The Prayer of Jabez…

The Prayer of Jabez…

1 Chronicles 4:9…The shortest biography known…”Now, Jazeb was more honorable than his brothers…”

At the beginning of the 21st century, Christian author, Bruce Wilkinson, published a wonderful little book that took the nation (and world) by storm…”The Prayer of Jabez.”  Nearly every shop and store in small towns and large cities alike had a display of the proposed life-changing little book…The philosophy was spreading like wild-fire across the nation that Jabez’s prayer could change a person’s life for the better and provide greater opportunities for prosperity…

Question…With so many copies of this book sold to just about anyone and everyone in our nation…where is the prosperity of our country today; in 2012?  What happened? Did we not “repeat”  Jabez’s prayer enough? Did we not believe it would work for us?  Did we not dot our i’s and cross our t’s as we recited the prayer? Where is our “enlarged coast” (or, territory) and where is our financial blessings, indeed?”

Answer… Sadly, both people who didn’t even believe in nor have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ suddenly thought if they repeated the same words as “honorable” Old Testament Jabez enough times that they, too, would be blessed and enlarged with the abundant life (endowed with both materialistic and spiritual blessings).  Then, when it didn’t happen, they became disillusioned about the whole  “name it-claim it”  band-wagon and blew “all” believers off as skeptics.  In other words, it just didn’t work for them…

Problem…God doesn’t work like that!  YES! Bruce Wilkinson’s book was a great idea; I loved it…I have a copy of it myself lying on a table in my bathroom…It sets beside a pretty flower arrangement and, of course, a scented candle…I love the idea of the book, its size, and the pretty beige-colored front cover… Even now, I love picking it up from time to time and reading through its pages and being reminded that God does hear and answer HIS children’s prayers and desires….But,…(Seems there’s always a, “but” with certain things!)

BUT, even with the sells of millions of copies of this book at the beginning of the 21st century, our nation continued on a stead-fast path to a lack of prosperity, added trials, and severe persecutions….REASON:  I think we may have forgotten an important part of Jabez’s prayer, “That I may NOT cause pain.”

Jabez was NOT asking God to “bless” him for personal gain or personal, selfish reasons or desires…He was asking God to “bless” him so that he would NOT be an added burden to anyone’s or someone else’s life…He wanted to be reliant, self-sufficient in God, by God, through God, and with God…His inward motive was clear…He wanted and desired a better, closer, and more intimate relationship with His creator God…A more delightful walk in the LORD of All.  A steady, daily walk with God!

God is NOT interested in our self-seeking words and repetitious prayers for selfish gain, he looks upon and examines the inward HEART to see if what we truly want is a better relationship and a greater knowledge of Him…Not just an “enlarged” territory…But, an “enlarged God” in our territory!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Wow! I even felt JOY over that spirit-anointed statement! Thank you Sweet Jesus!)

I firmly believe if everyone who sought God through the Jabez prayer for prosperity purposes only would repent and seek God’s face (II Chronicles 7:14) in humbleness (to submit ourselves unto a Holy and Righteous God) then and only then will we see the mighty and miraculous blessings of God upon our lives and that of our nation…

God sent His son to seek and to save that which was lost….Not merely to “bless us indeed,” (even though we are blessed indeed in Jesus Christ!), but that we may have life and have it more abundantly through a personal walk and relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16-17).

My friend, you may be one who “tried” the Jabez prayer for your life…That’s ok…Many souls did the same, but until you first pray the sinner’s prayer outlined in the New Testament in the book of Romans, chapter ten (Often referred to as the Roman’s Road to Salvation…I suggest you read the entire chapter and the entire book of Romans that the Apostle Paul wrote to the early church in Rome), you won’t have the right or needed relationship with God to experience any blessing from Him…

See, it physically rains on the just (saved-those who believe in Christ Jesus and follow His teachings) and on the unjust (unsaved-lost without a personal relationship with Christ Jesus). But, there is only ONE YOU….And God is wanting a personal relationship with YOU right now…Seek His face…Seek Him today….”He is ALL I Need…He is ALL I Need….”Oh, how sweet it is walking in this life with Jesus in your heart…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by Lin T Rollins 2012


2 thoughts on “The Prayer of Jabez…

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  2. i think the bible verse is “and keep me from anything evil that might cause me pain.” not “that I may not cause pain.”

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