Love for the Sinner; Not the Sin…

Love for the Sinner; Not the Sin…

For God gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

There is a vast controversy in today’s global world between having God’s forgiving and compassionate love for a Sinner (the person) while possessing and maintaining an intense intolerance for sin (wrongful acts, alternative life styles, and evil mannerisms opposite or opposed to the teachings of the Holy Bible).

God did not send His Son to die for Sin…How do I know?  Because today sin still abides and thrives in the world, and it is still sending lost sinners (unbelievers or followers in Jesus Christ) under its rule and curse to a real burning place called Hell. (Revelation 20:12-15) God sent His Son to pay the ultimate sacrificial price for sin with His own life.  And, for those of us who accept Jesus Christ as our personal Savior there is redemption unto our souls.  Amen…We are no longer under the rule and curse of sin.  We are “bornagain” and our final abode and resting place will be with Christ in Glory (Heaven). (Rev. 21:7 & Rev. 22:7).

For those of us who are truly born-again, washed in the cleansing Blood of Jesus Christ, we hurt for those who still dwell in darkness and sin.  We know that their spiritual eyes have not yet been opened to sin and sin’s nature.  Therefore, it is very difficult to conduct any type of engaging, transforming conversation without the Power of the Holy Spirit working in the life of the unbeliever leading him or her to the Lord…Without God’s Power upon the matter, all of our own talk, efforts, and persuasions are in vain…A person cannot come unto the Lord except by the Power of God; the Holy Spirit…(John 17:24-26)

This is why it is nearly impossible for the news media or any other unbelieving source to rightfully discuss, or conduct a conversation, or report on things pertaining to God, the Lord, the believer, sin, and the ultimate penalty for sin.  Until a “sinner’s” eyes are opened they simply cannot see nor understand the teachings, truths, and meanings of God’s word…(Hebrew 10:25)…

This is also one reason why some denominations are in error when they “try” to “train” God’s ways to a lost person before conversion (the act of accepting Christ Jesus into their hearts and life)…Salvation must first come before a person can comprehend and understand the ways of God.  Then, and only then, can God, through the Power of the Holy Spirit “cleanse” a person’s ways.  Sadly, I have seen some churches, some preachers, and even other believers “try” to “clean-up” a man or woman before conversion by enforcing strict rules and rituals only to have that person return to his or her own ways, behaviors, and former mannerisms…True, we all fall down, but the Bible says that a “righteous” man (one born-again through Jesus Christ) can fall down seven times seven and will be picked back up by the Lord himself and returned to God’s teachings and God’s ways….”Not by works less any man should boast.”

So, what does it mean to have “Love” for the sinner and Not the sin?  Simple.  God loves people…not their sinful ways!   “For All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.” (Romans 10).  But, for those who “choose” to neglect the ways of the Lord and the free-gift of Salvation not only “fall short of His Glory,” but will miss his plan of redemption all together…How truly sad that a person will choose his or her own life style filled with deceits and untruths rather than accept the true, pure, and unadulterated Love of God…God doesn’t ask nor does He need our perfections, because He is our Perfection!  But, he does require our Life; one dedicated unto Him and His leading and teachings; not those of our own choosing.

When the Bible says that “lying” is a sin…It is a sin; one that has to be confessed, repented of, and turned away from.  When the Bible says that fornication and adultery are sins…They are sins that must be confessed, repented of, and turned away from.  When the Bible says that undue anger is a sin…It is a sin;one that has to be confessed, repented of, and turned away from.  When the Bible says that it is wrong and a sin for a man to lust after another man or a woman to lust after another woman working that which is unseemly (Romans chapter one)…It is sin; one that has to be confessed, repented of, and turned away from.

When a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior and the Holy Spirit takes up residency in their life, they will turn from and walk away from previous desired sins and lifestyles; even if they fall back into them for a short span.  I know this to be true.  My husband was saved at the age of sixteen.  However, around the age of twenty-two he “chose” to start running around with a group of men who drank, smoke, and gambled much of their earnings over the weekends.  His behavior greatly grieved his mother and father who were dedicated Christians.  After several years of prayers by both his parents and eventually me, as his wife,  my husband, at the age of twenty-seven, repented from drinking alcohol and beer and returned to his church-raisings.  At that time, we both loss several close friends and acquaintances.  A few short years later, after he accepted the “call” into the ministry to Preach God’s Word and repented from smoking cigarettes as well, we loss even more close friends and acquaintances.  The former social gatherings that we once had been invited suddenly ceased…Our lives had taken on new meaning and direction; and our circle of friends and acquaintances changed because of it (Behold, old (or former) things are passed away and behold all things are become new. II Cor. 5:17).

Obedience and application are the absolute Key to fully understanding and living God’s Word out loud…There comes a time in every man’s life when he or she will have to make the switch or change, or they will face the consequences; even the reality of an eternal consequence without God or God’s Grace… Yes; God Loves the Sinner…But NOT the sin.

Today, you may be struggling with a lifestyle that does NOT line up with God’s word…There may be things that you are doing that you know are unpleasing to God…If so, you are endangered of judgment, or as an unbeliever an eternal separation from God and God’s Mercy and Grace.  While it is yet day and there is breath in your soul and body, confess your sin(s), repent, and turn away from your sins and Call upon the name of the Heavenly Father to save you and to restore your life back unto Him.  If you are unsure or confused over certain issues and there is no one to help you in this process, I encourage you to call a Bible-believing church in your area to seek out pastoral counseling…But, always remember, God is a “prayer” (talking to God) away…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

copyright by Lin T Rollins


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