“For the Lord is GOOD; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” (Psalm 100:5)

The Lord God is Good…And, for so many that is easier to say and easier to believe when everything in life is going so well, so favorable, so manageable, and so doable…

But, what about the harder and more difficult times in life when things are not going so well, so favorable, so manageable, or so doable?  ANSWER:  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Neither our circumstances nor our situations in life change the fact or the truth that GOD IS SO GOOD!  Our God is a GOOD GOD 24/7 for all eternity…no matter what!

The name of my blog is, “Break Away.”  Even though I named my blog after my first published Christian novel, “Break Away,” I have discovered that it takes our willingness to “break away” from ALL things that distract us from God in order to Find God in All Things!  We all tend to be heavily bombarded by feelings, emotions, and influences all around us that make it nearly impossible to see God’s Sovereign Hand in ALL things…(Romans 8:28).  We must be willing to “break away” from these distractions in order to fully trust and lean on God…

So, for us to be able to SEE God’s unseen hand by FAITH in all things we must first Break Away from our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our routines, our perceptions, our perspectives, our influences, our biases, and our notions that we have the “answer.”  Truth be known, for the most part….We, as human beings, possess lots and lots of “questions,” and our God has ALL the answers!  And, the “answers” that He wants us to know can be found in His Words, The Bible.  So, God is in actuality the “GO TO MAN!” (But, he is much, much more than a man!).

Today, like so many of you, I face circumstances and situations in my own life that are hard and difficult to swallow.  I don’t understand certain things and why they continue to daunt my life and that of my family’s…But, they do…So, I, too, have to “BREAK AWAY” from my personal feelings, emotions, and thoughts to TRUST God.

Oh, just like so many of you, I plea my case before the throne of God day and night…I have done so for many years now…But, God has not reached down to “change” the circumstances one bit.  If anything, I have watched it grow worse and worse…But, the one thing God is changing is me!  I am learning to take deep breaths and get through the day knowing that God is on the throne and ALL is well; no matter how I feel!!  All is Well…It is Well With My Soul!!  (Not always an easy thing to do, but in time God will bring his children to a place of “rest” even when the storm is hollowing all around us.)

Today, want you share in my Joy (The JOY of the Lord is my strength! Nehemiah 8:10)  that our God is So Good!  No matter your circumstance.  No matter your trial.  No matter your heartbreak.  No matter your storm…God is So Good!  He loves you today and nothing that you can do or say will ever cause Him to love you anymore or any less….His LOVE is everlasting and far, far above anything we can ever think or imagine…That is why HE IS GOD…And, GOD IS SO GOOD!  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by Lin T Rollins, Sept. 2012


One thought on “GOD IS SO GOOD!

  1. So beautiful! Our God is truly GOOD, and He is greatly to be praised! The thoughts we have concerning ourselves, are not God’s thoughts concerning us! His thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts, and His ways past finding out! Because the Lord is sitting on the “Throne of My Heart” I recognize His goodness, His faithfulness, and His eternal love, at work in my life, and in the world! Thank you for sharing such an uplifting word! May the Lord bless you!


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