What is Our Message?

What is Our Message?

The Words of Thomas Jefferson: 

“No man shall suffer on account of his religious opinions orbelief, but all men shall be free to profess and byargument to maintain their opinion in matters of religion. I know but one code of morality for men whether acting singly or collectively…”   As copied from page 329…America’s God and Country by William J. Federer @ 1996 FAME Publishing.

Thank God for our Founding Fathers who stood upon the Word of God and were not afraid to teach and preach its Message….

After last night’s election results in America, let me ask you this question:  What is the message resonating within your heart and mind this morning?  What do you truly want others to know about who you are and what you feel, and what you believe? What difference do you want to make?

Perhaps you are a liberal democrat filled with enthusiasm and zeal that your candidate will return to the oval office for another four years. Or, perhaps you are a Republican, as I am, and you are disappointed that our candidate did not win; yet we are not cast down or without HOPE.  Why are we not cast down?  Because our HOPE stands assured and goes far beyond any nation and political ties…Our HOPE is larger than we, ourselves…Our HOPE lies in Jesus Christ; our personal Savior…

However, one thing that I learned last night during the elections is that I am now considered, or referred to, and/or placed into the political category of being among, “Older White Church-Goers.”   Wow!  It seems that the “majority” of my political party is made up of “my own  kind.”  Mmmm…I can live with that.  And, I will wear that title proudly…I mean it does describe me perfectly.  I am White.  I am older (but not that old!)…And, I am a church-goer…That doesn’t make me a bad person, but it does make me a part of a sector of USA citizens who possess a message and opinion that is worth voicing and worth hearing….So, here is the million-dollar question, “What is our message?”

We must seriously consider the answer to that particular question…I feel that we must be truly careful, God-fearing, and God-seeking in this matter.  We DO have a “message,” and it must be heard…But, we need to know for certain, within our own hearts and minds, what that “message” is all about…And, we need to support our “message” 100% through our actions, reactions, and daily living….Question:  Are we willing to effortlessly resonate our “message” to the nation and the world in everything we say and do?  Oh, I pray so…But, What is our Message?

If we are “divided” on what our “message” actually is, then we are a divided people doomed for failure and destruction…If we are “divided” on the principles of our “message,” then we are doomed for failure and destruction…So, “what is our message?”  What do “we” want the world to know about us?  Who are we?  And, what do we stand for and stand upon?  And, who do we stand with?

Here is my concern:  For way too many years, our land has been seriously divided over conservative doctrinal and Biblical issues.  And, unfortunately, it showed in an overwhelming loud voice last night when our nation’s younger people and minorities no longer hold to the core values and principles that this nation was founded upon.  We are watching a younger, thriving generation who no longer cares about what Presidents Washington, Adams, and Jefferson done for our country than they care about what green vegetables they should eat.  We, referring to those of us within our political category of society as being “older,” “outdated,” “not with the program,” “uninformed,” and “losers” must “redefine” ourselves as being confident, informed, trust-worthy, and leaders filled with Heavenly wisdom from above who can take our nation through the 21st century just as our Founding Fathers once guided.

In my “younger” days while growing up in America, an older person who attended church was seen and regarded as one having respect, dignity, wisdom, and knowledge…But, what message has my “generation” left upon today’s society?  Sadly, It doesn’t look good!   It seems that the younger generations got tired of watching us “argue” and “debate” over nonsense issues and non-essential matters more than coming together over the more important issues and Biblical truths of life…Sadly, it has caught up with us…

It now seems that “ours” is a message lost in time, buried in the sand, and seemingly outdated among today’s media-technology enriched, do-as-you-please, I’m in charge of my own destiny, self-fulfilled, and self-entitled society…While we, the “older-white-church-goers” recline on the sidelines of life watching our nation’s future go up in smoke the younger, vibrate newly elected generation is building an entirely new empire!!

Sad question:  Who’s really to blame?  Can we, “older citizens” regain our dignity, self-worth, integrity, knowledge, and wisdom from above?  Can those around us ever “see” and “witness” the Power of God upon our lives once again??  My friend…This should be our message…”Can the World See Jesus in You?”  Living in You?  Living In us?  Living in Me?

Our neighbors, friends, relatives, nation, and world must see the POWER OF GOD resting upon our lives once again…They must see us make sound decisions based upon God’s Holy Word and not upon the most-likely “popular” vote…We need to walk in the LIGHT as God is Light…We must Come out of darkness and separate ourselves from sin and stand for justice and righteousness according to what, “Thus saith the Lord…” And, not what thus says Oprah, Phil, TMZ, or MTV!!!

We have compromised far too long.  In a short span, we became a people who didn’t want to “hurt” anyone’s feelings.  We wanted to be “liked.”  We didn’t want to be “politically” incorrect.  So, we comfortably sat back…We held our tongues…We watched in silence year after year while other foreign “beliefs” and other foreign cultures took mainstream…We let unbelievers take the Bible from our government and from our schools and the Ten Commandments down from our walls…Just like “froggies” swimming around in hot, boiling waters…We played until we died….Now, we are the ones being laughed at and ridiculed for being the “older, white, church-going group”….

No longer are we a people respected, regarded, or highly esteemed in worth or valued as “those” who “walk” according to the ways and statues of the LORD…It was once Professing Christians who turned the world around and upside down, but now the world seemingly is turning us around and spinning us upside down on our ears!! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get off this spinning merry-go-round….I want to be empowered with the Holy Spirit of God in all things and in all matters according to HIS purpose, will, and plan….I want to STAND for what is right as God declared what is right!  Let His voice be heard through my voice!!

Sadly, over the past decades we have also watched our church pulpits become places that were careful not to “offend” as well.   What was once called out, declared, and PREACHED as being Sin is now called “choices” and “alternative lifestyles”… Instead of saying, “He or she is committing a sin; transgressing the Lord’s ways,” we say things like, “Well, that is their choice.”  As a result, we have compromised ourselves right into a neat little package and category called, “Older, white, church-goers” who are dying out and no longer seen as a winning political ticket!   I say Hum-bug!

Over the past decade, many of our churches designed “programs” geared towards our younger children and teens reading and memorizing scriptures…It all seemed wonderful and grand…But, question:  Are we older adults “willing” to let our children pick up the slack for us?  While they are out memorizing scriptures to empower their lives, many of our adults don’t ever open their Bibles to read!!  Who’s at fault??  Did we become so lazy and complacent that we decided to “teach” our children what we weren’t willing to learn and do for ourselves???  We can’t leave it to our children to “fix” our messes!  God have mercy…

All I can say is that we had better determine what our “message” is all about and get to acting upon it as quickly as possible!  As Christians (of any age, creed, race, or nation), we must Come together on reasoning abilities using ONLY ONE key instrument as our tool and guide…The same guide that guided our Founding Fathers….The Word of God; the Holy Bible….

Last week, I watched a news program where an official from Israel was speaking.  Boldy, he proclaimed, “Israel will not give up her lands because they were given to us by God as outlined in the Bible and we will stand upon that truth.”

Did you see that?  Stand upon truth…What truth?  Biblical truth!  The entire nation of Israel rests upon the Truths of God’s Old Testament promises… And, that’s exactly what we must do as well…Stand upon God’s truths and promises to us as believers in Christ Jesus….Amen….

What is Our Message?  Our message is clear:  Jesus Christ; the same yesterday, today, and forever…Whatever HE calls sin is sin…and whomever He forgives, He forgives…And, Whatever is contained in the Word of God is truth and it cannot be changed…For God’s Word is forever settled in Heaven…”  Amen…

Yes; today I am among the “older, white, church-going” Americans who still believe that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD…no matter who wins our federal, state, and local elections. And, you can be assured that I will still be toting my Bible and reading my Bible today, tomorrow, and next year for as long as I have breath within my body to live….As Everett Hale who authored the book, “The Man Without a Country,” in 1863, I, too, can declare:

I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do and, with the help of God, I will do it…”    Amen…

Remember, God Loves You and Pray for Our Nation as well…Amen

Lin T Rollins, Author

@copyright by Lin T Rollins, Author Nov. 2012


One thought on “What is Our Message?

  1. Linda, this was so touching and timely. Thanks for letting God use you to write down your thoughts. I was encouraged and comvicted too. I must do more…for Jesus. We must keep our eyes on him and walk by faith more than ever before. Love youl, Another of your “older -white-church going friend.”

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