A Letter to Timothy…

A Letter to Timothy…

Grace, Mercy, and Peace from GOD the Father and Christ Jesus our LORD.  (I Timothy 1:1 KJV)

We all need encouragement…We all need someone providing that little extra “pat,” “ump,” or “adda boy you can do it” exhortation at times within our lives.  It was no different for Timothy as he took on the role and responsibilities of becoming a young pastor in New Testament times.

What challenges marked young Pastor Timothy’s path.  He did not have the New Testament to guide him, for he, himself, would become a part of the printed pages of the New Testament.  But, he had something even far greater…In addition to his own faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he was blessed that his grandmother, Eunice, was also a believer.  No telling the wonderful, exhilarating conversations the two of them had over the unveiling of Old Testament prophecies coming alive right before their very own eyes!  And, Timothy could happily testify that he was a part of those who came to know Christ Jesus as their personal Savior through the vibrant preachings and teachings of the Apostle Paul during his first missionary journey…What an impressive resume of Hope!

But, as Timothy quickly learned, being a Pastor was not an easy role to fulfill.  He was faced with complexed challenges upon even greater complexed challenges.  Timothy was one of the first pastors in Ephesus.  And, the “congregation” of new believers at Ephesus was very uninformed on how to live out their new role as believers in righteousness…It was now up to Timothy to help shape and mold his congregation into becoming Spirit-filled followers of Christ.

Finally, one day a letter arrived…But, not just any old letter…A letter addressed to Timothy from his mentor and friend, the Apostle Paul.  Oh, how excited young Timothy must have been as he sit down to open up and read the long-awaited words from his much older, wiser, more experienced missionary friend and mentor.   And, how does Paul begin his Letter to Timothy?  To Timothy my true son in the faith, Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.

I believe in my heart that young Pastor Timothy just “parked” it RIGHT there for several minutes before he read on.  I believe he let his eyes read over and over again the refreshing and encouraging words of salutation, ‘GRACE, MERCY, AND PEACE FROM GOD THE FATHER AND CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD.”   I believe Timothy took in deep and even deeper breaths allowing the soothing, supportive words of encouragement from the hand and heart of his friend flow over his body much like the warming sunlight upon a cool, sandy beach.  Oh, how he needed to hear the resonating words, “GRACE, MERCY, and PEACE.”

Oh, friend, how we need to hear those same words today…”Grace, Mercy, and Peace.”  “Grace, Mercy, and Peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Oh, how our hearts need to hear and be reminded that Grace, Mercy, and Peace belong to those of us who believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. Oh, how we need to allow those words to penetrate our hearts and minds soothing our troubled thoughts and fears; worries and anxities…God’s Grace…God’s Mercy…Oh, and God’s Wonderful Peace…

Today, I invite you to open up your own Bible to the book of  I Timothy and read Paul’s salutation to Timothy as if the letter is addressed personally to you: Example:  “To Lin T Rollins (insert your own name here) my true daughter in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord…”

Oh, let the words resonate over and over again upon your heart and mind like peaceful waves coming upon the shoreline.  Let the” rapturing” Spirit of God lift you higher and higher above your concerns, fear, and worries…Let God’s Grace speak to your heart.  Let God’s Mercy touch your spirit…Let God’s Peace flow like a river over your soul…Up, up, up above the shadows…Lord, Lift me up high, high above the shadows.

I hope the words of the Apostle Paul brought as much Joy and Peace to your heart today as they did mine this morning as I sat down to read through the book of I Timothy.  I actually never got further than the first verse!  It was just too good and too wonderful to rush through.  I think I’ll just “park” it here in verse one for the entire day!  “Grace, Mercy, and Peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.”  Amen!!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

@copyright by Lin T Rollins – Nov. 2012


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