Jesus…There’s Just Somthing About that Name…

Jesus…There’s Just Something About that Name…

And, at the name of Jesus Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.

When Jesus is in the “house,” the world and everything within it changes…Jesus cannot be around without “change.”  And, change is exactly what He brought with Him from Glory when He came to live on planet Earth over two thousand years ago…Jesus, There’s Just Something About that Name…Name Above All Names…

Jesus can turn an old “sinner’s” unbelieving, uncaring, cold and unforgiving heart into a  warm, believing heart filled with the Righteousness of Christ; caring and loving.  Jesus can bring sunshine into a person’s life where it has been filled with darkness and despair for decades.  Jesus can turn a devastating set of circumstances into one of the most victorious experiences in life…Jesus can heal the broken-hearted and bind the wounds of the sick….How?  Because Jesus is God manifested in the flesh; creator of All things seen and unseen…(Wonderful; Counselor; Mighty God is He….(John 1:14)

At the name of Jesus, soldiers stop to rest, doctors stop to be awed and amazed, lawyers stop to agree, and nations stop to honor.  Oh, there’s just something about that name.

You may need to name the name of Jesus above ALL names today.  You may need to take the time to stop, bow, and pray unto the King of Kings and Lord of Lords who daily loads us up with His glorious benefits…Oh, today Jesus is above ALL…Won’t you Praise Him Today!!!!  There’s just something about that name…Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by Lin T Rollins


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