In Search of Nehemiah…

In Search of Nehemiah…

For the Joy of the LORD is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10 KJV)

Let me ask you a question…As born-again Christians, do you feel that the “walls” of America are collapsing? In the ancient world, a city without “walls” was a city completely open and vulnerable to its enemies and possible destruction. I believe that America’s “wall of protection” was her stand on the Bible, Godly principles, and God’s Word. From the mid-1700’s, God allowed America to grow as a super-power overcoming some of the world’s greatest political and military powers. But, since 1962, when our nation declared a policy of “Separation of Church and State,” (that could be regarded as “Separation of God and State!”) we have watched our nation’s glorious position among the nations of the world decline. No longer are we considered a military threat to other powerful nations, but as an equal; if not inferior. Nations now taunt us with their possibilities of nuclear attacks and various sects across the world threaten us daily with fears of terrorist attacks. Whether we openly admit it or not, there’s probably not a single American who feels truly safe in a public gathering or mall. At least once or twice during a ball game, shopping spree, concert, or political gathering our minds drift away to wondering if a bomb has been planted somewhere or some lone enemy is hiding in the shadows with a weapon in hand…There was a time, not so long ago, when such fearful thoughts did not enter into our hearts and minds as we, as “Americans,” felt safe from such harm. Now, every stranger we pass on the streets or see along the way we “wonder” who they are and if bad intentions towards us are hidden deep within them. We ask ourselves, “Are the Muslim people now living in our neighborhood actually friendly neighbors or a part of a terrorist cell?” “Is the Mexican family down the street legal or illegal aliens?” “Is the Russian family that just moved in next door spies or truly third-generation Americans?” Face it, we are skeptical; and sadly not without cause. Our “walls” have been damaged; some even destroyed…

God not only protects nations from physical harms, but also from “moral harms” and decay. Look how our nation has plummeted since the 1960’s in regard to morals? One nearly has to ask, “What morals?” Anything goes now in America. If you don’t believe me, just look at yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling regarding same-sex marriages. Who’d ever believe that such a thing would be lawful in America? Something so directly against God’s designed plan for humanity. But, then again we have been killing off babies left and right for over forty years as well. Each day while you and I go about our business thousands of innocent babies are being aborted to the direct wishes of the mother; or mother-to-be. Yet; there are still those who insist that America is still the “greatest nation on Earth.” And, yes, I agree. Thank God for people such as Franklin Graham and his organization Samaritan’s Purse and Joyce Meyer Ministries. People who work tirelessly and endlessly to obey God’s Great Commission. Pastors across our land who still Preach the Word as it is written. Those who still call “sin” “sin” and don’t back down.

Oh, but how we need a “Nehemiah” to help rebuild the wall of protection in our land. How we need a “Nehemiah” to declare, “The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength.” Someone who will build with one hand and hold the Sword of Truth (God’s Word) in the other while others Pray, Pray, and Pray for God’s Hand of Protection and Prosperity to once again be upon our land. But, are we willing to do what “we” need to do in order for God to bring along such a person? Are we willing to return to the “Old Paths” and give up our idols of pleasure, money, success, and self-fulfillment to replace them with, “There shall be no other gods before thee?”

I have been known to go out on a limb here and there, so here I go again…I dont’ believe in legalism, but I do wonder if God was more “pleased” when we regarded His places of Worship as being reverent and ordained (set apart from the world)? Those times when we used to get dressed up to go to the House of God instead of looking “cool” and “worldly?” It almost seems as if today’s generation wants to look so “with it” that it makes you wonder if they are actually “without it?!” (Without the real and true GOD dwelling within.)…Our generation has become so focused on “not” looking “spiritual” that I feel “looking casual and cool” as practically become an idol! And, what is really wrong with using the old King James Version of the Bible instead of the NIV, or NKJV, or other “newer” translations? I mean, the old KJV did “get the job done” for many, many decades? I know my own Baptist Asssociation has done surveys showing an ongoing decline among “professions of faith” and “baptisms.” I have asked myself, “What has changed?” Well, I feel I can actually lend some insight into what I have seen changed over the past four decades… 1. The various versions of the Bible being preached from behind our pulpits. 2. The decline in calling “sin” “sin.” 3. Our at-church appearances…we look as if we have just gotten out of bed, grabbed some wrinkled garment off the floor, and headed off to church, or that we are going to a ballgame or the beach. I mean God is a King; the King of the entire Universe. How would you dress if you were going to see a King here on Earth? Shorts, T-shirt, Khalis? Most likely, NOT. Well, God is a KING! Maybe, we should realize that and start projecting within our minds that we are going to Worship the KING of KINGS! 4. Music…Honestly, some churches actually hand out ear-plugs because the music is so loud! It reminds me of when Elijah told the “false prophets” to “yell louder” because their god could NOT hear them! Our God doesn’t need boom boxes to hear a Joyful noise from the heart…But, today’s churches sure do! And, chanting…where did we get this “chanting” stuff from? Recently, I attended a church where there was a “bridge” in the song that probably said, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” twenty times in a row! I started to wonder if they thought Jesus was deaf? I mean Peter only yelled out one time, “Lord, save me.” And, Jesus immediately reached out His hand to save him! 5. Competition…Churches, Sunday school classes, Preachers, Pastors, and Youth Programs have ALL become very competative…Who has the most in attendance?…Which group is offering the “most” to do or most activities offered to entertain us? Which class has the best food on Sunday mornings? It seems that we no longer measure “answered prayers” or “growing in Faith” as indicators of God’s presence in a matter. Now, we only want “human” results…Does it make us “feel good about ourselves?!” Or, “Does it make us look good to others?” 6. A church’s Spiritual growth versus a church’s production? What do pastors really want these days? To baptize every Sunday morning to make them feel as if “they” are doing their job? Or, to discern if the people are actually growing spiritually and being feed the full truth of God’s Word; meeting the “needs” of the congregation? I once heard a very discerning, godly, Pastor, who is now deceased, say, “If a church (local assembly) is where it should be God will give the increase according to His timely plan and purpose; not ours.” Look at it this way, what family on Earth gives “birth” to a child every week? I feel this is one reason some churches may have 3,000 on roll and only 900 in attendance? Jesus said, “Those who remain are with us.” Too many times I see people “confessing” they have been “born-again” only to see them “never” get faithful in God. But, “numbers” make us look good; right? Sadly, too many churches have bought into playing the “numbers” game…

God said there will always be a remnant that will remain faithful and true…Churches across America have become “big” business. And, sadly with the collapse of our nation’s economy many of these mega churches are feeling the effects. Yet; many of your smaller, paid-for, volunteer churches are slowly but steadily marching onward…I have witnessed first hand where smaller congregations, NOT receiving “pay” for every task, office, or service, get as much accomplished as a much larger, paid-staff church…Perhaps, not on the same grand scale, but the “quality,” to me, often outweighs the “quantity!” Which one do you feel actually reflects the “heart of the matter?” Perhaps, both, if everything is done moderately through prayer and petitions making our requests known unto God!

So, my prayer today is, “God, please search out a Nehemiah in our day and time to come on the scene of history to help the “remnant” of your church in America remain strong, thrive, and prosper once more in Your will…May our eyes be turned to you and towards your heart…In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Lin T Rollins, Author

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