New Mercy…

New Mercy….

Because of the LORD’s great Love we are not consumed,
for his Compassions never fail. They are new every morning;
Great is your Faithfulness. Lamentations 3: 22-23.

Have you ever really sat down and pondered the overwhelmingly unmerited, unwarranted, and abundant amount of God’s rich and gracious MERCY (God’s great love and compassion) that HE extends upon our lives each day? If so, it staggers the imagination, heart, and mind. The Bible teaches us that His Mercies are NEW every morning….New; brand New…never before used…right off the shelf of God’s own heart each and every new morning! An ever abundant new supply every day!
Most of God’s mercy directed towards us goes totaling unnoticed by common man. It’s much like involuntary functions of our body. We don’t always focus upon the beats of our heart or the breaths of our lungs…But, oh, how we could not survive without them! Let our heart skip a beat or we suddenly gasp for breath and we are immediately reminded of their significance and importance in our lives.

God’s mercy is like that, too. When we suddenly feel as if we are not surrounded by it, we panic. We become fearful and afraid of what might happen to us. Yet, on most days we walk around not even noticing how MERCY is walking right beside us each step of the way. God’s love and mercy have saved both you; you and me. And, His favor is upon our lives….It’s not GOD who walks away forgetting to shower us with His Mercy in times of troubles and despair…It is us who walks away forgetting that we ARE showered with His mercy continually; no matter our circumstances or situation! Mercy is new each morning!

Today, mercy is upon me much like air circulating within and through my lungs. And, it is upon you as well if you are a child of God’s. As a matter of fact, the entire world, approximately 6.5 billion, whether it believes in or doesn’t believe in God or in His existence, enjoys the blessings and benefits from God’s Mercy each and every day…Life as we know it would not, and could not, exist without or outside of God’s daily Mercy…

Let us never fail to recognize God’s new mercy upon our lives each day. Let us never forget to be grateful and thankful for our FAITHFUL, LOVING, COMPASSIONATE GOD who loves us with HIS new mercy each morning…Oh, how loving our God truly is…Let’s Praise HIM for HIS daily, new MERCY!

Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T Rollins, Author


No Good Deed…

No Good Deed…

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14

Have you ever heard of the expression, “No good deed goes unpunished?” If you are at least my age, 56, you know what I am talking about. It seems the more “good” we try to do the more insult and injury we can personally receive.
We live in a selfish society. We sometimes barely “survive” among selfish family members. It seems that when we try to put our best foot forward to help, we come back with one less foot!

But, there is hope. There is justice for all, and it can be found in the words of King Solomon…”God shall bring every work into judgment…” Thank goodness God is keeping a record; a score card so to speak. We don’t have to “work” for salvation because none of us could ever work hard enough to earn salvation! We are saved through the complete, finished works of Jesus Christ. Amen. What I am talking about is good deeds and works for fellow mankind…Sometimes, we simply don’t get the appreciation or response that we feel we are owed. But, God knows the “heart” of all matters. He knows when our “heart” is in something or when we are just doing it for personal, self-gain.

As a retired pastor’s wife, mother, and school teacher, I know a thing or two about trying my best to help or assist others to reach their full potential and for the Glory of God and the up building of His kingdom only to have them sadly mistake my intentions. In the ministry you have to learn to dread waters lightly! In other words, “don’t rock the boat!” But, it’s not only church members or co-workers and peers who can mistake our intentions…It can happen in our immediate family as well. And, when it does…it hurts our feelings. Family dynamics can be the hardest to juggle at times…Too much this way or too much that way will upset and unbalance a happy haven. We all need God’s help in our lives when interacting one with another.

Today, I am thankful that God sees and knows my heart. I know you are, too. The Bible says that man’s heart is deceptive and wicked. I believe that good, saved Christians will one day be surprised when God reveals our own true motives for things we did while on Earth. I try to be on guard with my heart and confess my sins and faults each and every day…But, I’m sure, like all other human beings, my heart can be deceived as well.

I like what King Solomon said, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; FEAR GOD, and keep HIS commandments: for this is the WHOLE DUTY of man.” Amen…

Remember, God Loves You
Lin T Rollins, Author

A Snowflake…

A Snowflake…

These all continued with ONE ACCORD in prayer and supplication…(Acts 1:14)

You may be asking yourself how can the title, “A Snowflake” have anything to do with Acts 1:14…Let me explain….

Well, if you are like me at one point or the other in your life you have felt “DIFFERENT.”  And, if you are like me, there were times in your life when unkind people pointed out your differences in a variety of unkind and unpleasant ways.

But, thankfully, somewhere along the road a friend, parent, coach, teacher, counselor, or Sunday school teacher told you about “snowflakes” and how they are never the same…Each one being different and beautiful in its own way.  So, your differences suddenly didn’t make such a “difference” anymore. You felt accepted just by being you; differences and all.  A good thing.

Nevertheless, as we grow older we develop another type of “difference.”  We develop different ideas, opinions, preferences, ideologies, and mindsets.  We tend to group with those who share our thoughts, likes, and dislikes…And, many times we are willing to “die” for our beliefs and opinions…When people cannot agree or “agree to disagree” they become angry at one another and often refuse to socialize, relate, or fellowship one with another…Thus, promoting disharmony and a lack of unity…

This can happen in any family, business, institution, or church…We walk away from one another because of our “differences.”  But, GOD does not want that…He wants to promote unity within our differences. He wants the “Body of Christ” (the Church) to work as our own human body works…different functions all functioning as ONE…

Now, to use our Snowflake title…Have you ever pondered that when all those “different” snowflakes melt away they ALL become one body of water??…You can’t look into a pool of water and pick out the different snowflakes; they are ONE…To me, that perfectly describes unity and coming together as one…And, no where in the Bible does it describe “unity” any better than in the book of Acts chapter one.  “These all continued with ONE ACCORD in prayer and supplication.”  For the sake of the “Body of Christ” the founding fathers of the New Testament church let their differences “melt away” like snowflakes into one Body of Water…Praying and Seeking God’s Will…

Oh, how we need to be more like snowflakes when they melt into one clear, beautiful pool of water…Yes; our differences are important and designed by God…But, when “unity” is needed and required, we need to melt away our differences and become a “river” of flowing waters nourishing a lost and dying world!!  Some snowflakes may be older and some snowflakes may be younger and new, but when they melt together in the refreshing waters of the Lord, they become ONE!

Oh, that the Heavenly waters of the Lord will melt our hearts into ONE Body strong and true in the Lord…Bringing our beautiful differences to the waters and wells of Unity…Think about it…I know I am…Amen.

Remember, God Loves You,

Lin T Rollins, Author

Go Tell the World…

Go Tell the World…

You shall be Witnesses unto me…(Acts 1:8)

I think we are missing the mark…We tell others about anything and everything but what God has told us to tell the world.  We tell people about our new car, new house, new job, new hobby, or new friend. We tell people about our woes and cares as well. We tell when we are sick and not feeling well. We tell people our concerns and worries.  Simply put…we tell; we tell; we tell…But, is what we are telling really helping anyone? Also, is it honoring and obeying God?

We have GOOD NEWS to share; yet that’s the one thing we seem to be the most secretive about. And, sadly the one thing that we seem to be the most divided about. What do I mean by being divided?  We don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings who might not see Christianity, Salvation, or religion the same way as we do…Now, mind you, we don’t mind telling what sport teams we follow to someone who follows other teams, but it gets way too personal when we talk about religion…So, best not to talk about “it” at all…Right?  Wrong!

Dr. Dennis Nunn, founder of “Every Believer a Witness,” teaches that the one thing no other person can rebuttal is a person’s personal “witness.” What happened or happens to you personally…Your personal witness…And, the best way to tell others about Jesus is to share with them what Jesus has done for you…It is not necessary to get into arguments of religion, theology, or ideology when sharing your personal testimony.  After all, God didn’t send His Son to just save a certain denomination, He sent Him to save the entire world! All races; all nationalities; all men, women, boys, and girls.

If you have ever accepted Jesus Christ as your one and only personal Savior, then you, too, have a witness and testimony of His greatness to share with others.  You, too, can share what Jesus has done for you.  If you have never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and being the ONLY way to God and to Heaven, then you do NOT have a witness or testimony of Christ Jesus.  You may have a religion. You may have a philosophy.  You may even have a belief, but if it is not in the person of Jesus Christ, then you are not a Christian.

Most everyone wants to know where they will go after death; especially those who believe in an after-life.  I believe in an after-life.  I believe that my after-life will be in Heaven with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. I do not believe that I will be reincarnated into another form of life based upon my personal goodness in this present life.  My very best “goodness” is as filthy rags compared to the GREATNESS and GOODNESS of Jesus. But, I can trade my earthly filthy rags for the Righteousness of Christ by BELIEVING in and ACCEPTING Him as my personal Savior.

Oh, my friend, I have a witness. The witness of Jesus Christ…Let me ask you this question this morning…Do you have a witness to share?  Have you ever asked Jesus Christ to come into your heart and make Him Lord of your life?  If not, I pray that you will…For we are all appointed to die and after death the judgment…We have a zillion chances while living and being alive…but, we only have ONE concerning our life after death…Only one…what “one” way will that be for you…”As for me and my household we will choose the Lord Jesus Christ…” Amen…This is my witness…Go Tell the World…Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

He Giveth Power to the Faint…

He Giveth Power to the Faint…

Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:  BUT they that WAIT upon the LORD shall RENEW their strength, they shall mount up with wings as as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and NOT faint…(Isaiah 40:30-31 KJV)

Did you see that? I mean really see it? Youths (the young) and young men (and women) SHALL faint and be weary..And the YOUNG men SHALL utterly fall…There “it” is! But, what does “it” mean you might ask?

Well, it is a PROMISE from GOD that ALL of us will at one time or the other faint (lose control of our own abilities and personal resources), become weary as a result of our own failing resources (any and all reasoning), and FALL down! (meaning that you can’t get up within your own self-will, strength, and power!)

Truthfully, you haven’t lived, I mean really lived, until you have fainted before the LORD! When a person “faints,” they are completely and totally without physical or mental empowerment…The entire body and mind goes limp! A person who has fainted cannot make decisions or tell their body how to act or react… Both the cognitive and physical features are temporarily out of whack! The “fainted” person simply collapses into a heap of dead weight…having no “human” strength whatsoever….

Are you getting “it?!” God assures us that each one of us SHALL (or will!) faint within our own reasoning and physical abilities and capabilities…IT IS a PROMISE! The scary thing is that God does not permit our input as to when, where, or how we will faint…We just know for certain that we will faint, grow weary, and fall down one day and when we do our lives will be completely and totally in the power of another…The important question is, “Who will have the power over your life when you do faint?”

Some people’s power will be sought in a bottle; alcohol. They will turn to drinking to TRY to give them strength. Some will be in the form of prescription and non-prescription drugs to find strength. Others will turn to recreation, seeking fun and pleasures, or a long list of activities to find their strength…

We MUST be careful as to “what” will be the power in our lives when we DO faint, become weary, and FALL down! IF we are not anchored in GOD to be our strength and POWER then any or all of these others will and can take over our lives! But, NONE of these substitutes promise recovery…If anything they promise added addictions that produce even greater weariness…Anything that we look to other than to GOD for power can become an earthly addiction! Watching too much television can become an addition…Talking too much can become an addition! Any hobby or activity that takes GOD’s place within our lives can become an addition (or an idol as the Bible refers to it). Anything and everything BUT GOD can bring us to a place of fainting, weariness, and falling down…

BUT, what does GOD Promise to THOSE WHOSE POWER IS OF GOD??!! BUT THEY WHO WAIT UPON THE LORD! (WHO? The LORD!) will RENEW their strength! When we faint before the LORD, HE will RENEW our strength…HE will mount our plight up as eagles…HE will empower us to run and not become weary, and HE will permit us to walk and NOT FAINT….ONLY in Christ Jesus can we find the correct and proper strength to recover when we do faint!

Today, ask yourself this question…“What power will or who will sustain me when I faint, become weary, and fall down?” Will it be the world and all that it has to offer or will it be GOD who can RENEW your strength and allow you to recover without regret or shame? I don’t know about you, but my desire is to mount up with wings as eagles; run, not be weary, walk before the LORD, and NOT faint! In other words, even though my resources may be temporarily out of whack…GOD’s NEVER IS!!!! So, HE can hold me 24/7 and that will be fine with me! AMEN!

You might wonder why God addressed this PROMISE to the youths and young men…I believe I might have the correct answer to that question….Because the older we get and the wiser we become in the LORD, we learn to rely more and more on HIS daily strength and guidance for our lives. It is typically the young, vibrant, and inexperience who “try” everything else first but GOD…As we get older and wiser we know to go to GOD FIRST…We have already “fainted” before the LORD and learned (possibly the hard way!) that GOD is our only strength and source to “renew” our minds, hearts, and lives…We have learned to “wait” upon the LORD before we make decisions, arrangements, moves, and plans knowing that any and all of these can bring us to a place of fainting within our own mind and strength. Oh, how we need GOD in our lives…every day, everywhere, every hour! Amen…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author…

When It Hurts…

When It Hurts…

Be still and know that I am God…(Psalm 46:10 KJV)

There are times in our lives when “being still” is all we can manage to do. A death of a loved one. The loss of a spouse. The loss of a child. The grief of sorrow and pain. An unrelenting illness….The unknown.  The brokenhearted. The loss of our existenance as we once knew it…All of these render our spirits to yield and submit to a Higher Power; to a Higher Authority, God. And, many times our submission to Him requires us to just stand, be still, wait, and be stilled before the Lord. These are harder, more difficult, times when it just simply Hurts…No way around it. No way through it….Except to Wait before the Lord.

Waiting takes into account second by second; minute by minute; hour by hour; day by day; week by week; month by month; and year by year….Some things just don’t heal themselves overnight or even over a year….Some hurts can remain with us for quite a long, enduring amount of time…But, while we are enduring we can know for certain that GOD is on our side and HE is in control of our lives and our futures.  But, the “hurt” itself will not go away just because we tell it to go away….It walks with us.  It gets into the shower with us.  It rides in the car with us.  It escorts us down the grocery aisle. It sits with us at the ballgame even while we cheer on our team…It makes its presence known unto us… Oh, the agony of this type of “hurt.”

But, thankfully, one day….one wonderful day…our eyes awaken and the hurt is not as bad as it was the day before…We feel and we believe that we can now move on with our lives in spite of what we have suffered.  We know the hurt is still there, but it has taken a backseat to LOVE, JOY, FAITH, and PEACE… Yes; we have experienced God’s waiting room of recovery for our lives and we can now climb down from the table of grief to feel the sunshine on our faces and to hear the birds sing…Our season of hurt and grief has found its place nestled within the memories of our heart….Oh, we can take it out from time to time and still feel and experience its hold upon our lives.  But, thankfully, when we are threw remembering its mark upon us,  we can put it back into its treasured place within our heart and move on with the day…We have arrived to a place where we can better control it than “it” controls us….

Yes; there are times in this life “When It Hurts.”  Oh, how a hug can help the hurt.  Oh, how a precious card or letter can help the hurt.  Oh, how a warm smile and listening ear can help the hurt…But, ONLY GOD can HEAL the hurt….You may be standing still today in God’s recovery room letting Him still your hurt and pain no matter what it is…If so, may God be with you is my prayer.  Or, you may recall a time in your life when you stood still before God and let Him exalt His presence above your pain…Oh, my friend, aren’t we so blessed to have a loving GOD who can “fix” our hurts when they do come into our lives.

Nevertheless, one glorious day, one eternal day, God wil wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more grief, pain, sorrow, or death for the former things will be passed away and behold ALL things will be new in that glorious city called Heaven…Until then, let us all learn to “Be still and Know that God is GOD….Amen.

Remember, God Loves You! (Always!)

Lin T Rollins, Author

I Will Never Leave Thee

I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.  (Hebrews 13:5 KJV)

Have you ever had anyone in your life who could really promise you without a doubt that he or she “will never leave you?”  Even though countless numbers of people vow to each other everyday in matrimonial services to never leave or forsake one another until death do part, it doesn’t always happen that way…Sadly, far too many times one partner or the other will be forsaken and left behind.

Often, we feel forsaken in the death of a spouse, loved one, or best friend.  Then, there are those who come into our lives only to leave us way too soon for one reason or another…Without a doubt mankind will forsake mankind.  We simply cannot “promise” to not forsake one another…Somethings are just not within our own power of being…

But, God can make Promises that HE can keep!  When God tells us that He will never leave us nor forsake us, we can be assured that His promise is unbreakable from any and all reasons!  As the old saying goes, “We can take God’s promises to the bank!” God cannot leave us in death because God can never die!  God will not forsake us to chase after other people whom He likes better…God’s Love for us never changes!  God NEVER loses his own for any reason!  God is the ONLY person who can and will NEVER leave us!

Often, we are forsaken by our own parents at birth to be given away in adoption.  There are many reasons for adoption; some good and some not so good…But, through adoption a child has the opportunity to LIVE and not be aborted!  Those mothers who choose to abort their babies are definitely “forsaking” their children!  But, even an aborted baby is NOT forsaken by God.  For their little precious souls are gently taken to Heaven to live with God for all eternity…God does not forsake life…EVER!

We need to learn to be more contented in our daily lives realizing that no matter our situation or circumstances the GOD of ALL creation will NEVER leave nor forsake us.  He sees every tear we shed.  He hears our pleas.  He watches our every step…He is as close as our heart….We are NOT alone…

Today, you may be suffering from the pains of being forsaken by someone you loved very dearly.  You may be brokenhearted in the passing of a loved one or close friend.  You may feel all alone and deserted….These times hurt deeply within our hearts and soul.  But, you can rest assured of this eternal promise…GOD will NEVER leave nor forsake you no matter your condition or situation.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE!  GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES!  PRAISE GOD FOR HIS TOTAL COMMITTMENT TO OUR LIVES!

Let our hearts rejoice in the ever presence of our LORD who loves us unconditionally and will NEVER leave nor forsake us!  Amen.

Remember, God Loves you! (ALWAYS!)

Lin T Rollins, Author