What a Great Time to be a Christian!

What a Great Time to Be a Christian

If you are a twenty-first century living and breathing Christian…Congratulations!  What better time to proclaim your Faith in Jesus Christ (John 3:16).  What a Great Time to be a Christian!

Right now, it seems there is an influx of people finding interests in other religions including Islam…So be it…Christianity was birthed out of controversy and will remain so until its final triumphant moment on planet Earth.

Also, Christianity is being attacked on so many levels for its stand on moral and ethical values which align with the Holy Bible; God’s Word.  Christians do not have to apologize for believing in and living within traditional family values set forth in Scripture…one man and one woman…We as believers can hold our heads up that we still believe in the institution of marriage as oppose to just living together outside of matrimony.  As believers, we are committed to the preservation of marriage and what it represents. We are charged with the protection of the traditional family.

As believers, we can also hold our heads up high (not in a prideful way but in assurance)  that we firmly believe in JESUS CHRIST as being the ONLY way to God…There is NO other way…God only has one front door, one entrance, and that one Door is Christ (John 10:9). The Bible plainly teaches that anyone who tries to get to God through any other means than Christ is a thief and a robber.  And, who in their right mind would try to rob from God!

Yes, it is true that there are three major religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These three religions have survived and thrived next to one another for over two thousand years…But, today in the twenty-first century it seems that thriving alongside of one another will not be the case very much longer…Boundary lines are being drawn in the sand (literally!) more and more each day and men everywhere will soon find it necessary to firmly stand on their own personal belief.

Currently, our Western World is being attacked by the influence of Islam and a belief that Mohammed the Prophet is the only way to God. This particular false religious belief possesses no tolerance for either the Jewish or Christian Faiths.  According to Islam, if one does not believe in Mohammed then one can surely lose his or her life, even by being beheaded. This is not the Judeao-Christian way.

As Christians we put our Faith and Trust in Jesus Christ who came himself to die for the sins of the whole world and to give eternal life to those who BELIEVE in HIS finished works at Calvary (John 3:16-17). Only those who do not believe in Jesus Christ will face the Great White Throne Judgment of God. What a truly sad event.

As Christians, we do not have to go around beheading those who do not believe as we do…We fully trust in God to handle such future judgments.  Yes; it is a possibility that as tensions continue to grow and mount between the three major religions of the world that “war” and “rumors or war” may very well prevail in our lives…But, look up my friend…Those of us who believe in Jesus Christ have a great future event lying right in front of us…The blessed rapture when Jesus comes in the clouds to take his Bride (the church) away.  This event takes place right before the Great Tribulation…Sadly, those who do not believe in Jesus will be “left behind” to go through the most distressing days in earth’s history…

Oh, yes, what a Great Time to Be alive and to be a Christian…Look up my fellow believer! Our Redemption draweth nigh! Amen…

Remember, God Loves You through His Son, Jesus Christ!

Lin T Rollins, M.Ed. Author