Future Citizen of Heaven…

Future Citizen of Heaven…

Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellow-citizens with the saints (children of God), and of the household of God.   (Ephesians 2:19 KJV).

Well, this morning I am back home after vacationing in Destin, Florida for the past seven days.  What a wonderful time my husband and I had.  During our trip, we were fortunate enough to be in Destin for the traditional “Blessings of the Fleet.”  Seeing the harbor filled with splendid ships and boats as they proudly paraded in front of the priests for a special “blessing-of-the-season” was quite an interesting and majestic sight to behold; especially as the sun was setting over the sparkling white-sandy coastline…Breath-taking beauty!  The special, yearly harbor event is only opened to the owners of the ships and their captains along with special invited guests…The rest of “us,” watching from the docks, were only spectators.

As I was reflecting upon that moment, I thought about another parade that will occur in the future, in the glorious city of Heaven, as the saints of God pass before the Throne of God praising Him for all eternity…At that time, I won’t be just a “spectator,” I will be in the midst of the parade!  What a glorious time that will be as the saints gather around the crystal sea praising and thanking God for his everlasting blessings!

I am quite sure that the owners of those magnificence ships paid very good money to own such vessels.  And, with ownership of anything worthy comes certain advantages and privileges…Did you know that we, as Christians, come with certain advantages and priviledges?  Our God paid the supreme price for our ownership…He gave his own life through Jesus Christ to buy us back from the slave block of sin. Now, as heirs of the King, we have access to the Throne Room of God through prayer as well as the many promises granted unto us as his adopted children through the Blood of Jesus Christ.  We are, indeed, blessed of God.  What privileges we have!

Just as those ship owners were granted privilege that day to participate in the “blessings-of-the-season,” I am granted privilege to receive God’s loving blessings, provisions, and protection for the rest of my life!  How?  Through Jesus Christ; my wonderful blessed redeemer!

Oh, my friend, today is a wonderful day in the Lord…No matter what you may be facing; no matter what may be your tide here on earth…God, our great Captain of Salvation, has already made the way and paid the way for you and me to make it safely to the other side (Heaven) where we will one day abide and live forever more in His beautiful paradise…No more night; no more pain; no more worries…What Hope we have in Jesus!

As Christians, we have the secured promise of being future citizens of Heaven with all of its privileges and blessings to behold!  What a Day That Will Be!  Won’t you Praise Him today; our Captain and owner of our Salvation!   

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author


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