American Idols

American Idols

“Before ME no god was formed, nor will there be one after me.” (Isaiah 43:10 KJV)

We don’t really think of “them” as idols or gods, but the Bible clearly teaches that “anything” we set up in our hearts and minds as being “bigger” than GOD, or that we focus our thoughts, time, efforts, and attention more than anything else in our lives is, by definition, an idol.

Scary; isn’t it…The question is NOT what is or who is your idol?  The question is, “How many idols do we have within our lives?”  If we are completely honest, we’d have to hang our heads and respond, “Many.”  Many are the idols of our lives.

Oh, I can hear a few readers responding, “Well, that might be you, but it’s definitely not me. I don’t have any idols in my life!”   Good for you!  But, let me ask you this question.  What “things” in your life are you willing to totally walk away from, give up, or never pay any more attention, time, or effort towards?  I can hear the “rocks” dropping now.  I feel that we are all guilty of making certain things or people within our lives idols at one time or another.  Sadly, it just happens…And, even as Christians, we have to be on our guard not to allow those times to destroy us or to negatively affect our relationship with God…

Out of sixty-six books in the Bible, only one man, Job, proclaimed, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.”  The Bible teaches that Job was a mature, perfect man before God who “never” foolishly accused God of anything; no matter how terrible the situation… Personally, I can’t say that…And, most likely neither can anyone else but Job (And, of course Jesus Christ) boast of such faith and devotion unto God!

So, whether we want to admit it or not…we all have idols at times within our lives…Those specific things that take our hearts and minds away from and off of God and His soverignity…Such things as fear, worry, and anxieties to say just a few…So, what are we, as Christians, to do?

First, we examine ourselves daily in the Lord and see just how “unholy” we really are…Then, by faith we “confess” our sins, faults, and failures asking God to forgive us through his Son, Jesus Christ..(I John 1:9)  Next, we thank God for his daily renewed mercies and daily forgiveness…Then, we ask God to empower us through the Holy Spirit to walk according to His will for our lives and to ever increase our faith to meet each need and care within our lives.  * Please note…This is NOT an easy-step “generic” formula to be taken lightly…I’m using this method as a catalyst to get started allowing the Holy Spirit to take over and direct your own, individual, examination before the Lord.

Also, this is NOT a one-time prayer….Oh, no my friend…Idols “pop-up” in our lives like pop-corn…We are humans and we must always be on guard of our emotions, thoughts, and actions…Before we know it “something” or “someone” can take into captivity our thoughts, focus, and attention away from God…The mind will always be the toughest battleground for a Christian.  Even though the Victory has been won…the battle of the mind (and body) still rages day after day!

Today, you may want to take a few minutes to reflect upon “what” things you think about most often in your own life…Thinking about  the “right” things in our lives such as family, friends, jobs, and securities are never wrong…but they can easily become out-of-balance when we do NOT include God and God’s will within each area…

Prayer:  “Lord, help me not to set up anything in my mind and thoughts “bigger” than you.  Examine my life and let me bring “everything” in my life to your feet. You are my Supreme God and ruler of my life.  Let me be empowered with your Spirit knowing that you have ALL things in control within my life and in the world. Let me give thanks unto you for your daily provisions, protection, and promise to never leave nor forsake me unto the end.  Thank you God for being such a wonderful and loving God… I rest in you…Amen.”

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T Rollins, Author

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