The Movie, “Noah”

The Movie, “Noah”

“I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repented me that I have made them. But, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” (Genesis 6:7-8)

There’s a lot of hype and differences of opinions regarding the newly released movie, “Noah,” starring Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins. My husband and I went to see the movie on yesterday, so I got an opportunity to see the movie for myself and form my own opinions.

I can think of at least two to three different ways to approach this movie with an open mind. I can think of one very critical matter that shuts all the others completely down. I guess it would come down to one’s own preference, understanding, and interpretation of a “Hollywood” movie.

For me, the only real “Biblical Truths” in the movie are the names of the characters and the fact that God did send a Great Flood to destroy the Earth. And, I understand that the producers and directors went to a lot of extensive hard work building the Ark as it is described and measured in the Bible. Good job on that point. Everything beyond that point is man’s imaginations, myths, suspense, drama, and action. Yes; there is a lot of “action” in this movie!

The story line adds a lot of artistic expression when developing the characters of Noah, his wife, his three sons, the little girl they rescued who eventually grows up to become Shem’s wife after Methuselah (played by Anthony Hopkins) gives her his blessings to bear children, and Tubal-Cain who manages somehow to sneak his way onto the Ark without Noah finding out. But, after Noah does find out a fight to life-or-death ensues until Noah triumphs over the evil Tubal-Cain. Then, there is the even more controversial matter of Shem’s wife delivering a set of twins while on the Ark and Noah believing to be led of God attempts to “kill” them to stop the spread of evil that plagued the Earth to begin with.

In the movie, Noah believes both he and his family will “die” in the new world to appease God’s anger over sinful, wicked mankind. It’s only through Noah’s compassion for the tiny infants that he “decides” to NOT kill the babies and allow mankind to “repopulate” the earth after the flood….Interesting imaginations wouldn’t you say?

Those of us who are learned in the Word of God know that God, himself, spared Noah and his family’s lives (minus Tubal-Cain). The Bible teaches us that there were eight souls on board the Ark: Noah, his wife, Shem and his wife, Ham and his wife, and Japheth and his wife. We also know that God commanded Noah that “he” and “his” family were to repopulate the Earth. It was NOT a decision or choice made by Noah. (Read Genesis 6 through Genesis 9.)

But, as far as the dynamics between Noah’s family members and all the action building up to the day of the Great Flood, it is left to one’s own speculations. And, that’s exactly what the writers of this movie did; speculate. Isn’t that what fiction “writers” do?

There are two main ways to view this artistic expression. One, you can agree that it is a historical fiction movie “based” upon a Biblical story. It is a “Hollywood” produced movie that you can watch with your kids and grandkids without fear of inappropriate words, vile gestures, or extreme nudity. It has plenty of action to capture a young boy’s imaginations and plenty of emotion to melt the heart of any girl. It is wholesome entertainment.

The second perspective is to “protect” the rightful passages of Scripture found within the book of Genesis and denounce any artistic expressions whatsoever. To take this very important four-chapter read in the Bible and do not add nor take away anything from it. After all, is that not what we, as Christians, are entrusted to do?

But, as far as I can tell artistic expression has been around for a number of centuries and it has not weakened God’s version of the Bible; in the least. God’s Word will always prevail over any artistic expression one may make. The heart of the matter is to READ, for yourself, what GOD does say and does not say within His own Book, The Bible. Therein lies the heart and soul of the matter.

As far as I can tell, the historical-fiction based movie, “Noah” just might get someone’s attention enough to read the true Word of God for the first time. Or, it could get a person to open the Bible again after having it shut for many years and reread it. The Bible is filled with many, many interesting stories of great men and women; triumphs and defeats; love and poetry, as well as historical and prophetic messages. Oh, the BIBLE; the blessed B-I-B-L-E…That’s the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God; the B-I-B-L-E…

Go ahead, get your Bible out and READ it…Find within its pages the secrets to all of mankind’s needs, wants, and desires. I dare you. After all, how will you personally know what’s real and what’s not real the next time Hollywood indulges itself into another one of God’s most marvelous masterpieces? It’s your choice….You decide.

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, M.Ed. Author


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