Adversaries…We All Have Them

Adversaires…We All Have Them

Luke 6:27-

“But I say unto you who HEAR,Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.

Putting into “action” God’s instructions on how to handle those who do you harm is not always easy.  Adversaries (enemies, those who speak evil of you, those who betray you, persecute you and those who bring harm into our lives) can come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and relationships.  Sadly, it is not a matter of who or how, but when and where they will attack us…And, we have to be ready and on guard because our “Adversary, the Devil, seeks whom he may devour.” 

And, that’s exactly what an earthly adversary does as well…they want to devour us!

At first, it stings when the enemy comes after us unexpectedly.  As I stated above the “attack” can come out of nowhere and from just about anyone on planet Earth; including friends and family…both immediate and distant relatives.

It is Satan who puts it into the hearts of people to attack one another.  It is Satan who fills the heart with malice, anger, bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness.  It is Satan who causes a person to betray and turn on someone who has offered nothing but understanding and a listening ear…And, you just never know what tools, antics, or tactics Satan will pull from your past to try to bruise who you are in the present…

Christians, real Christians, are constantly growing and moving towards “righteousness” in their lives…This doesn’t mean we are “perfect” and do not fail and fall in our lives and behaviors, but it does mean that there is a Spirit within us that redirects our path and places us back on the right path when we have failed, plummeted, or just plain out sinned! We live by Faith, Grace, and Mercy…Not the works of perfection… As I tell people, “Perfection was nailed to the Cross.”  Amen.

The “enemy” LOVES to attack us about our past, present or future failures and often uses people who are ignorant of the true WORD of GOD or His teachings to “point-a-finger” at us when we have fallen short of the Glory of God; as we ALL do.  To these “controlled-by-Satan” people, they seek out imperfections and opportunities to “devour” our human-side nature and relentlessly refer to us as “hypocrites” and “liars.”  Well, one trip to the Bible and we learn that Satan is the Father of lies and hypocrisies, so it’s no wonder that he (Satan) likes to use these particular terms to attack those of us who are truly Children of God and living for God!

But, God has a formula as to handling such vicious, undeserving, and relentless attacks…Prayer…Praying for our “enemies;” those who are our adversaries…Maybe, one reason for this is because these poor souls would not have anyone praying for them if it weren’t for the prayers of those believing and practicing Christians they are attacking!  So, as you can see it is very important to pray for those who persecute and try to bring harm into our lives; we may be the only ones praying for them!

It is God’s will that ALL come to repentance and belief in Jesus Christ and to follow his Biblical teachings.  We should NOT and can NOT always “interpret” our own set of interpretations and beliefs in what, “Thus saith the Lord.”  To be truly grounded and rooted in the Word of God we need to faithfully attend a true, Bible-believing church.  Or, listen by TV or radio to those who God has imputed the “gifts” of teachings and mentoring our lives for Christ.  Anyone can come up with his or her own interpretation of who God is and what God says, but God reveals Himself to His church (the Body of Christ) and the gifts of the Spirit….Sadly, this is why so many “unchurched” people want to call those of us who DO faithfully attend the church of our choice “hypocrites” when they do NOT understand the effectual teachings of the Bible!  Blinded eyes cannot see the truth!!!  Get into a good church and Sunday school class somewhere, attend it faithfully, and learn something before you go off on something and someone you know very little about!

It’s so easy for the “world” to point a finger at our “imperfections.”  Sadly, some believers even enjoy pointing a finger at other believers in judgment…But, this is NOT the will of God.  So, either way the instructions of the Lord still apply…”Pray for those who use and abuse you…”   When this is difficult to do, Ask God to first let you “forgive” them for their attack on you and then ask God to forgive them as well…Just as our Lord and Savior did that day on the Cross at Calvary.

Adversaries and those who “defriend” us and abuse us will be with us until the Lord returns for His bride.  At that time, they will either have repented of their own sins and turned from their wicked ways or they will be left behind to face a world filled with great tribulation, unbelief, violence, and unparalleled wickedness….The choice is yours; the choice is ours…

Today, I am praying for someone right now who is verbally attacking me in a very mean and vicious manner.  It happens…My heart hurts for them as I tried to befriend them and be a listening ear for them for many decades of my life…But, sadly they have “chosen” to hang on to anger, bitterness, broken-ness, and unforgiveness…Maybe, perhaps one day, before it is too late, they will lay down their hatred and malice and rejoice in the Love, Acceptance, and Goodness of the Lord…I pray so, and I know there are others who are praying with me about this as well…Amen…

Remember, God Loves You.

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyrighted Lin T Rollins@ 2012

One thought on “Adversaries…We All Have Them

  1. Hey sweet friend. I have dealt with this too many times to count. Most recently from a family member. It always amazes me how these attacks come from no where until the Lord reminds me of where the attacks actually come from. Praying for our enemies is one of the hardest things to do because we feel our intent behind those prayers is vengeful or even fake, but I have learned in doing so that God changes our heart. You can’t pray for someone without eventually loving that person and realizing the heart that needed to change was ours all along. Vengeance and judgement is the Lord’s and all we have to do is pray and as the song says…”He gives to me the blessed victory.”

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