He Giveth Power to the Faint…

He Giveth Power to the Faint…

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:  BUT they that WAIT upon the LORD shall RENEW their strength, they shall mount up with wings as as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and NOT faint…(Isaiah 40:30-31 KJV)

Did you see that? I mean really see it? Youths (the young) and young men (and women) SHALL faint and be weary..And the YOUNG men SHALL utterly fall…There “it” is! But, what does “it” mean you might ask?

Well, it is a PROMISE from GOD that ALL of us will at one time or the other faint (lose control of our own abilities and personal resources), become weary as a result of our own failing resources (any and all reasoning), and FALL down! (meaning that you can’t get up within your own self-will, strength, and power!)

Truthfully, you haven’t lived, I mean really lived, until you have fainted before the LORD! When a person “faints,” they are completely and totally without physical or mental empowerment…The entire body and mind goes limp! A person who has fainted cannot make decisions or tell their body how to act or react… Both the cognitive and physical features are temporarily out of whack! The “fainted” person simply collapses into a heap of dead weight…having no “human” strength whatsoever….

Are you getting “it?!” God assures us that each one of us SHALL (or will!) faint within our own reasoning and physical abilities and capabilities…IT IS a PROMISE! The scary thing is that God does not permit our input as to when, where, or how we will faint…We just know for certain that we will faint, grow weary, and fall down one day and when we do our lives will be completely and totally in the power of another…The important question is, “Who will have the power over your life when you do faint?”

Some people’s power will be sought in a bottle; alcohol. They will turn to drinking to TRY to give them strength. Some will be in the form of prescription and non-prescription drugs to find strength. Others will turn to recreation, seeking fun and pleasures, or a long list of activities to find their strength…

We MUST be careful as to “what” will be the power in our lives when we DO faint, become weary, and FALL down! IF we are not anchored in GOD to be our strength and POWER then any or all of these others will and can take over our lives! But, NONE of these substitutes promise recovery…If anything they promise added addictions that produce even greater weariness…Anything that we look to other than to GOD for power can become an earthly addiction! Watching too much television can become an addition…Talking too much can become an addition! Any hobby or activity that takes GOD’s place within our lives can become an addition (or an idol as the Bible refers to it). Anything and everything BUT GOD can bring us to a place of fainting, weariness, and falling down…

BUT, what does GOD Promise to THOSE WHOSE POWER IS OF GOD??!! BUT THEY WHO WAIT UPON THE LORD! (WHO? The LORD!) will RENEW their strength! When we faint before the LORD, HE will RENEW our strength…HE will mount our plight up as eagles…HE will empower us to run and not become weary, and HE will permit us to walk and NOT FAINT….ONLY in Christ Jesus can we find the correct and proper strength to recover when we do faint!

Today, ask yourself this question…“What power will or who will sustain me when I faint, become weary, and fall down?” Will it be the world and all that it has to offer or will it be GOD who can RENEW your strength and allow you to recover without regret or shame? I don’t know about you, but my desire is to mount up with wings as eagles; run, not be weary, walk before the LORD, and NOT faint! In other words, even though my resources may be temporarily out of whack…GOD’s NEVER IS!!!! So, HE can hold me 24/7 and that will be fine with me! AMEN!

You might wonder why God addressed this PROMISE to the youths and young men…I believe I might have the correct answer to that question….Because the older we get and the wiser we become in the LORD, we learn to rely more and more on HIS daily strength and guidance for our lives. It is typically the young, vibrant, and inexperience who “try” everything else first but GOD…As we get older and wiser we know to go to GOD FIRST…We have already “fainted” before the LORD and learned (possibly the hard way!) that GOD is our only strength and source to “renew” our minds, hearts, and lives…We have learned to “wait” upon the LORD before we make decisions, arrangements, moves, and plans knowing that any and all of these can bring us to a place of fainting within our own mind and strength. Oh, how we need GOD in our lives…every day, everywhere, every hour! Amen…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author…


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