A Snowflake…

A Snowflake…

These all continued with ONE ACCORD in prayer and supplication…(Acts 1:14)

You may be asking yourself how can the title, “A Snowflake” have anything to do with Acts 1:14…Let me explain….

Well, if you are like me at one point or the other in your life you have felt “DIFFERENT.”  And, if you are like me, there were times in your life when unkind people pointed out your differences in a variety of unkind and unpleasant ways.

But, thankfully, somewhere along the road a friend, parent, coach, teacher, counselor, or Sunday school teacher told you about “snowflakes” and how they are never the same…Each one being different and beautiful in its own way.  So, your differences suddenly didn’t make such a “difference” anymore. You felt accepted just by being you; differences and all.  A good thing.

Nevertheless, as we grow older we develop another type of “difference.”  We develop different ideas, opinions, preferences, ideologies, and mindsets.  We tend to group with those who share our thoughts, likes, and dislikes…And, many times we are willing to “die” for our beliefs and opinions…When people cannot agree or “agree to disagree” they become angry at one another and often refuse to socialize, relate, or fellowship one with another…Thus, promoting disharmony and a lack of unity…

This can happen in any family, business, institution, or church…We walk away from one another because of our “differences.”  But, GOD does not want that…He wants to promote unity within our differences. He wants the “Body of Christ” (the Church) to work as our own human body works…different functions all functioning as ONE…

Now, to use our Snowflake title…Have you ever pondered that when all those “different” snowflakes melt away they ALL become one body of water??…You can’t look into a pool of water and pick out the different snowflakes; they are ONE…To me, that perfectly describes unity and coming together as one…And, no where in the Bible does it describe “unity” any better than in the book of Acts chapter one.  “These all continued with ONE ACCORD in prayer and supplication.”  For the sake of the “Body of Christ” the founding fathers of the New Testament church let their differences “melt away” like snowflakes into one Body of Water…Praying and Seeking God’s Will…

Oh, how we need to be more like snowflakes when they melt into one clear, beautiful pool of water…Yes; our differences are important and designed by God…But, when “unity” is needed and required, we need to melt away our differences and become a “river” of flowing waters nourishing a lost and dying world!!  Some snowflakes may be older and some snowflakes may be younger and new, but when they melt together in the refreshing waters of the Lord, they become ONE!

Oh, that the Heavenly waters of the Lord will melt our hearts into ONE Body strong and true in the Lord…Bringing our beautiful differences to the waters and wells of Unity…Think about it…I know I am…Amen.

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T Rollins, Author


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