Solomon and Nehemiah…Builders for God

Solomon and Nehemiah…Builders for God…

1.  “Then, Solomon began to build the temple of the LORD in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah…” (II Chronicles 3:1)…

2.  “The God of Heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding…” (Nehemiah 2:20).

Leaders are Builders and Builders are Leaders

A “builder” is someone who designs, engineers, puts forth both effort and labor, and makes something by “joining” parts to make a whole….Example:  A “builder” brings together materials, elements, and means suitable to build a house, a bridge, a structure, a family, and even a relationship…

A builder not only “builds” concrete and tangible structures, but he or she “promotes” and “encourages” the good, finer, and better things in this life…A man or woman whose “vision” is small is not a builder…A person who tears down his own life, the life of his family and friends, or the life of his country is not a “builder” or a “leader,” but is a deceiver.

Where and when God is present there will always be a positive, continuous growth and maturity of Spirit and empowerment.  Why?  Because, God is our everlasting, eternal Builder…Therefore, those who are true servants of God are builders, too.  They will always be about the business of “building” and “improving.”

The opposite is true of Satan and those who are deceived by Satan…Satan comes to rob and to steal.  He tries to steal and rob and destroy everything that is good from God. Satan is the destroyer of lives.  Satan robs men and women of their lives and the “life” of their families, church, and nation…Those who are destroyers are from Satan…The contrast is plain and simple…God is a “builder” and Satan is a “destroyer.”  Which are you following?  From which are you empowered?  To build?  Or, to destroy?

Weaknesses; all weaknesses, in one way or the other have their root in being deceived by Satan; For God is Light and He who walks in the Light is not deceived and is filled with the Power of God from on high…A Builder will always seek to build and not destroy. A builder is always busy building, uplifting, improving upon, and seeking to build for God, God’s kingdom, as well as for others and for himself…A true “builder” takes no joy in destruction of any kind, shape, or model.  A builder detests idle lazyiness…A builder will always find something to build or someone to build up!

A builder is also someone who LEADS.  He or she sees a “need” and they build towards meeting that need; whether it is an emotional, mental, physical, or Spiritual need.  “To build” simply runs in their blood…They enjoy building up others and building up God’s kingdom.  They live for the “zeal” of building…They seek to leave a testimony and a legacy of greatness to a lost and dying world as well as to their families and closest friends…They first build from “within” through the Power of God, and then from “without.”  Builders are strong and courageous in the Lord!

Builders are not afraid of the darkness, cold, heights nor depths of their cause…They will see a “cause” all the way to the end…They are Faithful in their building skills.  They seek those things from above and do not dwell on pettiness for they know where their strength lies…In God…They are not ruled by undisciplined lives, but thrive on being disciplined and organized…A “worker” who needed not to be ashamed!

For a man or woman to truly follow God, he or she must commit themselves to becoming a life-long, full-time Builder….Builders are not only responsible for themselves and their own families, but they gladly take on the responsibilities of being responsible for others as well.  They seek to “build” a better life and a better future for all they connect with and interact with.

Builders are leaders and leaders are builders.  Builders plan, design, review, reflect, inspect, and are constantly looking and re-looking unto their works for better and better improvements…They do not settle…They do not just “get by.”  They won’t rest until the job is “well-done!”  They seek to achieve the highest and most optimized results possible…Then, they leave the final inspection, stamp-of-approval to God…The Supreme Builder of all mankind.  Amen!

A man or woman who is caught up in the mindset of “woe is me” can never be a builder.  They will always find excuses, always blame others for their failures, always look for the negative in all things, always live a life of misery and under-achievements….They will never know what it is like to fly with the eagles of adventure and achievement as a builder…They are set and “parked” on the ground with their feet buried in the muck and mire of sadness and even bitterness…only wishing they could do this or do that…never stepping out in Faith to achieve that which God has imparted to them…And, when their efforts fail…they quite…they give up…they find excuses upon excuses…they settle…they walk away…

But, a true Builder knows how to shake off the shackles and chains of defeat in this life and soar with the eagles as they fly high and higher above the “woe is me” mentality…

Today, you may be a builder…You may be successfully building your family, your career,  or your relationship with God…You may be reaching for heights of unprecedented measure…You may be Seeking God’s Glory in all you say and do…A builder of mankind; a builder of God’s Kingdom…A builder of Mercy and Grace…If so, “Hats off to you.”  “Adda Boy; Way to Go!  I want to encourage you to  Keep up the Great Work of Faith and Determination; for great is your reward.  Amen…

In closing today’s blog, I pray that we are all working towards becoming better Builders for God. I hope that we can all finish our tasks just like Solomon and Nehemiah completed their building projects!  Amen…I, too, want to one day hear the voice of my Lord say unto me,   “Enter in thou good and faithful servant. (builder)..”  Amen..

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

@copyright by Lin T Rollins, Nov. 2012


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