Spiritual Awakening…

Discipline, Integrity, Intelligence, and Order…The marks of Spiritual Awakenings…

Spiritual Awakenings in our nation’s history have been described as a time that brought forth mankind’s disciplined actions, moral integrity, higher-order thinking, and civil obedience as a result of God’s intervention, restoring, and refreshing. True Spiritual Awakening is not marked by “emotion” alone, but by the inward pursuit of godly, righteous, and holy living. Who would not agree that our nation is in bad need of Spiritual Awakening? Never before in our nation’s history has our citizens greatly lacked such self-control and discipline. Society has gone wild in its pursuit of undisciplined lives and life-styles. Moral integrity is at an all time low. Politicians and government officials lie to cover lies. Our school systems and universities are failing to equip our students with enough intelligence to even “think” for themselves…And, crimes are so rampant in most towns and cities that our judicial system simply cannot keep up. America needs reviving!

The late, great Rev. Jonathan Edwards preached his famous sermon; “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” in the 1730’s that lead to America’s first sweeping Spiritual Awakening. It doesn’t take much for one to read the title to know the Power contained in the message. God’s patience does and will run out against continual, habitual sin and sinful living. It is said that those in Edwards’ congregation felt as if they were going to “slid right into hell” as he preached repentance. We don’t hear too much about “repentance” these days. Many of today’s churches are no more than tax-free country clubs where everyone “knows your name and glad you came.” We are in need of spirit-filled evangelism as Dr. Billy Graham so powerfully preached in his day and times.

Sadly, instead of hearing about repenting of our sins, we are taught how to “smile” our way through them. As one preacher stated, “People are still dying and going to hell, but they are going now with a smile on their face.” God didn’t send Jesus to die on the Cross to put a smile on our face, even though it does put Joy in our hearts. God called man everywhere to “repent,” to turn away from sinful living and unrighteousness to godly living and disciplined righteousness.

I doubt the average teenager in America can define what godly living and disciplined righteousness even means…Sadly, but they do know what it means to have a “form of godliness and denying the power thereof.” To them, smiling your way through sinful behavior appears “godly” and jumping up and down to loud rock-n-roll praise music demonstrates God’s power! Believe me when you experience God’s authentic power it typically brings you to your knees in shame and tears. Yes; America needs to be Revived, Restored, and Refreshed in God’s formula for Revival…Repentance, Prayer, Fasting, and Godly Disciplined life styles…

It is my prayer that our generation will experience such a time of refreshing in our own life time when man can once again lift up holy hands unto the Lord…Amen…

Remember, God Loves You…God Loves Mankind, but God hates sin…
Lin T Rollins, Author


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