“Phil Robertson, Liberals Don’t Play Fair!”

“Phil Robertson, Liberals Don’t Play Fair!”

For decades and decades it seemed all we ever heard from the left-winged media and far-left liberals was, “Equality, Equality.” Before we knew it law after law had been passed to “protect” their rights against being discriminated from almost anything and everything under the sun…But, look where it has gotten us…Now, the Conservatives, mostly those of us who consider ourselves as being Christians, are being discriminated against on every side, situation, and circumstance…

Unlike the Liberals, we simply shook our heads and remained silent. In our homes, we stopped watching certain programs on TV, stopped reading certain magazines, stopped going to certain places where liberalism and an “anything-goes” mentality and philosophy ruled. For years and years now, as both Conservatives and Christians, we just kept pulling our boundaries in smaller and smaller to accommodate and ensure the Liberals a larger and much larger playing field. Now, our section of the playing field has become so small that there’s hardly any room left to play at all…The Liberals have taken it over…And, we, as Conservative Christians, are quickly learning that “Liberals Don’t Play Fair!”

Many groups of people do not actually want “Equality,” they simply want to be heard and seen. They want to be “Number One,” Supreme, Superior, “In Your Face,” or be a Number 10 on a scale of 1-10! Symbolically speaking, they want to bring every toy they have in their toy chest to the play ground, but get mad and pitch tantrums when the other player brings even one of his or her own personal toys to the playing field…In other words, they always want to be, “King of the Hill.”

Take Far-left Liberals verses Christians…Far-left Liberals bring their nudity to the Big Screen and TV’s. They bring their free sex with whomever they please beliefs; their filthy and provocative language; their right to drink, party, and do drugs life-style; their “split-in-your-eye” attitudes; their demands that “everyone has equal say including child molesters and rapists but not unborn babies;” their “love-the-one-you’re-with (men, women, or both)” and “anything goes” philosophies. They bring their “I’m entitled to anything that I want” attitudes; and their “I’m against any type of organized religious” perspectives loud and clear everywhere they go. Simply speaking, “Free Birds” as they like to be called…

But, let a dedicated Christian bring to the playing field one simple tool from his Hope Chest, the Bible, and the Liberal crowd goes screaming like a flock of wild turkeys that he, she, or they are being discriminated against… In actuality, all a Christian has to do to upset a Liberal is simply READ from the Word of God and it tends to send them into orbit…As the old saying goes, “The Word of God will either draw you closer to God or drive you away!”

Christians have been being persecuted since the beginning of Christianity over two-thousand years ago…Sadly, the Bible teaches that we will continue being persecuted right up to the very moment when Christ Jesus will return to take away HIS followers; called Christians…I wonder what the Far-Left, non-believing Liberals are going to do then, and who are they going to blame when countless numbers of people are suddenly missing from planet Earth? Will they feel that they have been discriminated against for being “left behind?” Lord, have mercy!

Phil Robertson, I don’t understand A&E’s decision or the liberal media for getting so hyped over your sharing your personal beliefs…Are they so confused that they don’t understand that Christians, having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, are to associate themselves with the Teachings of the BIBLE? And, after receiving Christ Jesus into our hearts as our personal Savior, we dedicate our lives to following HIS Teachings and not those of the Liberal world, liberal media, or liberal entertainment society?

Maybe, our nation needs a good dose of teaching on what it means to be a bona-fide Christian…And, thanks to you Phil Robertson and your family’s steadfast Faith in the Lord maybe some of them just might learn!

Perhaps, our denominational doctrines may differ somewhat, but as long as we both know Jesus as God manifested in the flesh (John 1:14) who came to earth to take away our sins and to reconcile us back unto God (John 3:16-17) through His virgin birth, sinless life, precious blood, and finished works at Calvary, I believe we can agree to agree that we are Brothers and Sisters in Christ, serving the same Lord, and looking for his soon-to-be blessed second coming! Therefore, you have my strongest support in your future quest and endeavors.

God Bless you Phil Robertson and the entire Robertson Family…I know the Lord will guide you through this most challenging and exciting time in His Name…Amen…

Remember, God Loves You! And, that makes me HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!
Lin T Rollins, M.Ed, Author

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