now…I’m just sitting here enjoying “The Old Recliner,” and all that it means.  For one day, I, like the recliner, will be “old,” aging, and worn out.  Yet, I know that my children and grandchildren will still cherish me and the memories they hold in their hearts of our time here together on Earth….For though the recliner is man-made and will one day eventually be replaced…Love and all that it represents will never fade…and can never be replaced.

So, today, you might have your own “old recliner” sitting in your home that you wouldn’t take a hundred dollars for…..But, please don’t make that offer to my husband, because he’d probably take you up on it and even help load it up for you!

Oh, the joys of being sentimental…A recliner by any other name is…simply a recliner.  But, that old recliner… Papa’s Recliner…now there’s a treasure…

Remember, God Loves You (and, He just might love my old recliner, too!)

Lin T. Rollins, Author

“To Do Lists”

To-Do-Lists…We have all them.  But, let me ask you some important questions regarding those pesky little “to-do-lists.”  By any chance, on yesterday, did you mess up and not get half-way through your to-do-list?  I know I did.  Did you not succeed in all you wanted to do or to get done?  Were you suppose to call someone back?  Go to the market?  Pay a bill or go to the post office? Did you fall short on your new diet plan?  Did you not take care of a chore or task that you wanted to do?  Did you fail to get your Bible reading or lesson in for the day?  Or, did you not pray about matters as much as you had hoped or intended?  What was it that you didn’t accomplish or achieve on yesterday that you would like to accomplish today?

See, one of the greatest things about a 24 hour day is that every twenty-four hours….it starts all over again!  You (and I!)  can start the day all over again and have another opportunity to do better than the day before; and if we don’t….Yes!  Yippee!  Another twenty-four hour day is just around the corner!

There are many reasons that we don’t always accomplish what is on our “To-Do Lists” for the day.  Perhaps, we just woke up not feeling as well or as energetic as we needed to be to accomplish all that was on our list.  Maybe, we put too much on our “to- do-list” to get it all done!  (This is self-defeating!)  Or, perhaps unexpected things happened throughout the day that got in the way of “our” plans.  Or, another activity captured our hearts and interest, so it took up all of our time.  In short…interruptions and other activities that stole  us away from  our to-do-list from being completed!

Whatever it was that pulled you away from your finished goals on yesterday you now have a bright new day….Today…. Yes, today is the “gift” of the “present.”  And, you are afforded the privileged to fill the hours with whatever activity you choose to do.  And, today, that activity could very well be simply resting from all of your other activities!  Or, perhaps you can’t get to your to-do-list because you are resting in bed fighting off a cold or a sinus infection. Or, perhaps your “to-do-list”  is more work or career centered based upon what your “boss” wishes.   If so; you might want to pay more attention to that list than your own! smile…)

Sometimes, I believe we are just too hard on ourselves when we don’t accomplish everything on our “plate.”  We tend to overburden our load.  So, today, do as much as you can and remember that tomorrow’s yesterday is today….So, whatever it is that you didn’t get accomplished today….you can start all over again on tomorrow.

The important thing on yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s “to-do-list” is to keep your life balanced and moderate.  Not overexerting yourself to be “perfect” for everyone and everything around you; including yourself….In other words…give yourself a break every once in a while… And, taking a break is a whole lot like drinking milk…it can do the body good!

As Scarlett O’Hara so famously put it, “I’ll worry about that tomorrow….after all, tomorrow is another day!”

I hope you are able to accomplish your to-do-list for today; but if not….keep pugging along, because Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise…you will have tomorrow and the day after that…and the day after that. Stop stressing!! We are too blessed to be stressed!!  Amen….

My next task on my today’s “to-do-list”…..hit publish for today’s blog and treat myself to a cup of hot chocolate!  A task I actually prefer to do!!

I hope you enjoyed today’s lighter side of inspiration.  Hope to meet again tomorrow…Why not put it on your “to-do-list!”

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

Three Basic Needs

It’s pretty obvious that our three basic needs in life are food, shelter, and raiment.  But, I was pondering this morning on how these three basic needs can also be found and represented in the Trinity.  We typically refer to the Trinity as, “God the Father,” “God the Son,” and “God the Holy Ghost.”  This morning, I want to look at how food, shelter, raiment and the Trinity meets every need known unto man.

Our first basic need is food.  Without food we will surely die.  There would be no life. Food sustains and nourishes our lives.  The first person in the Trinity is “God the Father.” God is the Creator of Life (In the Bible, we read, In the beginning God created…Genesis 1:1). Without God, the Creator, there is no life. God sustains and nourishes all of Creation through His daily provisions.  God is our basic food; without Him we would not exist.  (Therefore take no thought saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?…for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things. Matthew 6:31-32 KJV).  God meets and sustains our first basic need in life…to have life and to know life…is through…God the Creator.

Our second basic need is shelter.  Shelter protects us from the perils of life; from the winds, the rains, the cold, and the heat.  Without proper shelter our lives would be constantly endangered.  The second person in the Trinity is “God the Son.”  God sent his Son to die for and to save the world (John 3:16). The Son shelters and protects us from the Evil one. Without the precious protecting power of the Blood flowing from the Son, our lives would be eternally in danger, and we would have no shelter or rest from evil or the Evil one.  We would forever be endangered by evil.  Yet, thanks be unto God, he provided eternal shelter,  “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.”  (John 3:17 KJV.)  Jesus is our everlasting shelter from the storms of life.  Amen.

Our third basic need in life is raiment. Without basic raiment we could not live or move around in society.  Raiment also brings comfort to our lives.  Raiment allows us to interact and live acceptably within the human race. The third person in the Trinity is “God the Holy Spirit.” The job of the Holy Spirit is not only to equip our lives with the power of God, but to comfort our lives by clothing us in God’s Love and Righteousness.  “And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you for ever.” (John 14:16 KJV). “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you…” (Acts 1:7).  Without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we could not live or move around within the power of God, nor would we be able to feel the precious Comfort of God upon our hearts, souls, minds, and lives.   The Holy Spirit clothes us in the loving righteousness of Christ Jesus and comforts our hearts.  He is our Savior and Protector from the perils of this life.  Oh, to be clothed in the righteousness of God…Amen.

So, just as we need food, shelter, and raiment in order to survive, we also need “God the Father,” “God the Son,” and “God the Holy Spirit,” in order to survive.  When you add up the three basic needs of mankind and the three provisions of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit…the total sum is six (three plus three =’s six).  As we all know “six” is the number of man.  I don’t think it odd or a coincident that man (represented by the number six) needs six things in order to live according to the needs found within this life.  Yet, God has provided absolute and amazing resources for each of these six needs:  God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, food, shelter, and raiment.

The first three God has provided at no cost nor work on our parts.  They are all gifts freely bestowed, freely given.  The last three, food, shelter, and raiment we must seek out through the “sweat of our brow.” (Genesis 3:19).  Yet, each can be found when we diligently, “Ask, Seek, and Knock.”  “For every one that asketh receiveth, and he that seeketh findeth, and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.  (Matthew 7:8 KJV.)

What an Amazing God we have.  What an Amazing awesome God we serve.  He meets and sustains all of our basic needs and Spiritual needs far beyond anything that we could ever hope for or ever imagine.

This Sunday morning, I want to Thank my LORD for providing, sustaining, and meeting the needs found in this life.  Above all things else God, we need YOU!

“He is all I need.  He is all I need.  All I ever need.”

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T. Rollins, Author

A Little Diet Will Do!

I’m switching things up a little bit this morning and writing more
about the physical nature of man. Still, I am praying that as I share my
family’s current dieting adventure that it will bring a smile to your face as
perhaps you can relate to our newfound plight as well.  (Laughter is medicine for the soul!)

If any of you read my Facebook site, you know that I have been
supporting my husband (age 60) this past month with his new diet and exercise
program to lose about twenty pounds and help to lower his cholesterol and triglycerides.
Buying groceries is now taking forever as I walk up and down aisles reading and
comparing labels; which products have the least calories, saturated fats, and
sodium. The final cost of groceries has also increased since everything that is
labeled “fat-free,” “reduced fat,” or “lower fat”
is priced higher than the good old fat-filled stuff!

Then, there are the added fruits and fresh vegetables to the menu.
Mind you, we’ve always eaten fruits and vegetables, but now they seem to be the
more focused food group; so naturally they are costing more. A mere five pounds
of Granny Smith apples are nearly $4.00. Good grief, what I would give for the
old apple tree in my neighbor’s back yard when I was a kid growing up! I’d make
myself a fortune!

My mid-morning snack of PopTarts has been replaced with Granola
Bars. Bacon (yum!) has been replaced with a daily portion of oatmeal and hot
dogs are now turkey dogs (which actually taste pretty good!).  Ice cream has
been replaced with fruity yogurt; but there are some pretty good yogurt out
there, and loaf bread has been replaced with tortillas; thus, making sandwiches
turn into wraps (also, pretty tasty).  Not all bad.

Honestly, I have to ask myself, how on earth did my grandparents
live to be in their 80’s and 90’s eating all of that fried chicken, fried pork
chops, fried country steak with mounds of gravy, deep-fried fish with lots of
hush puppies, deep-fried okra, deep-fried squash, deep-fried potatoes (yum-yum)??….STOP!!
I’m starting to get really hungry here!  I mean, I am from the south, you know!

Last night, my husband told me he’d eat a bucket of chicken as big
as he was! So would I!! And, Ladies, I have been so, so good….the only
chocolate I have eaten in a month are the tiny bits found in my Granola bars!!!
This is insane….I want a BIG slice of chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing with
chocolate sprinkles and chocolate syrup on top!!! CHOCOLATE….Lots and Lots of

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t think our grandparents (or even
parents) went around starving themselves, eating healthy snacks every two to three
hours, drinking bottled water (but, Gosh! We have to today!),  comparing packaging labels (especially since they didn’t have packaging labels on homemade jams and jellies!), or eating everything grilled and broiled…Since all they had were deep frying pans in
the first place!  Oh, the joys of southern living….

But, there is one thing my grandmother did instill in her children
(and, she lived to be 98 years old). She (truthfully!) ate an apple every day.
She read from the Word of God every day. She never ate white bread only
whole-wheat and she believed till the end that liver and onions would cure any
condition you could ever have! (I love you Grandmother, now resting in Heaven,
but I never did buy into your liver philosophy!)

Nevertheless, there’s an old adage that says, “What goes around comes around.” The Bible even teaches, “There’s nothing new under the sun.” So, I wonder if down the road nutritionists and scientists will one day say, “Trans fats can be good for you.” Or, “Fried foods and chocolate are good for brain power.” LOL!   Who knows!

So, with just about everything else in life….I feel that moderation is the key to a more complete and healthier life style. Not obsessing….just enjoying a life of sound moderation.  “Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, Rejoice. Let your moderation be known unto all men.” (Philippians 4:4-5 KJV)  In other words, walking and living an even keel life in Christ Jesus.

So, in closing, what has been the result of our new, healthier life style? My husband has already loss ten pounds. Yea! Congratulations!!  Me, I loss one pound but regained 1/2 pound of that back!!

But, to help demonstrate my love and concern for my husband and his health, I will continue steadfastly and focused on our new diet and exercise program….After all, it’s what the doctor ordered! (For him!!) Now, where did I hide that Hershey’s bar??!!


Remember, God loves you!!

Lin T. Rollins, Author