Day 11 Celebrating Immanuel

Day 11 Celebrating Immanuel

For Unto Us a Child is born…Unto us a Son is given…And the government will be upon His shoulder…(Isaiah 9:6)

The word, “government,” refers to an agency, group of individuals, or an individual that has the authority to make, control, and enforce laws and/or codes of conduct upon a society, country, nation, state, region, area, or individual people. To “govern” means to direct the affairs of the government and all that is pertains.

Did you know that one day those of us who are born-again believers and followers of Christ Jesus will live in a society that is governed by Jesus Christ himself?  The “government” of Heaven, earth, and the universe rests upon the shoulder of our Savior and Lord.  Therefore, when we reside with Him in Heaven, He will be our supreme and complete righteous Government!

Heaven will be ruled, governed, and reigned over by our very own King of Kings and Lord of Lords for all of eternity. No more elections. No more political parties. No more platforms. No more right-winged or left winged views.. No more liberals or conservatives. No more smear campaigns…Our lives will be ruled by Truth and Grace…

Author’s Note:  LET ME STOP HERE…I have just heard the news of the tragic shootings at an elementary school in Connecticut. I do not have all the details, but it seems at least 18 to 20 kindergarten aged children have been shot along with their teacher and other school personnel.   At this time, I will stop to pray for the victims and families in this matter. God have mercy and be with these families and our nation.

Lin T Rollins, Author


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