New Year “Do Over”

New Year “Do Over”

“Are You Ready for a Do-Over?” At this time of the year a lot of people begin their “Read-Through” of the Bible. The New Year is a great time to find solace in the words, “In the beginning God created.” Let’s face it. We’re living in a time in history when modern-day man doesn’t like to retain GOD in their thoughts much less give HIM ALL the credit for creating and sustaining life.

Those of us who fall under the label of being Christians are finding it more and more difficult and challenging to publicly voice our faith and support of God’s teachings. The media and liberal crowd seem to be winning the battle in silencing God’s teachings on Sin and man’s need of Salvation. It is even getting risky for certain groups of people to voice their disagreements and disappointments with our nation’s current presidential administration. Propaganda now fills our airways in such a way that no one seems to know the truth from a lie or a cover-up. We are in bad need of a “Do-Over!”

We are in bad need of returning to God as described in II Chronicles 7:14…”If my people…” God is not looking to the sinful world to bring about repentance and change; He is looking to HIS people. As my dad used to tell me, “I’m not worried about the neighbor’s kids. They don’t belong to me.” Yes, God loves everyone, but HE knows who belongs to Him from those who choose not to belong to Him. Those of us who belong to God, through His Son Jesus Christ, adhere and abide by His teachings even though modern-day society calls us bias, racist, haters, and ignorant. As my mom used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never harm me!”

If 2014 is anything like the past few years, Christians better get ready for more and more name-calling by the lost and dying world…But, thankfully God “renews” HIS Grace and Mercies each morning to help us make it through the battle.

It may appear for a short while that the liberal, sinning crowd is gaining territory, but let us not forget who owns ALL of planet Earth…ELOHIM GOD! Yes! “In the Beginning God created.” As Supreme rightful owner of planet Earth, God will have the last WORD…

Yes! One day all the inhabitants of Earth will witness a mighty, powerful, everlasting DO-OVER at the Hands of our Alpha and Omega Heavenly Father! Now, there’s a Do-Over I can live with…For all Eternity! Amen…

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author

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