My Country Tis of Thee

My Country Tis of Thee…Sweet Land of Liberty…Of THEE I Sing!

Oh, how the world is watching America and all the changes and issues that we are currently experiencing…I have found it uneasy to even watch the news any longer. One person says this and another person says that…Who are we to believe? I currently stand behind and support my political party based upon its core values and standards; but even they are now changing…Will a new “party” evolve that will lead us farther into the 21st century? Will we see the demise of what has always been referred to as, “America, the Land of the Free?” Will my grandchildren and great-grandchildren ever know what it feels like to live in the greatest nation on planet Earth? Or, have our continued decline in morals and godly beliefs lead us to the altars of sacrifice? (It is better to obey than to sacrifice I Samuel 15:22 KJV)

Only GOD in Heaven knows the course of man, mankind, and a nation. Even America is NOT too big to feel the effects of God’s chastening hands upon our land. (The wicked return to the grave, and all the nations that forget God Psalms 9:17 KJV). Before 1962 our nation was strong and had never lost a physical battle or war. Since 1962, when our courts determined that it was no longer politically correct to use the BIBLE as our guide, our nation has fallen into murk and mire at the cost of man’s religious liberties and lives. This is what happens to any nation outside of the realms of God’s favor and protection…

Let me be the first to say that there are NO liberties outside of GOD’S Grace and Mercies…Mankind and man are doomed when we turn our backs on God…God died to deliver us from “sins,” not to allow us to openly enjoy them at the approval of our own government…Sin is still SIN…It is sin to murder an unborn baby. It is sin to have sex outside of marriage with one or more multiple partners. It is sin to steal. It is sin to lie and cheat and bring about false witness. It is a reprobate sin to lust and have sex with the same sex-partner; an abomination unto God…These are God’s laws…not man’s…I think it would do everyone good to reread and to memorize God’s Ten Commandments….God sent His ONLY begotten SON to die for our transgressions of the LAWS of GOD! ALL of them! I don’t think some people even know what those laws are!

Do Americans actually believe they have “educated” themselves above God? Do we, as Americans, feel we have reached a plateau where we know how to govern our lives more than our Creator? Sadly, I fear that is exactly where we have arrived…Our U.S. Constitution was written by some of the most brilliant men who ever lived. But, they honored and glorified Creator GOD for their abilities and strengths…And, now in 2013 we hear rumors that the current administration deems necessary for the continued peace and prosperity of our land to make our foundational constitution “more liquid” and easier to amend, change, or completely do away with…And, when a nation’s constitution collapses so does the nation. God, help us…

Oh, my friend, for the sake of all American citizens pray, pray, and pray that our leaders will be lead of non other than the principles of God our Creator. For in HIM and in HIM alone will we find rest for our souls and answers for our problems. We can’t afford to keep going on a path that ignores God’s laws that protect the innocent unborn to the nucleus of the Biblical, traditional family…My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, Of THEE I sing… Amen.

Remember, God LOVES YOU!
Lin T Rollins, Author


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