From Sea to Sea…

From Sea to Sea…

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. (Psalm 72:8 KJV)

As a Christian, it is impossible to be standing alongside the beautiful ocean and NOT see the mighty Hand of God.  The vastness of the ocean itself provides a small tangible backdrop into the enormity and greatness of our Lord.

Wave after wave reminds me that God controls not only the boundaries of the earth’s waters, but He also controls the boundaries of my life…No man is an “island unto himself.”  We exist because God exists, and we breathe because God breathed life into us.  Amen!!  God’s beautiful world…God’s beautiful creation…

Honestly, I feel terribly sorry for anyone who doesn’t believe in God…I mean what do non-believers think about as they peer out over the beautiful white-capped waves hitting the sandy shoreline?  Do they think about an “explosion” of some sort that brought about all the beauty that their eyes are beholding?  Sad…Do they think about the tadpole that swam ashore and eventually evolved into a man?  Sad…  Do they think about the hundreds of species of birds flying in the sky or the countless number of mammals swimming in the ocean that just popped out and popped up one day?  Sad…  To the sad “unbeliever, I suppose everything has to be in a test tube or have some sort of scientific theory to explain its existence…Ahh…But, as Christians, we have the sweetness of Faith…And, Faith is so much more rewarding!

As Christians, we can enjoy all the Good stuff of God through Faith and in Faith through HIm….Ahhh…He created the ocean…Ahhh…He created the fish….Ahhh…He created the birds….Ahhh…He created the clouds…Ahhh…He created the beach…Ahhh…He created mankind…Ahhh…

Think about it….Believing in God through Faith just makes life itself happier and a whole lot simpler and relaxing than trying to figure it all out without God!!

So, today, as I leave our condo to walk back down to the beach to enjoy God’s creation…my mind can rest in the fact that God has complete dominion from sea to sea….Ahhh…Sweet, peaceful faith…How it adds to the beauty of a Christian’s life and vacation!!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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