Behold the Lamb of God…

Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. (John 1:29)

In the account of the “Fall of Mankind,” found written in the book of Genesis chapter three, it tells of our Heavenly Father and Creator, God, making garments (or coats) of “skin” to clothe his beloved; now fallen to the curse of sinAdam and Eve.  Oh, how this depicts both the joy and pain experienced on that earthly and Biblical historic day.

As God gently bent down from Heaven to pick up an animal of His own choosing to sacrifice in order to remove its outer skin to provide both warmth and coverings for his two naked children, I wonder if perhaps tears may have come to the eyes of Adam as he saw one of the animals he had earlier named lose its life for both he and his wife’s sin?  And, did it also bring a tear to God’s eyes as he knew that one day in the future it would be His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to sacrifice His own life for the sins of the entire world?

So, what made this day of unprecedented grief in the Garden also joyous?  Well, from a physical perspective…There stood both Adam and Eve unclothed and naked in their sin.  Open shame now replaced their innocent fellowship with God; yet, looking around the Garden,  even the animals wore suited “coats of skin” untarnished by sin…  I can only imagine as God wrapped his children in warm skins-of-clothing that their hearts finally relaxed and rejoiced in their new garments…As did God’s! Their sin(s) were now covered through blood sacrifice…They were once again in fellowship with God…But, not without suffering lasting consequences while living on planet Earth….A consequence that will remain until the Second coming of Jesus Christ! (An event that I feel is not too far away!)

Even at that most precise moment in the life of mankind, God had a plan….Three thousand years into the future….God, himself, would one day put on garments of fleshly apparel (John 1:14) and walk among mankind as the unblemished, unspotted Lamb of God who would “take aways the sins of the world.”  Praise be unto God for His Son, Jesus Christ; our blessed Savior and Redeemer!

Today, you may be standing in your own “shame of sin;” having broken fellowship with your Heavenly Father and Creator.  You, too, may be in need of warmth and covering from your past or present choices and decisions that break God’s laws…However, even though God hates “sin,” He has always loved his creation (mankind)…Just as he lovingly and gently bent down that atoning day in the Garden of Eden to clothe his “sinful” children and to bring them back into fellowship with Him, He can do the same for you today…How? Through God’s eternal atonement and sacrifice for Sin, Jesus Christ, who takes away the sins of the world!  Oh, the JOY of being clothe in Christ Jesus!

For God so Love the World that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever shall believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life…for God sent His son not into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be Saved…” John 3:16-17. 

You don’t have to spend another second “unclothed” and in shame for your sins, God loves you so much that He wants to clothe you in His own Son’s righteousness…There is ONLY one way to be reconciled, redeemed, back to God…Only ONE way to regain fellowship with your Heavenly Creator…and that’s through the Lamb of God that takes aways the sins of the world…Jesus Christ.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


The Doorposts of Your House…

“You shall write them (God’s Law) on the doorposts of your house and your gates.” Deuteronomy 6:6-9

This morning, while scanning through my FB account, I saw where someone had posted a devotion from Christian author and speaker, Kay Arthur.  After reading it, I had some thoughts of my own that I would like to express.  First, I’m going to  paste the scripture used by Mrs. Arthur and her devotion..Then, I will write my blog response.  I hope you will enjoy both…

By Kay Arthur…
“These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand and they shall be as frontals on your forehead. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.” – Deuteronomy 6:6–9…. One of the most important responsibilities of a leader is to train a successor. Christians are only one generation away from either being in the middle of God’s will or totally out of it. Each generation must be prepared to embrace their own personal relationship with God and to walk in obedience to His word. How are you investing in the next generation?
By Me….(Lin T Rollins)  I have written on this topic myself in the past, but I feel it is worth revisiting.  The Old Testament books of Kings and Chronicles record generation after generation of those who DID and DID NOT follow God’s ways and laws.  Studying through these books, one can conclude that it’s not Mom and Dad nor Grandma and Grandpa that decides how “YOU” will choose to live…
I have seen horrible choices and decisions made by children, teens, and adults alike who were carried to wonderful churches, sat under wonderful godly sermons; but, something went terribly wrong!  Sadly, our jails are NOT only filled with lost, dying sinners.
On the other hand, I have personally witnessed  those children and teens who were NOT taken to church, not exposed to God’s ways during their raising; yet after becoming an adult CHOSE God’s ways for their life…. It’s a matter of “personal” choice…
God is NOT only into SAVING (the act of salvation) those who walk the narrow way all of their lives…He also enjoys and LOVES to save those who were once on the broad road to destruction!  I taught for three years in a very highly at-risk middle school. The stories from some of my students were often tragic and very shocking to say the least.  I once had an eight-grade boy to sincerely ask me if I ever hid under my bed from drug dealers?  And, he was not kidding!  He lived in an apartment complex that was ridden with drug dealers.  I also had one student to get off his school bus and walk home only to discover that his mother and her boyfriend had moved out during the day without him and left NO word of her whereabouts…I’m talking some very sad stuff here….
Having a tender heart for so many of my students’ lives, I used to tell them that they were NOT responsible for the choices made by their parents or guardians…I would say things like, “It’s not your past that defines you, but your future!”  I had a motto in my classroom that I borrowed from NASA, “Failure is NOT an option.”  I didn’t want any of my students to fail or to make some of the same bad choices that their friends and families had made.   That’s exactly how GOD is with each one of us…”Failure is NOT an option” with God…God CANNOT fail!! And, God wants each of us to make the right choices and right decision through HIM.
Today, you may be from a family that NEVER misses a single church service.  That’s wonderful. You have a great foundational blessing in your life….Don’t take IT for granted…But, you can’t get to Heaven on your parents choices…You must make your own choice and decision as to how you are going to live…Then, you may be like I was growing up…My parents only attended church a few times in my life…I went to church with friends and neighbors most of the time.  But, after I grew up and became a mother myself, I wanted to know God better and to follow His teachings for my life…
Oh, I’m so glad that I did…I can truly testify that GOD has never made one mistake in my life…I have let Him down more times than I can count, but HE has never let me down, nor ever will HE.  It is my prayer that you will make the RIGHT choice…Remember, as I told my students, “It’s NOT your past that defines you, but your future!”
Remember, God Loves You!
Lin T. Rollins, Author

I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke…

“I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke…”

Go therefore, and teach ALL nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son (Jesus Christ), and of the Holy Ghost…Matthew 28:19

The year…1971.  I was fourteen years old when the Coca-Cola Bottling Company launch a brilliant campaign enlightening all Americans that we were not the only ones on  the planet who enjoyed drinking the Atlanta-based soda that we referred to as the “real thing!”  For those of us who are fifty-years-old (and older!), we can remember walking around humming the catchy tune…”I’d like to buy the world a Coke…It’s the real thing, in the back of your mind, what you’re hoping to find; it’s the real thing…Coke.” 

Over the next several decades, with added technologies,  we would all become familiar with terms such as, “Global Society,” and “Global Markets.”  An unfamiliar, new concept for a young girl growing up in a rural southern town where the majority of people knew one another, attended the same high school, and for many the same churches.  Our very own little “niche” on planet Earth.

But, that has all changed in my life time.  Life is all about change…Many of the town’s original buildings remain standing and many of its citizens and their families still live close by, but it’s not the small, simple town that it once used to be with its ONE caution light and ONE Dairy Queen!  Like most ONCE smaller towns, we now have four-lane highways surrounding the city with a Home Depot Store, Wal-Mart, and a larger variety of restaurants.  We no longer have a “need” to “drive into town” on Saturday mornings to do our shopping…a wealth of shops are all around us!!  Now-a-days, one can drive the town’s entire city-limits and never see a familiar face…The “world” came to our door-steps!

There was also a time when churches sent out missionaries all over the world to foreign, unknown places to preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thankfully, many still do.  But, America is now a much more blended society made up of many different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs than it was in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s…So, let me ask you a question?  As Christians, believers in Jesus Christ, have we done our part here at home to reach our nation’s many families for Jesus Christ?  Or, have we simply adopted the philosophy to “back-off” and tell ourselves and one another,  “Well, to each his own.”  I fear the latter.

How is it that we are willing to put money into the offering plate to send a missionary to China, but unwilling to walk across the street to share the Gospel with our neighbor?  We need to do more than “buy the world a Coke.”  We need to tell them about Jesus!  Does the scripture, “Go, ye therefore, and teach all nations,” have a mileage limit on it?  I mean does the word, “Go,” mean to “go” more than ten miles, one-hundred miles, or a thousand miles away?” Or, can it also mean…”Go to the post office; Go to the bank, Go to the super-market, or Go to the neighbor across the street.”  You decide…

I guess this has been bothering me lately.  In the 70’s when my husband and I bought our first home, I invited nearly every neighbor in our subdivision at one time or another to church.  Over the eighteen years that we lived there, we saw several of our neighbors get saved (born-again), baptized, and join various churches.  I’m not saying that “I” was the only source of encouragement they had to start attending church, but I do know that our family was a witness to our neighbors as they saw us faithfully get into our vehicle every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday to go to the House of the Lord.  They saw that we were “dedicated” to a “cause” that was bigger than ourselves!  God!

But, honestly, we have been living at our current residency for the past ten years, and I haven’t witnessed to very many of my neighbors about Jesus; like I once did.  Truth be known, I hardly know the names of those who live right around me!  Yes; our current neighbors see my husband and I attend church each Sunday and Wednesday, but I don’t think they pay a whole lot attention to us!  We don’t have little children running through the neighborhood, riding their bikes up and down the street, or attending nearby schools.  We are now older adults with adult children…Of course, we do enjoy when our adult children and grandchildren visit…and later go home! LOL!

Nevertheless, just like Coca-cola wanted to “buy the world a Coke” back in the 70’s,  we need to be reminded that the “world” still needs to hear about Jesus; and that the world first includes our families and neighbors!  Maybe, if we, as Christians, started witnessing to our neighbors and neighborhoods once again (like we used to!), we’d start seeing more people accepting Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  The world is at our finger-tips…what are we waiting on?

Instead of just sharing a “Coke” with the world….Let’s share “Jesus Christ.”

My version of the Coke’s song:  “I’d like to tell the world of God, and how he saved my soul…I’d like to tell both far and near, that Jesus loves us all…He’s the real thing….He’s God’s Only Son… He’s the only ONE…He’s the real thing!” 

I have to admit…that’s kinda cute…LOL!

Remember God Loves You and Enjoy Witnessing to Someone today!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

You Do Have a Choice…

You Do Have a Choice…

“…Choose you this day whom ye will serve; but as far as me and my household we will serve the Lord.”

Joshua 24:15

This morning as I was pondering a rather unpleasant ongoing situation in my life, I thought to myself, “Well, I really don’t have a choice in the matter.”  No sooner than the words finished drifting through my thoughts…another concept flooded my mind with much more intensity and truth… “Yes, you do have a choice.”

Since I believe that one of the  works of the Holy Spirit is to lead, guide, direct, and instruct our lives in the Words of God, I knew that this more focused “thought” was from Him.  It wasn’t negative like my former reasonings, and it reminded me that I do have a choice in the matter…My choice?  Living each day allowing God to handle the matter instead of “me” trying to fix it!

Don’t kid yourself…leaving unpleasant, painful, and hurtful situations in God’s hands isn’t as easy as it perhaps sounds….It’s not as if we are just sitting idly by while “waiting” on God to “do” everything to make it all better!  No, it requires prayer, courage, strength, patience, hope, love, and faith on our part; ALL working together within our hearts and minds to give us PEACE in the matter….Seeking to discern God’s Spirit in a matter…and CHOOSING each day (sometimes minute by minute!) to have FAITH that God is working things out according to HIS plan and purpose involves and requires both constraint and restraint!  But, as Christians and through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, we can do it!!!

So, we do have a choice in ALL things in life…whether we recognize it or not.  The Book of Hebrews, chapter eleven, spotlights several of God’s Hall of Faith Heroes from the Old Testament.  Each one looking for the “promised” Messiah to come in their life time with intense Hope and Faith…Yet; they all died in their FAITH having never witnessed His earthly ascension.  But, they NEVER gave up Hope!

Ask yourself this question, can you live day by day in faith should an unpleasant situation or circumstance never resolve itself in your life time? That’s exactly what I am asking myself this morning…What if the unpleasant situation “never” gets fixed in my life time?  I have a choice…And, I am choosing to trust in God for His purpose and plan….That’s my choice…I am not “helpless” nor “powerless” in the matter…I have made a definitive choice….I am CHOOSING to serve God and let Him take care of the matter…

Whew…I can already breathe better knowing that while I am “exercising” Faith…God is working in the matter!  Amen!

Today, like me, you may be facing a situation that requires lots of faith and trust on your part….Remember, you are making a choice when you “choose” to trust God!!  The Psalmist wrote, “TRUST IN GOD AT ALL TIMES, O PEOPLE; POUR OUT YOUR HEARTS UNTO HIM, FOR GOD IS OUR REFUGE.” Psalm 62:8

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

“Got Leadership!”

“Got Leadership?”

“And, the LORD shall be KING over all the earth; in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name ONE.”  (Zechariah 14:9)

I firmly believe that there are three main  “on-going attributes (characteristics and traits) that define a truly outstanding and effective leader: “Leading,” “Uniting,” and “Inspiring.” 

Just as a seasoned, skilled Commander LEADS his forces into battle, UNITING them with a common goal and purpose, and INSPIRING them with a passion of total self-abandonment…Our KING OF KINGS, Jesus Christ,  will one day triumphantly march across this planet ending forever and ever…. ALL of mankind’s search and need to find the perfect leader“Got Leadership?”  Yes; In Jesus Christ!

But, until that glorious eternal day arrives, we, as a people, family, vocation, and nation continue to seek out effective and outstanding leadership.  Mankind has always purposely sought out effective leaders; even from the beginning of time….Noah was a leader…He led, united, and inspired his family of eight to enter into the Ark of safety.  Moses (truly one of life’s greatest, most effective, and inspirational leaders) led an entire nation out of bondage.  Joshua, a great military commander with a divine courage and vision, led his nation’s armies through many heated battles to victory.  King David, God’s own anointed and appointed king, stirred his people with tenacity, strength, courage, hope, purpose, and passion…What great leaders these men were!

Centuries later, another great leader arose; a gentle carpenter from Galilee who rallied the entire world, leading, uniting, and inspiring all walks of life to an eternal “CAUSE” of Love, Compassion, Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness, and Kinship…Oh, the leading, uniting, and inspiring life of Jesus Christ!       

But, what about today?  What about today’s families, industries, professions, learning institutions, work-markets, governments, communities, nations, and global societies? Does our hearts not burn within us to once again see such great leadership?  Such purpose?  Such unity?  Such passion and dedication?”   Oh, how our world (all things and peoples included) needs men and women; dads and moms, engulfed with, empowered with, dedicated to, and possessed with outstanding “LEADERSHIP” traits and qualities.  Those who not only CAN… BUT WILL  lead, unite, and inspire for the common good of ALL stakeholders involved.

We need fathers who lead, unite, and inspire their children and families.  We need mothers who lead, unite, and inspire their sons and daughters.  We need teachers who teach, lead, unite, and inspire their students in positive and productive ways.  We need coaches who will coach, train, lead, unite, and inspire their players to play with all their heart, soul, and might for the common good of the team.  We need civic leaders and government leaders who stop pursuing personal and professional agendas and resumes to lead, unite, and inspire their communities and constituents for the common good of ALL.  We need state and national leaders who  are willing to stop being professional politicians long enough to recall, remember, and rededicate themselves to lead, unite, and inspire our great country….not to break-down, to break-up, and to destroy our nation’s Christian heritage and firm foundation…We need leaders who openly and truthfully, without hypocrisy, submit unto God…and are willing to lead according to His standards, plan and purpose; and not their own!

We need pastors and preachers to stop building up themselves and build up the Kingdom of God!  Pastors and preachers who “lead,” “unite,” and “inspire” their congregations.  “Lead” them to Jesus (Evangelize)  “Unite” Them in Purpose (Discipleship).  “Inspire” them to live “godly” lives (Fellowship with God and one another!)  (Wow! I’m on a roll!  smile…)!

As a people, we have seen “pockets” of outstanding leadership here and there.  Perhaps a parent, grandparent, friend, relative, pastor, boss, mentor, coach, professor, or eduator who helped to spur us along life’s course….They inspired and motivated us to remain steadfast towards our goals; individual and cooperate.  Those who helped to hold our hands within theirs when we needed it the most.  Those who inspired us to always keep on keeping on…even in the face of adversities…

Oh, the joy of being led, united, and inspired by an effective leader for the common good of ALL…Today, you may be a leader, a teacher, a coach, a pastor, or a civic leader….If so; I encourage you to dig a little deeper and see if you are truly “leading,” “uniting,” and “inspiring” your followers; those who are looking unto you for guidance and direction….If you reach the conclusion that you are NOT doing your best…Then…Stop…Admit it to God….Seek God’s Forgiveness, Grace and Mercy…Then, Pray to be empowered with HIS leadership attributes. (The Holy Spirit)…Then, and only then, can you truly lead, unite, and inspire!  “Got Leadership!”  I hope so…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

“Just When I Need Him Most”

“Just When I Need Him Most”

I Waited patiently for the LORD; and HE inclined unto me, and heard my cry…The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing; thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness. (Psalm 40:1 & Psalm 41:3)

You (God) are the Source of My Strength (Nehemiah 8:10)…For so many of us, we learn to rely on Jesus Christ as our GREAT PHYSICIAN…I know I have.  Here is my own personal testimony of such:

My first bout with illness happened when I was six years old. I was diagnosed (back in the early 60’s) with rheumatic fever.  I missed a lot of school that year with recurring sore throats, recurrent fever and rash, and constant leg aches.  But, God blessed me with a high level of energy, so I ran and jumped as often I could!  As I have written before, at the age of ten, I underwent open heart surgery for a blockage in the aorta artery.  But, God graciously blessed me with gifted doctors and a full recovery.

I had a wonderfully active life as a teenage, married my high school boyfriend, and eventually gave  birth to three daughters that include a set of identical twins.  Right after my youngest daughter was born, I was diagnosed with chronic nephritis and migraine headaches that I suffered for the next ten years.  Also, when she turned two years old, I underwent a total hysterectomy.  Then, at the age 30, I was diagnosed with chronic Epstein-Barr Virus as well as a mass on my pancreas.  God came on the scene and healed me of the mass and my EBV levels eventually returned to normal over the next year.  Later that same year, I underwent a lumpectomy in my left breast that was thankfully benign.

Then, in 2005 I suffered a cerebral brain aneurysm that God mercifully allowed a wonderful team of neuro-surgeons to successfully repair through a cutting-edge platinum-coiling procedure.  I was able to return to the classroom teaching within twenty days!  Five years later, I underwent back surgery (fusion L4-L5 and shaving of the bone) for a sustained lumbar injury.  Believing that the worse was behind me, on August 17th, 2010, (six weeks after the back surgery) I suffered a stroke from a spontaneous vertebral artery dissection…Once again, God graciously and miraculously allowed me to recover; however, I did suffer some mild to moderate impairments.   At doctor’s orders, I retired early from teaching school and changed my entire routine of life…So, for the past two years this coming August, I have adjusted well (a few bumps here and there) and learned to enjoy my life on good days as well as some not so good days…Life is often what we choose to make it and how we see it!

Then, last week, after three previous trips to the doctor’s office for a sudden on-set of laryngitis, fever, swollen lymph nodes, joint pain, and several abnormal lab results, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis with chronic fibromyalgia.  All believed to be a direct result of childhood rheumatic fever,  overall weakened immune system from on-going illnesses, and the EBV that has highly reactivated itself in my system.  Ouch!  But, I can’t give up…I won’t give up…Why?? I have way too much to live for and too much to do…And, way too many people whom I love  and do not wish to let down….

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not Mary Poppins singing, ” a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down….”  Not at all…I have my moments…It’s difficult at times and a challenge to go from an overly active life style as being a pastor’s wife, ladies Bible teacher, and church pianist, along with being a mother, grandmother, and public school teacher to being retired and learning to “do” on the days I feel like it…and rest on those days that I don’t…  (I’m pretty certain many of you can sadly relate.)

But, I am truly enjoying my new life-style in so many newer ways.  For one, I love the serenity and peace that it provides me and the added and deeper quality and quantity alone time with God…I am learning that God is more interested in developing a one-on-one relationship with me and me with Him than any other goal in life…I also enjoy “blogging” and writing in my journals including a journal I am writing for my grandchildren that gives Biblical advise and words of encouragement from “Meemaw.”   And, I smile more often, laugh more often, love more often, and enjoy life more often…I light candles more often, listen to fine music more often, enjoy intimate dinners with my husband more often, sit out on my deck more often, and look up at the brilliant blue sky more often…I guess you would say that my life right now is all about doing personal quality things “More Often!”

So, right now, just as with so many other times in my life, “Just When I Need Him (God) Most…God is always right beside me, leading, guiding, and directing my path through the good times and some not so good times…. Like many of you, I can truly testify that God is my Great Physician!!!  The Source of My Strength…I lift my Hands in Total Praise to the Source of My Strength…Amen…

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author

“Bragging on God!”

“Bragging on God!”

“Because of HIS Strength will I wait upon God; for God is my Defense” (Psalm 59:9)

On this most peaceful and beautiful Sunday morning, I would like to take a few minutes to simply “brag” on God.  As with most mornings, I woke up, brushed my teeth, made the beds, straightened up a little from the night before, poured myself a hot, yummy cup of black coffee with just the right amount of white chocolate mocha, took a chewy granola bar from the canister, picked up my Bible, and walked out on my back porch to spend some time alone with God.

As I was reading my Bible, a particular verse of scripture came into my thoughts.  I wanted to read it within its context, so I flipped over to the concordance to find its exact location…Nothing…I couldn’t find one single clue word to help lead me to the verse…So, I said to myself, “Well, Lord, you know exactly where the scripture is, so I’ll just trust you to find it for me.”   Now, mind you, most Bibles containing both Old and New Testaments have around 1600 pages in them; give or take a little (I’m from the South you know!).  So, from the back of the book, I randomly flipped ONLY one time to page 698….And, you’ve got it!  Underlined at the bottom of the page was the exact verse that I was searching for!  Praise the Lord!

That’s the type of God I serve….See, there’s NOTHING too big or too small that my God cannot do!  We so often limit God to what He can do….He’s not just God of the BIG stuff, He’s also God of the little stuff as well.  I like when God “shows up” and “shows out” with the little stuff in my life…It lets me know that our relationship is personal; one on one.  Sort of like when a spouse or personal friend does an act of kindness that only you and he or she know about…Personal…Intimate…Custom-made

I enjoy asking God for specific things in my life…Like a parking space up closer to the store!  It doesn’t happen every time (I figure there are some times when God wants me to walk a little farther!), but when it does…I thank God for it…Some days, when I am aching and just not feeling very well, I will ask, “God, it sure would be nice to find a parking space closer to the front today…If it won’t take away from your honor and glory will you open up one for me?”  I can’t tell you the number of times after I’ve prayed this simple prayer that a shopper returns to their car and starts backing out from one of the front spaces!  You can call it coincident; I’ll call it a blessing from God!

God can be that way in our lives when we let Him….TRUST; TRUST; TRUST…He’s not too busy; and he’s just waiting for you to ask Him and to have the FAITH (Hebrews 11:1) that He will and can take care of it.  I’ve written before about the lost key in the sand…How it was going to cost my husband and me $75.00 upon our leaving the condo because we had lost the room key while at the beach…Knowing that nothing is too big or too small for my God, I prayed and asked God to “find” the key…And, He did!!…He lead me back to the beach, back to the place where we had spent the day, and back to the spot where the key was buried under inches of sand!  I will never forget the look on my husband’s face that day when I walked back into that condo with the KEY in my hand!!  Wow! My God can do it…To Him there’s nothing to it!!

Today, Trust in God and have Faith in God for both the bigger and the smaller things in life…He doesn’t mind one little bit…Actually, He’s looking forward to it!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author