Why I Stand with GOP Candidate Donald Trump

As many Americans watched the third and final presidential debate last night, it became quite clear of the major differences between the two candidates.  Yes; one is much more polished and perceived as being more politically correct.  The other is new to politics and has the charm at times of a bull in a china shop.  But, don’t let that fact turn you away from the issues at hand.  America’s foundation and future is at stake and we just may need a “bull” to get the job done!

But, even if the GOP candidate was NOT Donald J. Trump, I would still vote Republican just as I have voted Republican for the last several elections. And, here are some reasons why:  The GOP is the only political party in American that still, in spite of all its faults and failures, recognizes GOD as our Creator and Supreme ruler and leader.  We the people may elect a president, but GOD is still our Heavenly Father and Jesus our reigning King.  I fully understand this reason will be greatly challenged and ignored by those who do NOT believe in GOD in the first place.  For those who are either atheist or agnostic I’m sure you disagree; that is your political freedom to do so.

My second reason for remaining a Republican; despite our numerous challenges is, “Right to Life.” Being a Christian, I believe that life begins at conception. God told Jeremiah that he “knew him before he was formed.” (Jeremiah 1).  Last night, I sat in total dismay hearing the Democratic candidate, Hillary R. Clinton confirm her stand on last-minute abortion as being the “government” not interfering with a woman’s choice.  Oh, but how she is misleading her constituents. When “government” allows its citizens to “weed out” (even at the last minutes before birth) the “unwanted,” sick and/or weak that is in fact total governmental take-over at the highest level!  It is also a government that has chosen to disregard God’s law to do what is right in its own eyes.  As hard as this may be for some to read, Abortion is murder in the first degree of innocent life; a sin that can be forgiven but nevertheless a sin against God’s laws.

Thirdly, Mrs. Clinton promises to uphold non-traditional marriages of gays and lesbians.  It is very difficult for a conservative Christian like myself to explain to a gay or lesbian that we do NOT “hate” them, but we cannot endorse, recognize, or stand up for their alternative sexual choices as it goes directly against God’s plan for the family; one man and one woman.  As I have heard it stated down through the years, “God made Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve.”  God does not make such mistakes…Such actions are the result of the fall of mankind in the Garden of Eden…But, through God’s redemption plan HE can provide a way out of such mindsets through the Saving and Biblical knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know that there are certain religions and churches that recognize, accept, and even honor those who find love within their own gender, but this is not what the Bible plainly teaches in the New Testament book of Romans chapter one as well as God’s judgment on Old Testament cities that practiced such ways of life.

Lastly, Mrs. Clinton called Donald Trump supporters, “deplorables.”  A deplorable person is someone without moral values, disgusting, intolerable, and unintelligent.  The majority of Donald Trump’s supporters are Republicans as he was chosen as our party’s candidate.  Who was Mrs. Clinton referring when she called Mr. Trump’s followers “deplorables?” Those of us who believe in “right to life,” “the sanctity of the family unit,” “right to bear arms,” “higher education,” and a conservative supreme court system that will uphold the U.S. Constitution in the matter in which it was intended?  I do not believe such people should be labeled as “deplorables.” Yet; she reaches out to an audience who aborts the unborn; even innocent babies only minutes before birth, and those who mock and laugh in the face of God that they can live and love whomever they please.  She also supports a welfare system that encourages “hand-outs” instead of job placement.  These issues to me are deplorable.

But, being a Christian, I know that GOD is Love and we must not “hate” those whom do not yet know the LIGHT of the GOSPEL of the True Living God; we must pray for them.  And, I do pray for my nation as a whole. I pray for this country daily as I see it slip farther and father into abyss; a darkness that only GOD himself will be able to overcome.  The Bible says for GOD’s people to pray, repent, and turn from “our” evil ways. God doesn’t address the lost, unsaved, dying world to turn away from their evil ways, but HE instructs HIS children to return faithfully unto Him; not possessing a “form” of godliness but relying on the Power of God to overcome sin through the precious blood of Jesus.

If this election does anything, I pray that it will open the eyes of those apatheic to our nation’s at-risk condition and seek to return the will of the people over to the Will of God.  And, God’s will often includes “judgment” upon those whom turn their backs on Him and deny His right to rule within the hearts and minds of the people.  Scriptures often illustrates a time of judgment before a time of revival.  We must be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually for the days of ahead should our nation continue to falter in the  erroneous path towards the “rights of the people” (doing that which is right in their own eyes) over that of the teachings of Scripture.

As an American voter, I have two main choices to choose from; The Republican platform and its candidate or the Democratic platform and it’s candidate.  Today, I choose the Republican party and our candidate Donald J. Trump; for better or for worse simply because the Republican party reflects my personal values regarding right-to- life, the traditional family unit, state-rights, 2nd amendment, and God as being Supreme.

May God Bless American and ever be with us as a nation that places it trust in HIM.


Linda T. Rollins, M.Ed. Author.