“Who Are We Really Trying to Impress?”

I’m struggling right now between two different titles for today’s blog, Who Are We Really Trying to Impress?”  And, “God, What Do You Really Want Me To Do?”  Strange titles, right?  Let me explain:

First, today (actually Sunday Oct. 2, 2005-2012) marks the 7th anniversary from the brain aneurysm I suffered.  For those who know me best, they know that I was at church when it happened.  I was deeply engaged in the Sweet, Sweet Spirit of the Lord when out of nowhere, “Bloom!”  And, I mean BLOOM!  It hit me like a ball bat to the back of my head, and the days following were ones of intense concern for me, my family, and my doctors alike…

However, not feeling lead to go into a whole lot of details in this particular blog, let’s just say that God obviously came on the scene and after nine days in ICU at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, and one very delicate embolization coiling procedure, I was home. Praise the Lord…But, what about things since that day?

Oh, my friend…what a journey God and I have had together…Once again, as those who know me best…the first aneurysm was not to be my last brain injury….Five years later on August 17, 2010, the second artery on the left side of my brain spontaneously dissected and bled into the back of my brain causing a slight, small stroke….Life changed again, but this time even more permanent…But, what about things since that day?

Oh, my friend…what a journey God and I have had together…Out of those two experiences came my book, “Break Away,” and my blog site by the same title…

Why the title, “Break Away?” Seriously, I don’t know, except that God had given me the title way back when I was in my early 20’s just starting to develop the plot for my book…However, last year, He (God) revealed to me that He had chosen the title, Break Away,” because he wanted people to know that they would first have to “Break Away” from everything around them (tradition, influences, personal thoughts, philosophies, as well as this one and that one…) to fully trust HIM and HIS Word in ALL Things; in order to help make better sense of life and who we are in Christ Jesus!  And, for the past two years (especially after the second injury!!) I have been doing just that!!!

So, what about today’s blog…Why am I struggling between two themes?  Well, in some ways I believe the two actually tie together…Recently, I asked myself this question,  “Why are Christians always trying to impress God, and one another?”  And,“God, What Do You Really Want Me To Do?”

Finding an answer for the first question is easier than finding the answer to the second!  Let me ask you a question:  Can you imagine how tired God is from all of “us” Christians going around trying to impress Him with our lives?  I mean He is GOD…How impressed can He actually get from watching or knowing any of us!!  Yes; He Loves us…Don’t get me wrong…He Loves us so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we might Live with Him!  (John 3:16)…I’m not talking about the “Love” of the Father….I’m talking about our “SO-CALLED” sweet and innocent intentions of impressing God with our this’s and our that’s  (Wow! Not very good English from an English teacher! lol!)  But, you get the gist…

So, what is God actually wanting from His children?  (This is the part that ties into the second title, “God ,What Do You Really Want?”)  Well, I’m certainly no expert in the matter, but I believe far above anything else in life, God wants our sincerity, truth, and honesty.  He wants a person who is willing to go the extra mile for being truthful and honest about who we really are and how we really live within our daily walk….Get it??!!  King David was that type of person and God called him, “The Apple of My Eye.”  Oh, to be called the Apple of God’s Eye!!  God Loves Truth!  And, he loves those who live by Truth!  Jesus said, “I am the way, the TRUTH, and the Life!!

Honestly, I feel I could write a book from this point…But, not now….For the most part, I feel that a good many Christians only use God to get what they feel they want and need in this life…I mean we all LOVE God when everything is going our way and we are surrounded by friends and family who just “oueeee” and “aah” over every little motion we make; much like grandparents over a grandchild….But, Oh my friend…What happens when we truly find ourselves all ALONE in a matter and no one is there to “ouee” and “aah,” and for the most part adversity has parked its RV in our driveway and refuses to leave!!!

It’s during down times when you feel as if everyone you know is having fun at the county fairground going higher and higher on the ferris-wheel-of-life with their best friend while you are stuck at home cleaning your dirty oven and darning socks that really stinks!!  When loneliness, and the high volume of sound that accompanies loneliness, constantly shouts out its present like Big Ben ticking away in your head!  And, sometimes even when loneliness comes and resides within when you are surrounded by a hundred people…You just feel all alone on the inside!! I know…I know… Those days, weeks, months, and perhaps years when it seems that no one actually gets you or quite understands you…Or, even wants to!  Those desert-storm times and periods in each of our lives….Oh yea…It’s called LIFE!!

I think God understands…Actually, I know He does…We are all like children in one form or another…We all want to be loved, valued, respected, seen, and heard!  Come on…you can admit it…We all long for those wonderful feelings of being accepted and appreciated…What wife doesn’t like to hear the sentence, “Hon, that was a good meal.”  Or, what dad doesn’t like to hear, “Thanks, Pop, You’re the best.”  Or, what child doesn’t like to hear, “Well, done! I’m proud of you.”  And, for the most part, most of us enjoy our accolades with a little added, “attaboy pats,” pecks on the cheek (from those we love!) , and kind, sincere, gentle hugs….xxx’s and ooo’s!

Getting closer to God allows us to understand such needs in our lives…And, it helps us to understand that those needs are there for a purpose…They are put into our lives for us to seek God’s filling…and not that of the world or from others….(As well meaning as “others” wish to be.)  As one author stated, “When you get down to knowing that God is ALL you have, then you realize that God is all you need!”

But, in actuality, we do have God and we will always need God…Yet; because God does love us, He has also given us so many wonderful things to enjoy in this life…mainly….Life….Life Itself!  Oh, the JOYS of simply living in both the good and the bad…For one day, the bad will all be gone and we will be engulfed with  the Goodness of God forever and ever…and ever!  Hallelujah! What a Day That Will Be!!!

Instead of trying to impress God….Just be impressed by God, with God, and in God!!!

So, today, why not just be “impressed” with the fact that God loves you unconditionally; just as you are….No strings attached…And, the next time you need to ask God, “What Do You Really Want Me To Do,”  the answer simply might be….”Nothing at all child…Just be patient and wait on Me!”

Remember, God Loves You (And, me!)

Lin T Rollins, Author


“The Winds and Seas Obey…”

27 But the men marvelled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!  (Matthew 8:27 KJV)

Amazing!  Aren’t you glad that you know a “MAN” who is able to calm the raging winds and seas in your life?  A man whom the winds and seas “OBEY?”   I know I am, and his name is Jesus Christ.

Do the winds and seas in your life need to be calmed and quieted today?  Do you stand in need of peace of mind?  Do you feel as if the boisterous winds and the continuous white-capped raging waves hitting the side of your vessel are just more than you can stand?  Call out for Jesus… Only HE can calm the winds and seas of life…both physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual…

We all go through storms and seasons of storms within our lives; some more than others…But, we all know what it is like to be sailing on the “sea-of-life” and suddenly be hit by a storm and need a Savior to rescue us from the swelling tides…A Captain well-skilled in taking over our vessel and getting us safely to “the other side.”  (Matthew 8)

Some storms in life are more “predictable,” possibly even understandable.  But, some storms seem to come out of nowhere and insist on remaining active and thriving for days, weeks, months, and even years…Oh, how these storms rock our vessel and rock our world to the point of feeling as if we are going to fall off the planet!  How grateful I am that when “all” seems out of control, I can call on Jesus anytime, anywhere, and any place!

For a Christian believer and follower, Jesus is always aboard our boat; no matter what life’s storms may bring our way…Jesus sails the rough seas right beside me and you…He is well able to get us to the other side…”What manner of man is this that even the winds and seas obey!” 

Life’s “winds” and “seas” won’t obey my voice or command, but they do obey God’s.  So, by putting my hope, trust, and faith in Him, I know that HE can calm the storms of life and see me to the other side just as He did the disciples that day long, long ago on the Sea of Galilee.  Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever…A very present help in the time of trouble (need).

Trust Him today; put your faith in Him that no matter what may be happening or taking place, He knows; he understands; and only He can get you to the other side…”Jesus, there’s just something about that name!”  Praise Your Holy Name…Amen…

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T Rollins, Author

@copyright by Lin T Rollins Sept 2012

The Promises of God…

The Promises of God…

And, behold, I AM with thee…(Genesis 28:15)

What keeps us, as believers in God and Christ Jesus, doubting and not believing that God is right beside us in every matter, circumstance, and situation within our lives?  Why do we feel at times that we have been abandoned, left all alone, completely misunderstood by friend and foe alike, and in despair without hope or remedy when things aren’t going our way; especially for long extended periods of time?

Can you only imagine how Abraham and Sarah really felt as year after year passed by without the slightest sign of a child being born unto them, after God had promised Abraham that he would become the Father of Many Nations?  Can you understand why Sarah decided to take matters into her own hands and “make” the situation or “promise” happen faster by giving her handmaiden, Haggai, to know Abraham and birth him a child thinking that this would “help” God’s promise come about?  As if God needed her help? Oh, how that human interference resonates even today!  God, have mercy.

But, aren’t we all pretty much the same way?  How  many times have I possibly interfered with God’s plan for my own life believing I was “helping” God out in the matter?  How many choices have I made believing that “my” choices would bring about God’s will sooner, quicker, faster, and smoother?

Ours being an “instant” society and an impatient generation, don’t you believe Sarah did pretty well waiting two whole decades or longer before she finally gave in and decided to take matters into her own hands…Sadly, I do…Don’t you?  We all have a tenancy to take some sort of “action” or “reaction” in matters pertaining to our own lives within a few minutes, hours, days, or weeks…Waiting as long as she did was actually pretty amazing!!  We all have to admit that “waiting” for God’s plan to unfold and reveal itself is not always our strongest virtue!

God’s Promises…Waiting on God’s Promises…Have you ever thought about God’s Shield of Faith mentioned in Ephesians chapter six?  The type of armour the Apostle Paul was referring was not wimpy pieces of attire that just any old average person could put on and wear…The six pieces of armour were very heavy weighing several pounds a piece…Then, one would have to “hold up” a thirty pound shield moving it around and placing it over the area of the body to which the enemy was attacking and quickly moving it to another area as the enemy made another jab after  another jab…Exhausting to say the least!!!  Spiritual Warfare is NOT for wimps!

For a Christian to gird up and put on his or her daily Spiritual battle attire and gear, it takes believing faith and practicing faith in believing in God’s Promises that HE WILL NEVER LEAVE NOR FORSAKE US EVEN WHEN EVERYONE ELSE AROUND US HAS DESERTED US AND IS FAR GONE!  AN “All alone FAITH” requires a Greater FAITH!  Amen…

I would personally imagine that Abraham’s wife, Sarah felt all alone in her circumstances and situation…After all, it was she who was married to Abraham who had been promised by God a “seed” that would one day become the Father of many nations!  How was she to know that she would be in her 90’s before GOD determined to bring forth his great PROMISE!

We all have a tendency at times to believe if God doesn’t show up and show out within a reasonable amount of time that He has either forgotten all about us or His promises are simply not true…Yes; we, in fact, call God a liar within our hearts and minds and through our actions and reactions…God, Forbid and Have Mercy on ALL of US who become weak and weakened at times in our faith regarding your Divine Promises…

GOD IS FAITHFUL, by whom you were called unto the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. (I Corinthians 1:9 KJV).  On most days, if not every day, it would do us all good to exercise our Faith in God’s promises….Perhaps quote out loud the many promises of God that HE has bestowed upon His children…Gird up the loins of our mind in His promises!

Satan is a liar and the very father of lies…He is relentless in his efforts to get us to doubt our Heavenly Father’s promises…And, he (Satan) uses “time” as one of his favorite tools of doubt. He feeds our minds with thoughts such as,  “Well, the problem is still here…I don’t see God doing anything about it. If you want it to change, you better do it yourself, or it’ll be the same old way in a week, month, or year from now…Do you really want to wait that long and keep going on like this…If God really cared He’d do something by now…So, go ahead make that call, send that letter, tell that person what you really think and how you really feel… You need to stand up for yourself; no body else will…”    Oh, how we ALL fight such temptations and lies from Satan!

Yes; , the many “lies, lies, and lies” Satan haunts us  with day in and day out…No wonder so many of us give into his lies and take matters into our own hands…We “grow weary in well-doing.”  But, oh, how we regret when we do!  And, how we live “wishing”  ( perhaps for the rest of our lives)  that we hadn’t said this… or done that!  Sadly, I can relate to Sarah, can you?   But, let us learn to trust God and trust in His promises!

GOD IS FAITHFUL…And, HE will restore, repair, and remake our lives as we “learn” to trust more and WAIT upon the Lord…Today, both you and I can believe in God’s promises of assurance that He will neither leave nor forsake us…He will be with us even until the end…Hold HIGH your Shield of Faith over every area of doubt in your life…For the PROMISES OF GOD STAND TRUE AND FAITHFUL…JOY COMETH IN THE MORNING….AMEN!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

@copyright by Lin T Rollins Sept. 2012



“For the Lord is GOOD; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.” (Psalm 100:5)

The Lord God is Good…And, for so many that is easier to say and easier to believe when everything in life is going so well, so favorable, so manageable, and so doable…

But, what about the harder and more difficult times in life when things are not going so well, so favorable, so manageable, or so doable?  ANSWER:  GOD IS SO GOOD!  Neither our circumstances nor our situations in life change the fact or the truth that GOD IS SO GOOD!  Our God is a GOOD GOD 24/7 for all eternity…no matter what!

The name of my blog is, “Break Away.”  Even though I named my blog after my first published Christian novel, “Break Away,” I have discovered that it takes our willingness to “break away” from ALL things that distract us from God in order to Find God in All Things!  We all tend to be heavily bombarded by feelings, emotions, and influences all around us that make it nearly impossible to see God’s Sovereign Hand in ALL things…(Romans 8:28).  We must be willing to “break away” from these distractions in order to fully trust and lean on God…

So, for us to be able to SEE God’s unseen hand by FAITH in all things we must first Break Away from our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, our routines, our perceptions, our perspectives, our influences, our biases, and our notions that we have the “answer.”  Truth be known, for the most part….We, as human beings, possess lots and lots of “questions,” and our God has ALL the answers!  And, the “answers” that He wants us to know can be found in His Words, The Bible.  So, God is in actuality the “GO TO MAN!” (But, he is much, much more than a man!).

Today, like so many of you, I face circumstances and situations in my own life that are hard and difficult to swallow.  I don’t understand certain things and why they continue to daunt my life and that of my family’s…But, they do…So, I, too, have to “BREAK AWAY” from my personal feelings, emotions, and thoughts to TRUST God.

Oh, just like so many of you, I plea my case before the throne of God day and night…I have done so for many years now…But, God has not reached down to “change” the circumstances one bit.  If anything, I have watched it grow worse and worse…But, the one thing God is changing is me!  I am learning to take deep breaths and get through the day knowing that God is on the throne and ALL is well; no matter how I feel!!  All is Well…It is Well With My Soul!!  (Not always an easy thing to do, but in time God will bring his children to a place of “rest” even when the storm is hollowing all around us.)

Today, want you share in my Joy (The JOY of the Lord is my strength! Nehemiah 8:10)  that our God is So Good!  No matter your circumstance.  No matter your trial.  No matter your heartbreak.  No matter your storm…God is So Good!  He loves you today and nothing that you can do or say will ever cause Him to love you anymore or any less….His LOVE is everlasting and far, far above anything we can ever think or imagine…That is why HE IS GOD…And, GOD IS SO GOOD!  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by Lin T Rollins, Sept. 2012


Hallelujah! He’s Coming Again!

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.  (Matthew 24:42)

Like so many of you, I wait in great anticipation for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his Bride; the New Testament Church; an eschatological event also referred to as the Rapture of the Church, The Second Coming of Christ, and The Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Rev. 19: 7-10).  

There are actually two future returns of Christ to take place…First, the “Gathering of the Saints” (the Bride or the Church) in the air to meet Christ as described in 1 Thessalonians 4:17:

17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. (KJV).

Then, seven years after the rapture of the church (and the completion of the Great Tribulation), Christ will return to Earth as Lord of Lords and King of Kings. This time to set up His throne in Jerusalem to rule and reign over planet Earth for a thousand glorious years as foretold in Revelation chapters 19-20.

Then, Revelation chapters 21-22 describe Heaven and Earth in their new, sinless, eternal state as we, both Old Testament Saints and New Testament Saints alike, abide together with Christ forever and ever.  Hallelujah! Paradise restored through the victorious Blood of the Lamb…Amen!

But, as Christians, let me ask you a question…What are we actually doing to prepare for these great futuristic events?  John-the-Baptist preached a message, “I must decrease and He (Jesus Christ) must increase” (John 3:30).  Using this passage as a foundation, we must allow ourselves; especially our earthly-minded attitudes and mindsets, to decrease so that Jesus will increase…But, sadly, most of us, even as believers, are still running around and living within the boundaries of “present-day- living” and not demonstrating a Blessed HOPE in our heavenly future, prophesied events, or eternal happenings.

Question:  What parent does NOT prepare for the birth of their child??  What parent does NOT tell others of the forthcoming birth of their child?  Only an unwise, foolish mother-to-be would just walk around, growing in size day by day, and dismiss any and all opportunities to prepare for and announce the birth of their child.

Usually, the only mother-to-be who would behave in such a mindset would be one who is perhaps ashamed of the child they are carrying….Nevertheless, the Bible clearly teaches that if we are ashamed of Christ here on earth that He will be ashamed of us in Glory before His Father’s throne….Whosoever therefore shall be ashamed of me and of my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of him also shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. (Mark 8:38)….  Oh, HE’S COMING!!   HE’S COMING AGAIN!!  I AM PREPARING AND MAKING PREPARATIONS FOR HIS SOON COMING!!

I am no theologian, and I’m certain the statement I am about to make can be debated, but I am a retired English teacher and if you take the above scripture in its content and context, it would seem to me that the Lord is possibly speaking to a “generation” or “the” generation that is closest to seeing Him “cometh in the glory of his Father…”  Since NO generation or  no man knoweth the exact day, hour, and time our Lord will return in the glory of his Father, then it would appear to me that “every” generation is accountable and responsible for telling and spreading the Good News of Christ’s Return!!  No excuses!

Just as excited as I was to foretell the birth of my twin daughters and the birth of my youngest daughter, I am to be as excited to tell the forthcoming return of my Savior!!  HE’S COMING AGAIN!!!

And, I believe it is very, very soon!!  The signs are all around us…Just as I knew that the swelling of my feet and the swelling of my tummy let me know that the coming of my baby was getting closer and closer, the “signs” of Christ return are telling each of us the same thing….It is getting closer and closer… Every time I listen to the news, I can see the swelling tides announcing the soon coming of Christ!  An event unparalleled by any and all…Amen…

Today, announce to someone that Jesus is Coming!  Today, prepare and make preparation for His soon return…Don’t make the mistake of being “timid” and “shy,” afraid that some will call you a fatanic….Just as you excitedly announced the forthcoming birth of your child….Tell the world that Jesus is coming soon!  Amen…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

@ copyrighted by Lin T Rollins, September 2012

The Power of Manipulation…

The Effectual and Destructive Power of Manipulation…

Take heed that no man deceive you…(Matthew 24:4)

I had a recent encounter that provided itself with the opportunity to witness both the effectual and destructive power of manipulation…  I was somewhat amazed at how God was showing me this as the encounter played out in front of me…

What is “manipulation?”  According to Encarta:   to control or influence somebody or something in an ingenious (clever, brilliant)  or devious (underhanded, misleading) manner or way.  Manipulation can come in the form of a smile and handshake to a daunting sigh and shake-of-the-head!  In other words, All gossip can be manipulating, but not all manipulations come in the form of gossip!!! 

Oh, how much better off our world would be if we simply said, “Yea,” “Yea,” or “Nae,” “Nae.”   End of story.  But, we don’t like to end at such limited information…After all, we are an “informational” society!!  There’s always a story to be told and we’re just dying to tell it!  Good or bad…

I saw this happen over and over (and sadly over again) in “some” of the churches where my husband was the Pastor.   People are often “Liked” or “Disliked” by association; by what “someone” else has said or spoken…Sadly, very few of us are actually judged on our own merit or abilities (or, lack thereof!).  It’s all in who we know and how “they” feel about us at the moment….And, how they are willing to tell the world about us!  And, truth be known, for most people, how they feel and how they respond often depends on their last encounter or interaction… Either for the Good or Bad….Hopefully, it will be for the good!  But, that’s not aways the case.

People can “like” us and say all matters of “good” things about us; even pray for us….Then, as quickly as a blink-of-the-eye…You are dead meat kitty!  Believe me, I know what I am talking about!!!!   Then, all the years of accolades and sweet gestures are suddenly gone-with-the-wind and your name is mud!  Afterwards, everyone seems to want to jump on their bandwagon!!!  So, for every person they meet and greet they tell two..and they tell two…And they tell two….and suddenly your reputation is ruined and slandered due to their spin or take on the situation….All contributed to the Power of Manipulation by one person or one group….(Don’t foo yourself, the influence of one person is mighty powerful!)

Recently, I witnessed someone talking about the wife of someone in the ministry.  At first, the person speaking said nothing but good, uplifting, and encouraging words of praise.  So, the person who was listening perked up and seemed as if they had found a new best friend for life in the minister’s wife (without having even met her!)…Then, slowly the wheels of motion started turning (there seems to always be a turn!)….Now, that the “good” had been reported, it was time to shed light on the weaknesses…. (Couldn’t leave out the “weaknesses,” now could we!!!)  So, their voices got a little lower (slightly above a whisper) and there it was…”Well, she does have this problem…..”  (Be my guest…You fill in the blanks as you see fit!)…So, suddenly the perked-up-interest the listener was showing in getting better acquainted with the poor minister’s wife dulled into a, “Oh, What a shame….”  

Manipulation at its best!!!  Sadly, it seems to abound all around us; our churches, schools, place of employments, and even immediate families….

Question….What might it be like if our slates were blank? Our agendas empty?  Our pre-conceived notions unplugged and not working?  What if everyone we meet or know, including ourselves, could be judged individually by our own merit, works, and efforts before the “crowd” had time to dissect us and manipulate our reputations in the mud before we ever entered into the room or opened our mouths!!!   What a concept!

Once, my husband was being considered for a certain church.  One evening, during the process, we received a phone call from one of the members of the pulpit committee. He asked if my husband and I would meet with some folks who had a few questions…Sadly, my husband agreed to meet with these people…The outcome was so outrageous that it really doesn’t merit mentioning!  But, let’s just say that our pre-conceived reputations had been “manipulated” by a couple of people in that particular church who were not “fans” of ours at the moment!!!  The funny thing is, I can run into these very same people now (years later) and once again hugs and kisses with no regard to what their waggling tongues of manipulation had done to us!  Good thing the Lord teaches us to forgive one another!  And, truly, by His grace I have forgiven…It’s ok!

Being a Pastor and pastor’s family, you quickly learn to accept the good and the bad in situations and circumstances as a part of God’s divine leading…Not always an easy thing to do and often times very emotionally painful, but none the less the right thing to do if you are going to survive and be obedient to,  “Thus Saith the Lord!”  I accept that God may have used those people to bring about His will for our lives…How do I know?  Less than two weeks later, he was called to serve as Pastor at another church!  See, God does know best!!

Oh, my friend…We ALL need to watch closer what we say when we are put into a situation that affords us the opportunity to talk about another for the good or the bad….Remember, the “good” is not always to the level of “good” that we proclaim…And, the “bad” may not be as “bad” as we are making it out to be….Everyone has strengths and weaknesses…  We need to respect that in our lives.

Oh, how “we” need to be more careful!  Let’s all just try to be a little more “objective” and less “subjective” and try keeping our mouths shut just a little bit more and remember how our words can manipulate for the good or the bad….Let people make their own choices and form their own opinions without being “manipulated.”  It’s just healthier.

But, in closing, don’t forget….Our God sees and hears ALL!!!  Oh, how I look forward to the day when God will set all things right according to what HE KNOWS!!!  Amen.

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T  Rollins, Author

@copyright 2012 by Lin T Rollins


Sadly, Why We Are Hated…

Sadly,  Why We Are Hated…

Unfortunately, both image and perception rules within our vast global society…Even more sadly are the outlandish media images and the perceptions perceived from such images by a vast majority of the world that “ALL” Americans are the same:  Spoiled, greed-stricken party-animals who possess no respect for ourselves or  for our God…

After “googling” various images of  “USA,” I can better understand why the rest of the “world” thinks so lowly of us…Many of the images I saw were pretty disgusting…Skinny girls in very tiny red,white, and blue stringed bikinis holding sparklers in their hands…College-aged kids pouring beer on top of one another while waving the American flag…Excessive tattoos covering bare skin with images and words such as “I Love the USA.”  From these type of “images,” one would think that ALL Americans are nothing more than beer-drinking party animals on a selfish quest to gain, gain, and gain as much as the flesh desires and can indulge…These are the images Hollywood, Magazines, Reality TV, and U Tube are built upon and have contributed across our planet.

But, as with any race, creed, or nation NOT all of the population thinks, acts, believes, behaves, or feels the same way…Like all people, we, too, are individuals who gather with those who possess interests and similarities alike…We, as human beings, are social…YET, there are many humans in America who are NOT wild party-animals waving our flags high so that the world can see our absolute worse side!

We are a nation of individuals and individual families who love and care for one another, God, our daily blessings, respect of life, and our blessed nation.  Many of “us” work hard to achieve, and when we fall down we get back up and try again…We may not always achieve what we started out to achieve, but we do the best we can and leave the results in God’s hands.  Many of “us” love and pray for our families and friends and we live rather peaceful, non-eventful lives…Typically, our modest entertainment revolves around weekly little-leagues, soccer fields, and playing courts.  We try to live within and maintain our means with such things as grocery lists and coupons, and we wait for “seasonal” sales to buy that special outfit or needed gardening tool…

Oh, I know we are blessed above measure…We are spoiled; no doubt about it…I know that we take for granted such blessings each and every day…But, not ALL of us are willing to use every four-letter curse word in every situation and circumstance to get our family on reality TV!!  Some of us even still like a little privacy in our lives and conduct private closet-prayer meetings with God…  Do I hear an “Amen” in the house!

Yes, because Americans are seen pretty much by the rest of the world as one big huge open-air WAL-MART/GAP/ABERCROMBIE-FITCH store with limitless t-shirts, scanty bathing-suits, short-shorts, designer jeans, polo’s, tattoos, beer & chips, painted green nails and pedicures, WE are Hated….And, when you think about it, which one of us could actually stand up and argue their case??

What the world doesn’t see from such images is that America has been blessed of God…And, what they should see, instead of what they do see, is a nation on our knees thanking God each and every day for His blessings on us…They should see our churches and synagogues filled to capacity with grateful, modest-dressed souls Worshipping, Praising, giving THANKS, and paying tribute to God for His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. They should see us walking door to door evangelizing and taking the Gospel to the highways, hedges, and byways of our own land as well as global outreach programs…They should see us sitting around the dinner table each night with our precious families giving thanks for the food we are about to partake…They should see us pray before each sporting event, GOVERNMENT or town hall meetings…They should see a united people in faith and trust in the God of our Salvation…A CHRISTIAN nation UNDER AND UNTO GOD…They should Not see a 24/7, continued wild partying, wife-swapping, fornicating, beer-drinking, profanity-ridden society who thinks we have done it all by ourselves and nothing is out of our reach…Oh, how blinded we have become…

Dear Friend, This is why we are hated of  other nations… This is why “they” take to the streets to burn our flag, kill our soliders, and shout words of hate and anger toward us….They do not see the FEAR OF GOD rest and abide upon our lives…Lord, Have mercy upon us…And, bless and forgive those who hate and persecute us…And, open the blinded eyes of our own nation to return unto you, our Heavenly Father before it is too late..Amen.

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by Lin T Rollins 2012