Are We Ignoring the Signs?

Are We Ignoring the Signs?

Today, as I was walking through my living room I overheard a CNN reporter saying that NASA was launching a spacecraft tonight (Friday, September 06, 2013) to “investigate” the “unusual glow” of the moon’s surface. Amazing! Right out of the Bible! In the New Testament Book of Luke, chapter twenty-one, verse twenty-five, it reads, “And there shall be SIGNS in the sun, and in the MOON, and in the stars; and upon the Earth distress of nations with perplexity…” Did you see that? At the same time that these “signs” begin to appear in the sun, moon, and stars the Earth will be perplexed with distress of nations! How much more distressed can we be at this point when the entire world is waiting to see if our nation’s current President will launch an attack on Syria with or without Congress’ approval? If we don’t do anything a mass murderer will go seemingly unpunished for using chemical warfare on his own people. But, if we do retaliate on the behalf of innocent lives we stand in danger of setting off a powder keg in the Middle East and possibly the rest of the world! Sounds pretty distressed and perplexing to me! So, I don’t believe we should be “ignoring” God’s signs!

Even though I disagree and have total contempt for the use of chemical warfare on citizens, I would like to ask our President these two questions, “If you are so enraged by the use of chemical warfare on another nation’s citizens, why are you so supportive of abortion-on-demand within your own country?” Life is life… And, life, to me, begins at conception. And, murder is murder whether it is by brute force or chemically induced. And, my second question would be, “Why didn’t you feel just as enraged when our own American Ambassador to Benghazi was beaten to death?” Both of these questions are unanswered and produce a mystery to me…So, I’ll just return my thoughts back to God’s Signs of His return!

For Christians, let us not ignore the signs… Thank goodness three very Wise Men heeded the Signs of the Time at the Birth of our Lord…Therefore, let us fix our eyes upon the next great event in history; the Rapture of the Church. Let’s be out going door to door, if need be, sharing the Good News of the Gospel with as many people as possible… Look up; our redemption draweth nigh! Maranatha!

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author


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