He’s Still Working on Me…

He’s Still Working on Me…

Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith…(Hebrews 12:2)

Have you ever gotten really disgusted with yourself in your Christian walk, life, and faith?  We all have. It seems we can be moving forward in faith enjoying our Christian walk when “boom” we either walk right into a brick wall or right over a cliff!

For days, perhaps even weeks, we beat ourselves up feeling defeated. But, we shouldn’t do that. God knows “our path,” and He knows our heart’s intentions.  We have an enemy, Satan, whose job is to defeat us, destroy us, and take away the JOY of our Salvation…But, we don’t have to let him to that to us. We can accept our human weaknesses and imperfections and trust that Jesus Christ will never love us anymore or any less than the day He died for us on Mt. Calvary for our sins. You can gladly sing 24/7, “Jesus loves me this I know!”

When a Christian falls, errs, he or she typically gets right back up and continues on “in” the Christian path. They don’t let a mistake in judgment rule the rest of their life.  They quickly confess it (whatever it is (I John 1:9) to God and trust that HE will forgive them and restore their relationship to the fullest.  But, when a person dwells in “sin” and continues therein, they have a terrible problem…Their life does not reflect being a true born-again Christian.

True born-again Christians know that God is Still Working on them while they daily seek His face and will for their life. Oh, my friend I’m so glad that I can say, “He’s (God) Still Working on Me.”  Even though on yesterday I may have faltered I have blessed HOPE and ASSURANCE that HE’ STILL WORKING ON ME… Today, I may falter.  Tomorrow, I may falter.  Next week I may falter, but I still have that blessed hope and assurance that He’s Still Working on Me….No matter how hard “I” try I know that I am NOT perfect and I will always stand in need of a loving Savior called Jesus Christ as I continue here on Earth in my journey of Faith in Christ…Amen.

Remember, God Loves You! (24/7)

Lin T Rollins, Author


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