Mercy…God’s Love and Mercy

Mercy…God’s Love and Mercy…

 “O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.”

1 Chronicles 16:34

I am not sure if reflecting upon ALL of God’s mercies bestowed upon mankind is something we think about more often as we get older and wiser, or do we think about God’s mercies more often as we become better enlightened and acutely aware of the mercies He has bestowed upon our own individual life?  Perhaps, it is a combination of both; being aware of the two…God has bestowed abundant mercies upon all of mankind, and he has bestowed abundant mercies upon my life.  And, the older I get the more aware I become of this fact!

The opposite of “mercy” can be found in harshness, unforgivness, penalty, and a complete lack of pity, kindness, and compassion; especially from a position of “authority.”  Example:  “The judge took NO pity upon him and gave him the maximum penalty.”   However, each day, our God, the Supreme Judge and Omnipotent Source of Authority in both Heaven and Earth grants countless acts of mercy and kindness from his all-powerful throne room on high!  Daily, His mercies renew….Praise be unto God!! Can you even imagine what life would be like without God’s mercies!!!

What if God was harsh, unforgiving, unkind, and showed no pity or compassion upon our lives and the innumerable accounts of violations we commit against His Holiness each day?  Oh, I would hate to live in a world without God’s mercy.

But, how often do we fail to show mercy and demonstrate kindness and forgiveness towards others?  I know that I am certainly guilty of such.  What if God did unto us what we did unto Him?  Scary; isn’t it?  As being humans, we only know Mercy because of God, the Mercy-Giver.  God’s very first act of kindness and mercy was demonstrated in the Garden of Eden at the fall of mankind….Ever since that moment in time, God has been demonstrating continual acts of kindness and mercy towards his children…Those who believe in Him and seek out His kindness and mercies.

When I was a child growing up, I did not go to my neighbor’s house to ask forgiveness and mercy when I did something wrong that day in school.  I went to my own father and sought his forgiveness…Why?  Because I didn’t BELONG to my neighbor…I belonged to my father; I was his child!  For those of us who are God’s children through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, we, too, can seek our Father’s forgiveness and mercy when we have transgressed (sinned)…Oh, how wonderful it is to have a personal relationship with God the Father through God the Son!

This morning, you may be in need of kindness and mercy; someone in authority who will show and demonstrate compassion and sympathy unto you…Your heart longs for this type of love….I would like to suggest that you take your “case” to God the Father.  His mercies endure from generation unto generation and they renew daily.   God is rich in mercy….Oh, what an abundant source of Love and Grace we can find in God’s mercies.

Mercy…Mercy…God’s Love and Mercy has saved both you…you and me…If we had gotten justice we’d surely be lost, but we found mercy when we knelt at the Cross!  (I love this old hymn.)

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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