“Got Leadership!”

“Got Leadership?”

“And, the LORD shall be KING over all the earth; in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name ONE.”  (Zechariah 14:9)

I firmly believe that there are three main  “on-going attributes (characteristics and traits) that define a truly outstanding and effective leader: “Leading,” “Uniting,” and “Inspiring.” 

Just as a seasoned, skilled Commander LEADS his forces into battle, UNITING them with a common goal and purpose, and INSPIRING them with a passion of total self-abandonment…Our KING OF KINGS, Jesus Christ,  will one day triumphantly march across this planet ending forever and ever…. ALL of mankind’s search and need to find the perfect leader“Got Leadership?”  Yes; In Jesus Christ!

But, until that glorious eternal day arrives, we, as a people, family, vocation, and nation continue to seek out effective and outstanding leadership.  Mankind has always purposely sought out effective leaders; even from the beginning of time….Noah was a leader…He led, united, and inspired his family of eight to enter into the Ark of safety.  Moses (truly one of life’s greatest, most effective, and inspirational leaders) led an entire nation out of bondage.  Joshua, a great military commander with a divine courage and vision, led his nation’s armies through many heated battles to victory.  King David, God’s own anointed and appointed king, stirred his people with tenacity, strength, courage, hope, purpose, and passion…What great leaders these men were!

Centuries later, another great leader arose; a gentle carpenter from Galilee who rallied the entire world, leading, uniting, and inspiring all walks of life to an eternal “CAUSE” of Love, Compassion, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, and Kinship…Oh, the leading, uniting, and inspiring life of Jesus Christ!       

But, what about today?  What about today’s families, industries, professions, learning institutions, work-markets, governments, communities, nations, and global societies? Does our hearts not burn within us to once again see such great leadership?  Such purpose?  Such unity?  Such passion and dedication?”   Oh, how our world (all things and peoples included) needs men and women; dads and moms, engulfed with, empowered with, dedicated to, and possessed with outstanding “LEADERSHIP” traits and qualities.  Those who not only CAN… BUT WILL  lead, unite, and inspire for the common good of ALL stakeholders involved.

We need fathers who lead, unite, and inspire their children and families.  We need mothers who lead, unite, and inspire their sons and daughters.  We need teachers who teach, lead, unite, and inspire their students in positive and productive ways.  We need coaches who will coach, train, lead, unite, and inspire their players to play with all their heart, soul, and might for the common good of the team.  We need civic leaders and government leaders who stop pursuing personal and professional agendas and resumes to lead, unite, and inspire their communities and constituents for the common good of ALL.  We need state and national leaders who  are willing to stop being professional politicians long enough to recall, remember, and rededicate themselves to lead, unite, and inspire our great country….not to break-down, to break-up, and to destroy our nation’s Christian heritage and firm foundation…We need leaders who openly and truthfully, without hypocrisy, submit unto God…and are willing to lead according to His standards, plan and purpose; and not their own!

We need pastors and preachers to stop building up themselves and build up the Kingdom of God!  Pastors and preachers who “lead,” “unite,” and “inspire” their congregations.  “Lead” them to Jesus (Evangelize)  “Unite” Them in Purpose (Discipleship).  “Inspire” them to live “godly” lives (Fellowship with God and one another!)  (Wow! I’m on a roll!  smile…)!

As a people, we have seen “pockets” of outstanding leadership here and there.  Perhaps a parent, grandparent, friend, relative, pastor, boss, mentor, coach, professor, or eduator who helped to spur us along life’s course….They inspired and motivated us to remain steadfast towards our goals; individual and cooperate.  Those who helped to hold our hands within theirs when we needed it the most.  Those who inspired us to always keep on keeping on…even in the face of adversities…

Oh, the joy of being led, united, and inspired by an effective leader for the common good of ALL…Today, you may be a leader, a teacher, a coach, a pastor, or a civic leader….If so; I encourage you to dig a little deeper and see if you are truly “leading,” “uniting,” and “inspiring” your followers; those who are looking unto you for guidance and direction….If you reach the conclusion that you are NOT doing your best…Then…Stop…Admit it to God….Seek God’s Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy…Then, Pray to be empowered with HIS leadership attributes. (The Holy Spirit)…Then, and only then, can you truly lead, unite, and inspire!  “Got Leadership!”  I hope so…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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