“Who Are We Really Trying to Impress?”

I’m struggling right now between two different titles for today’s blog, Who Are We Really Trying to Impress?”  And, “God, What Do You Really Want Me To Do?”  Strange titles, right?  Let me explain:

First, today (actually Sunday Oct. 2, 2005-2012) marks the 7th anniversary from the brain aneurysm I suffered.  For those who know me best, they know that I was at church when it happened.  I was deeply engaged in the Sweet, Sweet Spirit of the Lord when out of nowhere, “Bloom!”  And, I mean BLOOM!  It hit me like a ball bat to the back of my head, and the days following were ones of intense concern for me, my family, and my doctors alike…

However, not feeling lead to go into a whole lot of details in this particular blog, let’s just say that God obviously came on the scene and after nine days in ICU at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and one very delicate embolization coiling procedure, I was home. Praise the Lord…But, what about things since that day?

Oh, my friend…what a journey God and I have had together…Once again, as those who know me best…the first aneurysm was not to be my last brain injury….Five years later on August 17, 2010, the second artery on the left side of my brain spontaneously dissected and bled into the back of my brain causing a slight, small stroke….Life changed again, but this time even more permanent…But, what about things since that day?

Oh, my friend…what a journey God and I have had together…Out of those two experiences came my book, “Break Away,” and my blog site by the same title…

Why the title, “Break Away?” Seriously, I don’t know, except that God had given me the title way back when I was in my early 20’s just starting to develop the plot for my book…However, last year, He (God) revealed to me that He had chosen the title, Break Away,” because he wanted people to know that they would first have to “Break Away” from everything around them (tradition, influences, personal thoughts, philosophies, as well as this one and that one…) to fully trust HIM and HIS Word in ALL Things; in order to help make better sense of life and who we are in Christ Jesus!  And, for the past two years (especially after the second injury!!) I have been doing just that!!!

So, what about today’s blog…Why am I struggling between two themes?  Well, in some ways I believe the two actually tie together…Recently, I asked myself this question,  “Why are Christians always trying to impress God, and one another?”  And,“God, What Do You Really Want Me To Do?”

Finding an answer for the first question is easier than finding the answer to the second!  Let me ask you a question:  Can you imagine how tired God is from all of “us” Christians going around trying to impress Him with our lives?  I mean He is GOD…How impressed can He actually get from watching or knowing any of us!!  Yes; He Loves us…Don’t get me wrong…He Loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we might Live with Him!  (John 3:16)…I’m not talking about the “Love” of the Father….I’m talking about our “SO-CALLED” sweet and innocent intentions of impressing God with our this’s and our that’s  (Wow! Not very good English from an English teacher! lol!)  But, you get the gist…

So, what is God actually wanting from His children?  (This is the part that ties into the second title, “God ,What Do You Really Want?”)  Well, I’m certainly no expert in the matter, but I believe far above anything else in life, God wants our sincerity, truth, and honesty.  He wants a person who is willing to go the extra mile for being truthful and honest about who we really are and how we really live within our daily walk….Get it??!!  King David was that type of person and God called him, “The Apple of My Eye.”  Oh, to be called the Apple of God’s Eye!!  God Loves Truth!  And, he loves those who live by Truth!  Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the Life!!

Honestly, I feel I could write a book from this point…But, not now….For the most part, I feel that a good many Christians only use God to get what they feel they want and need in this life…I mean we all LOVE God when everything is going our way and we are surrounded by friends and family who just “oueeee” and “aah” over every little motion we make; much like grandparents over a grandchild….But, Oh my friend…What happens when we truly find ourselves all ALONE in a matter and no one is there to “ouee” and “aah,” and for the most part adversity has parked its RV in our driveway and refuses to leave!!!

It’s during down times when you feel as if everyone you know is having fun at the county fairground going higher and higher on the ferris-wheel-of-life with their best friend while you are stuck at home cleaning your dirty oven and darning socks that really stinks!!  When loneliness, and the high volume of sound that accompanies loneliness, constantly shouts out its present like Big Ben ticking away in your head!  And, sometimes even when loneliness comes and resides within when you are surrounded by a hundred people…You just feel all alone on the inside!! I know…I know… Those days, weeks, months, and perhaps years when it seems that no one actually gets you or quite understands you…Or, even wants to!  Those desert-storm times and periods in each of our lives….Oh yea…It’s called LIFE!!

I think God understands…Actually, I know He does…We are all like children in one form or another…We all want to be loved, valued, respected, seen, and heard!  Come on…you can admit it…We all long for those wonderful feelings of being accepted and appreciated…What wife doesn’t like to hear the sentence, “Hon, that was a good meal.”  Or, what dad doesn’t like to hear, “Thanks, Pop, You’re the best.”  Or, what child doesn’t like to hear, “Well, done! I’m proud of you.”  And, for the most part, most of us enjoy our accolades with a little added, “attaboy pats,” pecks on the cheek (from those we love!) , and kind, sincere, gentle hugs….xxx’s and ooo’s!

Getting closer to God allows us to understand such needs in our lives…And, it helps us to understand that those needs are there for a purpose…They are put into our lives for us to seek God’s filling…and not that of the world or from others….(As well meaning as “others” wish to be.)  As one author stated, “When you get down to knowing that God is ALL you have, then you realize that God is all you need!”

But, in actuality, we do have God and we will always need God…Yet; because God does love us, He has also given us so many wonderful things to enjoy in this life…mainly….Life….Life Itself!  Oh, the JOYS of simply living in both the good and the bad…For one day, the bad will all be gone and we will be engulfed with  the Goodness of God forever and ever…and ever!  Hallelujah! What a Day That Will Be!!!

Instead of trying to impress God….Just be impressed by God, with God, and in God!!!

So, today, why not just be “impressed” with the fact that God loves you unconditionally; just as you are….No strings attached…And, the next time you need to ask God, “What Do You Really Want Me To Do,”  the answer simply might be….”Nothing at all child…Just be patient and wait on Me!”

Remember, God Loves You (And, me!)

Lin T Rollins, Author


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