Kaleidoscope of Emotions…

Kaleidoscope of Emotions…”Our Tears Do Matter.”

If you are like most human beings you are a myriad of daily feelings and emotions. Our natural “self” responds and reacts to the many things and people around us…From the very first moment that we open our eyes to a new morning we are “feeling” something inside…We either awake with feelings of glee and joy to face the new day or we arise with sadness and possible despair depending upon our circumstances.

Our ever-changing feelings do not necessarily associate with our feelings of “Thankfulness” and “Gratitude.” As Believers in Christ Jesus, we possess a Spirit of Thankfulness and Gratitude hopefully continuously; but that doesn’t always mean we “feel” happy inside. As Christians, we can carry our burdens to the Lord and trust that HE is working on our behalf no matter our current situation; this is an example of Biblical Hope and Trust. But, even Christians can get the “blues” and feel sad from time to time.

I believe that what makes things harder on Christians when we are experiencing the “blues” or times of sadness is that “we” tend to beat ourselves up when we are having a bad day on the inside that possibly spills over into a bad week. Almost instantly, we begin to “judge” ourselves for feeling the way we do. Too often, when we do share our sadder “feelings” with those around us they “judge” us harshly as well. Thus, the cycle begins…In addition to feeling sad, we feel guilt. Then, it “feels” as if we need a pic, hoe, and shovel to tunnel ourselves back to the Light!

Thankfully, no other Power Source can manage to rescue us from our feelings of “blue” better than the Words of God found in the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit. God doesn’t get upset, offended, or disappointed in us when we feel sad or face trials or circumstances that leave us feeling “blue” on the inside. As a matter of fact, our feelings of “blue” often lead us to our knees where God is waiting on us!

Actually, we should not ignore or try to dismiss our “blue” feelings. I recently read an article that stated people need to learn to “cry” again…We have become a society of “people-picker-uppers” so much so that we have lost the art and cleansing abilities of crying. Our God put so much emphasis on our “tears” that He places each one in a bottle and records them in His book that He is preserving in Heaven for those who Believe…”Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?” (Psalm 56:8 KJV). No wonder Satan and our lost and dying world wants us to feel happy and glee 24/7…Satan would love nothing better than our “bottles” to be empty because he knows that “crying” actually helps to soothe both the mind and body…Psychologists suggest that women and men who “grieve” more openly over the loss of a spouse are more apt to recover sooner and live stronger lives afterwards.

The Children of Israel knew how to “grieve.” They set aside days and weeks for grief…I believe one reason that our society is suffering so much with symptoms of “depression” is because we have simply lost our abilities to take our “tears” to God in honest confession…A pill might make us temporarily “feel” better but it does not resolve whatever it is that is making us feel depressed…Only GOD can make a rainbow out of a storm!

Today, you might be feeling a little down, uncertain, sad, or “blue.” If so, instead of kicking against your feelings why not submit them unto the Lord? Stop what you are doing and find a place to kneel down on your knees. In honest confession unto the Lord tell him exactly how and what you are feeling. Remain there in prayer until your tears begin to flow down your cheeks allowing God’s natural cleansing ability soothe your inward soul…As they say, “There’s nothing like a good cry to make a body feel better.” After you do, you will feel refreshed and renewed. No, your circumstances may not change, but you will. You will sense an inward strength from God to remain steadfast while HE is working on your behalf…We can always carry our Kaleidoscope of Emotions to God!

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author

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