Under His Wings…

Under His Wings…

He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.  (Psalm 91:4)

Typically, when we are sick, injured, or do not feel well we make a trip to our doctor.  We ask him or her to “examine” whatever it is that seems to be bothering us or not working properly at the time.  We expect him or her to do a thorough and good job at assessing our concerns.  While the physician, nurse, or PA are in the examining room with us, face-to-face, we want their undivided, focused attention; and absolute best medical skills available!

Sometimes, the examination may require added procedures such as blood work, x-rays, or scans…At the time, it doesn’t matter to us all the details involved just as long as we have our concerns addressed and hopefully resolved as quickly as possible to our likings; if possible…And, in all actuality, none of us enjoy or even like waiting in a doctor’s office or hospital.  We actually wish that all of our examines, tests, and clinical procedures could be performed, along with their accurate results, at the same rate of speed as a popped bag of popcorn in the microwave!

But, physical life is not like that…And, neither are our spiritual lives…No wonder our nation’s pharmaceutical industry thrives as it does…As a society, we simply don’t like pain on a scale from either one to ten!… And, we also don’t like to wait…And, we don’t like being discomforted…I mean, this is America isn’t it??  For the most part, we like positive, happy results with banner parades marching down Main Street with cotton candy and caramel apples with sugar on top at our every turn!!  Just like Shirley Temple used to sing, “On the Good Ship Lollipop!” 

But, GOD is NOT a parade and He isn’t interested in one bit how LONG we may have to wait!  As a matter of fact, He gave a lot of attention to instructing His children to do just that…WAIT UPON THE LORD!!!  (Don’t worry, I don’t like to wait either!  But, I’m trying to work on it!!)

However, we need not forget that while we are waiting upon God to move in our lives and upon our circumstances, we have a place of refuge that He designed Himself…Under His Wings…Under His Wings…Oh, my friend, just like a mother chick that gathers up her little babies to hide them from the storms of life, so does our Heavenly Father gather us up…

My problem???  I would be the overly inquisitive little chick that keeps trying to peep out from under my mother’s wings to see what is happening, and in the process get blown across the barn yard!!!  Is anyone with me!!??  Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh….How often God keeps me Under His Wings while I twist and turn and jump up and down wanting to see what is happening!!  All the time, He is wanting me to Trust Him and let Him be in control and in charge…Of course, not an easy accomplishment for someone like me who feels the need to “know” and even “help” when called upon!  But, I’m working on it!

Today, you may be like me standing in need of just resting Under His Wings…Come on, we can do it…We’ll do it together; how’s that!  As a tear and yet another one falls down from my eye, I know God understands my heart and how much I really do want to please Him in all things…Especially, while I am Waiting Under His Wings….

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T Rollins, Author

All materials in this blog are copyrighted to Lin T Rollins, Author 2011-2012


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