Back to the Basics

Back to the Basics…

“In the Beginning, God…” (Genesis 1)

Living in a world where “absolutes” tend to be argued, debated, or even dismissed, it has become a challenge to know where and how to “begin,” or how to return to our basic foundation of life.

In most sports, good coaches know that it is essential to return to “basics” at the beginning of each season when conditioning their players.  Even the cooperate and business worlds operate from a standpoint based upon Economics 101.  And, we all know that there are even “basics” to follow in successful politics as well as the world of education. Face it, life itself has a foundation…And, for the Believer, that Foundation is GOD!

At times, I believe that we all need to return to, “GOD 101.”  Returning back to the very basics of life itself…If we don’t, things tend to get blurry, out of scope, hazy, and indecisive.  But, as we all know, returning to “GOD 101″ can be as subjective as the many different religions themselves…So, what is a person to do?

In reality, a lot depends upon a person’s individual culture, socio-economic status, background, ethnicity, race, greed, and nation as well as geographic region within a nation…BUT, there is an absolute solution; yes, there is an answer…We can ALL agree in believing in GOD; our Creator…We can all go back to one basic book: Genesis…

Thank God for the “absolute” book of Genesis written by Moses under the direct inspiration of God, our Creator.  Sometimes, it’s a good reminder to simply pick up the Bible and read through the very first chapters! What an amazing, inspiring, wonderful, foundational TRUTH found in God’s Word; the Bible… (*Note:  The three “basic” and major religions of the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all “agree” on the Book of Genesis, just as Moses pinned down…Amen…Actually, the first five books of the Bible are contained in all three books: Torah, Bible, and Qur’an.)

From the Book of Genesis, we learn about God and life and its challenging beginnings with sin, unbelief, and disobedience; as well as their results.  We also learn about God’s mercy, forgiveness, grace, and blessings upon his children.  Thus, absolute contrast is established; Good from Bad; much like day and night.

But, as we continue to study the Bible, we soon learn that those who obey God are sometimes faced with harsher obstacles, and those who disobey Him sometimes seemingly walk away unfazed and untouched.  What’s up with that?  Simple…We are finite creatures serving an INFINITE, ALL KNOWING GOD….We, as human beings, don’t always see the end from the beginning nor do we understand all that processes in-between!

Henceforth…FAITH…As Christian believers, we return to the Basics of Faith (The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen…Hebrews 11:1 NT KJV).  As Christians, our Faith is based upon the sinless Life, perfect atoning Death, and glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ; God manifested in the flesh.. (And, the Word became flesh and dwelled among us… John 1:14). 

Having and maintaining Faith in an all-knowing God who does see all and is constantly working ALL things (both good and bad) according to His purpose and plan (Romans 8;28) is our basic foundation!!!  For it is HE (GOD) who does see the end from the beginning…All the way from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, Almighty GOD is the Author and Finisher of our FAITH!  Amen…Back to the Basics!

Oh, the JOY (The Joy of the Lord is my strength. Neh. 8:10) of returning Back to the Basics and receiving a renewed, re-energized dose of Spiritual Conditioning!  Once we have reconditioned our “spiritual” legs, we can run, and not be weary; and we can walk, and not faint!  (Isaiah 40:31 KJV)…

What a blessed relief….Now, I can face the day while GOD takes care of the world and all things therein according to HIS very own purpose and plan…

Thank you Lord for reminding me today of YOUR BASICS!! .Amen!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by @ Lin T Rollins 2012

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