Digging Deeper…With God…

Digging Deeper…With God…

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing (of the heart), whether it be good, or whether it be evil…Ecclesiastes 12:14 KJV

Examine yourselves…We live in a technology-savy world and global society that shares just about every detail of our lives…Facebook and Twitter ushered in the abilities to share with the world our every move from: “Eating a bag of M&M’s,” to “Standing in line at Starbucks.”  And, we all love it!!

Who’d ever believe that “common” folk would one day be as royal celebrities having followers tracking our every move!  Who’d ever believe that I could sit in the comfort of my dining room and blog my feelings, inspirations, and experiences of life in hopes of encouraging and helping others!  Tis the twenty-first century my friend!

Yet; the Bible is for ALL centuries, past, present, and future…For God is the same yesterday, today, and forever…And, when it comes down to it the only person that we have any control is our own personal self!  Therefore, it is a wise practice to “examine” ourselves…How?  The problem with some self-examination is that too many people examine themselves in comparison to the wrong things or to the wrong people…God is stating for us to “examine” ourselves in comparison to the Bible…What saith the Lord??? God’s Holy Word…How do we measure when compared to its teachings? Only then will we have the right and correct measuring instrument! Ouch!  “Oh, me!”…as the old-timers used to say!

Sadly, many people measure themselves to a particular church, denomination, group, or societal standard…God measures the heart…MOTIVE!!!  With God there are no hidden motives…WE all fall short of His glory!  Pure motive is the result of a pure heart before God; no hidden agenda…Just the “will” to see, know, experience, and have God’s will in the matter. Accepting God’s will and way over that of our own…Not forcing our own thoughts and perspectives but trusting that God will do the changing…if changing needs to be done!  At times, it takes long-suffering and patience to let go and let God…But, in the end…it is so worth it! Hallelujah!

So, what are we to do? Answer:  Humble ourselves before God and let God be the judge of our heart and actions. Submit ourselves to God’s ordnances and let Him work those things out in our lives that are simply too big for us to handle….What a relief!

TRUTH:  We all face problems, issues, complexities, adversities, conflicts, pains and hurts…We live in a post-Garden of Eden world…Ahh…to know what it must have been like before the fall of mankind…But, don’t fret…One day, for those of us who are believers and born-again in Christ Jesus, we will know what it is like to live in a perfect world interacting with a perfect God face to face…Amen!

But, until then…we press on weary pilgrim…press on…And, not just pressing on in agony, but learning to press on in LOVE, JOY, and PEACE….Learning to enjoy and live in the Fruit of the Spirit…LOVE< JOY< PEACE….Ahh…It can be done…But, it takes committment, trust, determination, dedication, and FAITH that God is working all things according to His plan and purpose (Romans 8:28).  Digging Deeper…With God!

So, today…dig deeper; keep DIGGING DEEPER…With God ALL things are possible!!!!  What you and I cannot do…God can do!! Amen

Remember, God Loves You.

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright Lin T Rollins


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