A New Path

A New Path

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. (Psalm 119:105 KJV)

This morning I told myself that I have been walking on this “old path” for way, way too long…This old path is burning the souls of my bare feet with hot burning blisters, sores, and scars…They are swollen, painful, bruised, and full of cuts and scratches from all the thorns, briars, and rugged rocky terrain. The old path of worry, fears, concerns, anxieties, impatience, cares, and woes of this life…My feet desire A New Path…A joyful path…A path that is illuminated by the Word of God and the Light of Christ. Not that I haven’t been a “Believer” in Christ Jesus and a practicing Christian for several decades but that I have allowed myself to get entangled in some on-going cares and woes of this life that have stolen my JOY and weakened my faith…I don’t want that anymore…So, this morning I prayed unto Jesus asking Him to put my feet on a New Path…His Path…The one that promises His Grace, His Mercy, and His Peace that passes all understanding.

As I meditated upon God’s Word, I saw myself putting on His Garments…His mighty belt of Truth to surround me with His Strength. His Breastplate of Righteousness to know and discern right thoughts and actions from those that are wrong. His Shield of Faith to stop ALL the fiery darts of Satan from bombarding my way. His Helmet of Salvation to guard my thoughts with His thoughts. His Sword of the Spirit which is God’s Words to plant in my heart and spring forth from my mouth…And, His Shoes of Peace to Lighten my way and soothe my journey. After that, I prayed for the Blood of Christ to be applied all over my weary feet to heal them; for with His stripes we are healed. Then, I asked that the old path be destroyed, broken up, and done away with so that no one before me or after me will be able to walk down that path again. I don’t want any of my adult children or grandchildren to ever discover this “old path” and try to walk down it…I want them to see “Meemaw” walking on God’s Glorious Path filled with God’s Grace, Mercy, and Peace.

As I prayed, I felt as if God was standing right beside me hearing, listening, and answering my prayers. He has seen the battle. He has seen the scars. He has seen the heart of the whole matter and knows its time for me to leave the “old path” and walk on his newly laid out path filled with HIS Faith, Assurance, Hope, Trust, and Peace…As I prayed, I could see the “old path” in my mind breaking apart as if it no longer existed and the “New Path” illuminating before me. I could feel as if my feet were being soothed, cooled, healed, and touched by the Master’s Hand the same way as he touched and washed his Disciples feet the night he gave His life on Calvary. Oh yes, I am His child and He is My Lord…I will Trust in Him at all times. Let His Words be my Path…

Like me, you, too, may have been facing haunting concerns, fears, worries, and cares that were practically paralyzing your ever thought and step. But, thanks be unto God we can call on Jesus anytime to remove us from the “old path” of worry and cares and place our blood-bought redeemed feet on a brighter, new path filled with God’s blessed Assurance, Goodness, Grace, Mercy, and Peace…May you be clothed today in God’s Armor of Salvation as you journey down A New Path…


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