Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor

It doesn’t take a whole lot to notice that people are hurting. Some more than others. Everywhere I go people are facing trials, difficulties, disappointments, discouragements, challenges, personal sicknesses, or death of a loved one. Sadly, I think everyone I know is either facing some type of cancer or has a loved one who is facing cancer or another life-threatening illness or disease…The world is in a very complex mode.

For the past several days I had noticed a huge amount of traffic in and out of my neighbor’s home. Knowing that her elderly parents lived in the house, I was concerned that one or both of them had taken ill. And, that’s exactly what had happened. As I was leaving this morning, my neighbor walked over to tell me the sad news that her father had been diagnosed with Leukemia and was now on hospice care; it was just a matter of time. She wanted to apologize for all of the cars that had been parked along both sides of the road for the past few days. But, I assured her that was absolutely not a problem for me. To me, the cars symbolized those who loved her and her family well enough to be there with her at such a sad and difficult time.

As I continued to drive out of the neighborhood, I looked at the different houses wondering who lived in them…Even though my husband and I have lived in our neighborhood for the past eleven years, I can only testify to knowing two or perhaps three of the families. Being older and retired, we have no children living in our home to help us be more interactive with the other families. And, besides that, people are just more fragmented and isolated more than they were when I was a child growing up. But, the Bible clearly states that we are to “Love Our Neighbor.” How can we love them if we never meet or know them? Is it possible that God is telling us, as Christians, to be more “pro-active” in our efforts to know and acquaint ourselves with our neighbors? You decide.

Nevertheless, I am deciding what covered-dish (a Southern thing!) to take over to my neighbor’s house to show our “neighborness.” They actually only moved into the neighborhood a couple of months ago, so I may be the only neighbor they have met so far. I think it would be nice if we all thought like “neighbors” more and remembered God’s command to “Love Thy Neighbor.” Perhaps, if we did people would find comfort in our efforts and not feel so all alone.

Look around you today…Who do you see hurting or going through a difficult time in their lives? Maybe, a card; a letter; a covered-dish; or a phone call might help to brighten their day…Even a message on FB can help to show our concern; after all we are living in a “technology-ran” world! So, use all the resources provided to help, “Love Thy Neighbor.”

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author


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