New and Improved

New and Improved…

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful.” (Revelation 21:5 KJV).

We all enjoy having “new” things in our lives. It is even fun to meet “new” people, travel to “new” places, and experience “new” activities and adventures. The word “new” just appeals to our senses. Where would we be without all of the “new” and “improved” products in our lives? New and improved washing detergent? New and improved shampoo? New and improved technology? Our marketing world grosses millions of dollars each year on advertising items that are “new” and “improved.” But, sadly, many of the “new” and “improved” products we try leave us feeling disappointed, frustrated, and aggravated. They don’t live up to their “promised” results.

The same thing can happen when traveling to new places. I remember as a child while traveling on vacation with my parents that we kept seeing a very promising sign every few miles advertising a country store that showcased a real, live bear….My little eyes and imagination were filled anticipation and wonderment. I kept imagining this huge grizzly bear standing ten feet tall fiercely roaring as he delighted a huge crowd of people. I begged and begged my dad to make the turn-off and drive the extra ten miles to the place. When we finally arrived to the greatly advertised location, the store was barely large enough to hold ten people at one time and the bear…well, the poor “old” bear was cooped up in a small cage where he laid on a slab of concrete barely noticing the three people that had gathered. Instead of being thrilled and amazed by this wonder of nature, I left feeling sorry for the bear and hating that my dad now had to drive the ten extra miles back to our route. But, the experience taught me a valuable lesson…”Advertising can be misleading.”

But, notice that God told the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos that “He” would make “all” things “new,” and his words are “true and faithful.” We can trust in and rely on God’s promises. They won’t disappoint, frustrate, or aggravate us one tiny bit. There are “no” false advertisements with God!!! When God promises something we can take great delight within our expectations and anticipation. I don’t know about you, but knowing that God will make “all” things “new” one futuristic day is exciting!

Even though I cannot imagine what all the “new” things will be like, I do know that God promises that there will be no more tears, sorrows, sicknesses, or death in His “new” world…A “new” and “improved” world that holds many great and exciting promises. So, even though “new” and “improved” can sometimes let us down in our present day life, we can be assured of a “new” and “improved” world ahead for those who put their faith and trust in Christ Jesus…

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author


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