Sadly, Why We Are Hated…

Sadly,  Why We Are Hated…

Unfortunately, both image and perception rules within our vast global society…Even more sadly are the outlandish media images and the perceptions perceived from such images by a vast majority of the world that “ALL” Americans are the same:  Spoiled, greed-stricken party-animals who possess no respect for ourselves or  for our God…

After “googling” various images of  “USA,” I can better understand why the rest of the “world” thinks so lowly of us…Many of the images I saw were pretty disgusting…Skinny girls in very tiny red,white, and blue stringed bikinis holding sparklers in their hands…College-aged kids pouring beer on top of one another while waving the American flag…Excessive tattoos covering bare skin with images and words such as “I Love the USA.”  From these type of “images,” one would think that ALL Americans are nothing more than beer-drinking party animals on a selfish quest to gain, gain, and gain as much as the flesh desires and can indulge…These are the images Hollywood, Magazines, Reality TV, and U Tube are built upon and have contributed across our planet.

But, as with any race, creed, or nation NOT all of the population thinks, acts, believes, behaves, or feels the same way…Like all people, we, too, are individuals who gather with those who possess interests and similarities alike…We, as human beings, are social…YET, there are many humans in America who are NOT wild party-animals waving our flags high so that the world can see our absolute worse side!

We are a nation of individuals and individual families who love and care for one another, God, our daily blessings, respect of life, and our blessed nation.  Many of “us” work hard to achieve, and when we fall down we get back up and try again…We may not always achieve what we started out to achieve, but we do the best we can and leave the results in God’s hands.  Many of “us” love and pray for our families and friends and we live rather peaceful, non-eventful lives…Typically, our modest entertainment revolves around weekly little-leagues, soccer fields, and playing courts.  We try to live within and maintain our means with such things as grocery lists and coupons, and we wait for “seasonal” sales to buy that special outfit or needed gardening tool…

Oh, I know we are blessed above measure…We are spoiled; no doubt about it…I know that we take for granted such blessings each and every day…But, not ALL of us are willing to use every four-letter curse word in every situation and circumstance to get our family on reality TV!!  Some of us even still like a little privacy in our lives and conduct private closet-prayer meetings with God…  Do I hear an “Amen” in the house!

Yes, because Americans are seen pretty much by the rest of the world as one big huge open-air WAL-MART/GAP/ABERCROMBIE-FITCH store with limitless t-shirts, scanty bathing-suits, short-shorts, designer jeans, polo’s, tattoos, beer & chips, painted green nails and pedicures, WE are Hated….And, when you think about it, which one of us could actually stand up and argue their case??

What the world doesn’t see from such images is that America has been blessed of God…And, what they should see, instead of what they do see, is a nation on our knees thanking God each and every day for His blessings on us…They should see our churches and synagogues filled to capacity with grateful, modest-dressed souls Worshipping, Praising, giving THANKS, and paying tribute to God for His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. They should see us walking door to door evangelizing and taking the Gospel to the highways, hedges, and byways of our own land as well as global outreach programs…They should see us sitting around the dinner table each night with our precious families giving thanks for the food we are about to partake…They should see us pray before each sporting event, GOVERNMENT or town hall meetings…They should see a united people in faith and trust in the God of our Salvation…A CHRISTIAN nation UNDER AND UNTO GOD…They should Not see a 24/7, continued wild partying, wife-swapping, fornicating, beer-drinking, profanity-ridden society who thinks we have done it all by ourselves and nothing is out of our reach…Oh, how blinded we have become…

Dear Friend, This is why we are hated of  other nations… This is why “they” take to the streets to burn our flag, kill our soliders, and shout words of hate and anger toward us….They do not see the FEAR OF GOD rest and abide upon our lives…Lord, Have mercy upon us…And, bless and forgive those who hate and persecute us…And, open the blinded eyes of our own nation to return unto you, our Heavenly Father before it is too late..Amen.

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by Lin T Rollins 2012


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