The Love of Christ…

 For the love of Christ constraineth us…(II Corinthians 5:14 KJV)…

It’s hard for us, as humans, to ever imagine a LOVE so great, so lasting, and so real that it has the amazing “power” to constrain (capture; hold with force; take control; possessing both purpose and intent) the most wicked and sinful sinner…down to the most gentle child.

God’s LOVE is not a spontaneous, capricious, or whimsical Love that suits the fancy, but it is a willful, well-planned, purposed, and divinely designed preparation from the foundation of the Earth that continues to “constrain” his creation today….Oh, how HIS love constrains our hearts…

Love is the strongest force of power known to mankind…Love can melt the heart of man and stop the wars of nations…Love can stand up against the test of time and outstand time itself…But, frail man’s ability to love can and often does fail…But, not God’s Love…Not God’s Love through Jesus Christ…God’s love “constrains” our hearts, our minds, our lives, and our destiny.  It is absolute, without fringe, and 100% pure without a micro-speck of imperfection…Oh, how we need more of God’s constraining Love manifested in our hearts and lives…

Today, you may stand in need of Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Value, and Worth…All of this and so much more can be yours through the “constraining” power of God’s Love through Jesus Christ…(John 3:16-17)…We believe, accept, and receive God’s constraining love by Faith….(the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of thing not YET seen -Hebrews 11:1 KJV).

Forget your past…God doesn’t need it nor does He want it….He makes life anew and gives life anew through Jesus…You may have hurt deeply in your life and love failed you over and over on every level…But, God’s Love will never, never fail you or give up on you…You can’t earn it and you can’t lose it…It is the power of God to constrain your life and mine.  How?  Through the Love of Christ…Let your heart and life be wrapped up in God’s constraining Love…Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

@copyright by Lin T Rollins 2012


One thought on “The Love of Christ…

  1. Thanks miss Linda for this blog. Especially the last paragraph. I’ve had a difficult time getting over the past, and at times present. I have two daughters who won’t speak or have anything to do with me mostly because of their daddy. ( We’re divorced for about 20 years. ) They adore their daddy, and both have visited me on different occasions, and i’ve tried to tell them my side of the story of the break up. ( he kicked me out of the house so he could marry his girlfriend.)
    Both sad to say won’t believe me, but believe his lies,.. ( that I uped and walked out abandoning them. ).
    As far as I know, he is still lying to them, saying things like he was the only one to raise them.. althought currently he is in his third marraige. And all the while, he is a preacher.
    I have forgiven him for the most part, and I pray the kids will one day “wake up” and realize he’s lying to them
    I prayed to the Lord about it this morining and have given all three up to God to do with as he sees fit. Not my will, but His be done. I’m still praying that I wont be troubled about what is happenieng. God knows how to deal with it best. I just have to “give up and let God.’

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