Help! Call 911; or 463 (God)?

Help!… Call 911 or 463 (God)?

In My Distress I called upon the LORD, and cried unto my GOD…(Psalm 18:6)

Emergencies; we all have them. Some “natural” emergencies are more serious than others. Some are even physically life-threatening. Others may just need a quick fix such as a Band-Aid or a stitch or two. Nevertheless, when we do encounter an emergency it requires our immediate attention. In our society, we dial 911 as our natural response to any given emergency situation.

“Spiritual” emergencies are the same way. They need our immediate attention. The problem is that many people still want to call 911 for help even in a “spiritual” crisis instead of calling 463 (God) who is the ONLY ONE who can fix or doctor any type of “spiritual” emergency.

Such was the case in the lives of Jesus’ earthly parents, Joseph and Mary. In the book of Luke, chapter 2, verses 41 through 52, we find the account of Jesus getting separated from his parents during their visit to Jerusalem. The two parents had traveled an entire day’s journey when they suddenly discovered that twelve-year-old Jesus was nowhere to be found. As any parent would do, they panicked. In this day and time an “Amber Alert” would be issued. Where was Jesus?

The key to this lesson can be found in verse 44, “But they, supposing him to have been in the company, went a day’s journey; and they sought him among their kinsfolk and acquaintance.”

In a “natural” emergency it is absolutely correct and fully acceptable to seek out help among our kinsfolk, friends, first responders, and secular resources. But, such is not the case in a “spiritual” emergency. And, having Jesus missing from the traveling caravan was definitely a “spiritual” emergency. Anytime, Jesus is missing from our lives it is definitely a “spiritual” emergency!

The Bible teaches us that Mary and Joseph sought Jesus for “three days” among kinsfolk and acquaintances. Three whole days! Three entire days of asking the “wrong” people for the “right” answer. It was not until Mary and Joseph traveled back to Jerusalem and went “inside” of the Temple that they found Jesus being about his Father’s business. Jesus is always about his Father’s business! No need looking for Him anywhere else!

If Mary and Joseph would have called 463 (God) instead of 911 (earthly resources), they would have saved themselves three days of searching and three days of panic and fear. And, that’s exactly what you and I should do when we are faced with “spiritual” emergencies within our lives. We can seek out the help, assistance, and advice of “kinsfolk” and “acquaintances” (friends), or we can go straight to God (463) as our “first responder” and find immediate help for our problem(s), situation, spiritual crisis, or circumstances.

Like Mary and Joseph, it’s easier at times to seek Jesus out among our friends and family, but we won’t find Him. Jesus will always be with the Father. And, we can only find the Father when we find the Son; for they are One and the same (John 17). Where do we find both Father and Son? We can find them in the blessed old Book known as the Bible. We can also find them both on our knees in prayer and fasting (James 5:16). We can find them when we look for them in the “correct” places and not among the world, our friends, or even our family members.

Yes; of course, our friends and family can provide comforting and encouraging words in times of need, but they cannot COMFORT and HEAL or change our circumstances. I am sure that Mary and Joseph’s friends and family provided comforting words in their time of panic, but not even they knew for certain where Jesus was. Jesus can always be found with God…And, only God knows HIS will for our lives. And, we can only find HIS “will” for our lives when we seek God in the right places. It is then, and only then, that GOD can heal and fix our “spiritual” emergency and set us back on the right path.

So, the next time you are faced with a “natural” emergency definitely call 911 and seek help immediately. But, the next time you are faced with a “spiritual” emergency call 463 (GOD) and seek His help immediately! The time you save seeking God’s help instead of man’s help in a “spiritual” emergency may just save your life; both spiritually and physically. Our God is the FIRST RESPONDER we should seek when it comes to “spiritual” emergencies! Amen.

(*Please note, the numbers 463 spell out God on your telephones’ keypad.)

Remember, GOD LOVES YOU!
Lin T Rollins, M.Ed, Author


Serve the Lord With Fear…

Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling. (Psalm 2:11 KJV).

We live in a society and culture that does not mind rejoicing in the good things of God, but shun and reframe from the more serious and disciplined things of God.

God is a GOOD God. But, He is also a powerful, all-knowing, and fearful God as well. The Bible plainly teaches us to “Serve the LORD with fear…” You may ask yourself, “What does that mean?” It means to serve God with reverence, admiration, awe, respect, and understanding of who HE is!

Our God is a powerful and mighty God who sustains and controls the entire world, universe, and all existing universes beyond. HE knows how many galaxies there are as well as how many hairs are on your head. He cares for the birds and fowls of the air as well as the great whales and creatures of the seas. Yet; he’s not too busy to individually care for the needs of you and me.

Just like the Good Shepherd that He is, He knows his flock. And, like the Good Shepherd that He is, HE also knows how to discipline and correct his flock when they become unruly. God is more than a 4-Star general gallantly leading his armies or a commander-in-chief. He is far, far above all 4-Star generals and any and all commanders in chiefs! HE IS ELOHIM GOD; mighty owner of all existence; things we can see and those things that we cannot see.

For these reasons, we “Serve the LORD with fear and rejoice with trembling.” The true things of God and the very nature of God should make chills run up and down our spines knowing of HIS majestic greatness. Our God is more than the “man of upstairs,” or the “big one in the sky.” Oh, my friend, Our God Reigns; Our God Reigns. And, today, he can reign in your life as well; if you will only let him. Want you call on this mighty and fearful God to be your God? The God of your life? Who else better to control our individual lives than the very ONE who controls all of existence? “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Yes; it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God…Our God and LORD, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Remember, God LOVES YOU!
Lin T Rollins, M.Ed Author

Yes! Injustices Do Exist!

Yes! Injustices Do Exist!

“Blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust.” (Psalm 40:4 NIV).

Sometimes, after a holiday of any kind people can have a “drop” or “low” in their focus, mood, attention, feelings, and even outlook on life. I compare holidays to eating sweets and chocolates. You can get a super “high” and enjoyment from eating your favorite treat followed by a low. To me, that’s how holidays can be. You love having them, but the next day you can be reminded of all the “injustices” and “wrongs” in the world…A high followed by a low.

That’s what happened to me today. On yesterday, I so enjoyed being with two of our daughters and four of our grandchildren to celebrate Resurrection Sunday. But, this morning I was reminded of those who were not with us to celebrate. The ones who for one reason or another weren’t available. Another year. Another holiday. Another time within our lives that can never be gotten back. So, I tried very hard to focus on the good time and the ones I was with and tried very hard not to focus on the ones who weren’t with us.

As I was struggling with these different feelings and emotions, I made a trip to the WalMart. That’s when and where God spoke to me. You have to realize that God can speak when and wherever He so desires; even in the parking lot at WalMart!
I had finished my shopping and was pushing the cart out to my car. The weather was beautiful and I was trying to soak in the sun’s warm rays. When suddenly an older model van came soaring passed me so close that I could have kissed the side panel had it not been moving so fast! As the van’s wind whipped across my face I guess it brought me back into the focus of the moment. Whew! That was close I said to myself as I looked across the aisle at an elderly black woman and either her daughter or care giver alongside of her. The younger middle-aged lady nodded and smiled. I said, “Wow! That driver was really going way too fast for a parking lot. This isn’t a race track.” She responded, “Oh, I thought it was only us. We’re used to that sort of thing.” I realized immediately that she was making a racial comment, but it also struck me that she faces adversities and people’s injustices everyday of her life. Actually, she had become so apparently acquainted with the many injustices in life that the speeding, zooming vehicle had not even broken her stride or concentration. I thought to myself, “As Christians that’s how we should always be. Not allowing the injustices in this life to break our concentration and focus on God!”

I turned to see the speeding vehicle make a wide, wide turn and pull into a handicap parking space. Why not? The young female driver “leaped” out of the car with a large tote bag purse and effortlessly made her way inside the store. If she was “handicapped” there were no obvious outward signs. And, she was certainly not having any problems pressing down on the accelerator! I then turned back to the lady and said, “There sure are a lot of injustices in the world.” She smiled and replied, “Yes ma’am; I see them every day, but the Lord is always good.” I smiled and replied, “Yes ma’am; He certainly is.” From that point we both made our way to our cars and unloaded our bags. But, the whole experience seemed to speak to me.

As I was driving out of the parking lot, I felt the Lord speak to my heart. “I am aware of ALL the injustices in this life. I know those who are mine, and those who are not.” Then, all of a sudden my “blues” and “woes” dissipated. God had gently reminded me that there will be a payday some day and for all who have been unjustly treated or mistreated God will kindly recompense. That’s when I pondered the fact that we, especially as Christians, shouldn’t allow certain holidays or times of the year to affect our lives because things aren’t the way we may perhaps wished they were. Many people, worldwide and of all races, face great injustices everyday; not just holidays or certain times of the year. So, I told my “blues” goodbye and put all of the “injustices” in this world into God’s hands. After all, isn’t HE the only ONE who can do anything about them? Not we ourselves!

Sometimes, we need to be reminded that God is good 365 days out of the year. Mankind has made calendars and placed holidays within its pages. If God is good on Sunday; he will be good on Monday. If God is good on Easter Sunday, he will be good the next day as well.

Yes; it’s hard when our feelings get hurt by other people’s actions or lack of. It hurts when people you love let you down or let you know in no certain terms that they’d rather be somewhere else than being with you. But, God is always with us; no matter the day, the holiday, or the year. He wakes up with us, and He stays right beside us all through the day; even as we sleep. Children of God are never alone.

Yes, there are injustices in the world…And, they will continue being with us until the Prince of Peace returns to set up His kingdom to rule and reign forever on planet Earth. We can rejoice every day that there is one very JUST GOD, and His name is Jesus. May He fill you today and every day with HIS unconditional, most just, and faithful Love. In His Name; every day, all day… Amen. “Blessed is the man who makes the LORD his trust.”

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author