Finding Power in Prayer

Finding Power in Prayer

“The Effectual Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Availeth Much”

James 5:16

Back in 1978, I was given a copy of the book, “What Happens When Women Pray,” by Evelyn Christenson. Since that time I can truly say that my life has never been the same regarding the power and necessity of prayer.  Prayer is the essential key to finding power and strength within a Christian’s life.  Notice, I said a “Christian’s life.”  For “prayer” to be effective, it must be spoken by a “righteous” man.  And, the only way ANY human can possess “righteousness” is through the “righteousness” of Jesus Christ.

How do we become “righteous” through Jesus?  ABC…Only by first Admitting that we are a sinner, alienated from our Holy Creator God; Believing that God sent his only begotten Son, Jesus, to give His virgin born, sinless life as a sacrifice on the Cross at Calvary for our sins;  yet, He (Jesus) who was crucified was resurrected from the dead on the third day to be seated in Heaven on the right side of the Father (God) making intercession for His followers.  And, by Confessing our faith in Jesus before both God and man (For with the mouth “confession” is made unto Salvation.)  Many use the Scriptures written by the Apostle Paul found in the Book of Romans, chapter 10, as a Roadmap to Salvation.   The first “effectual” prayer any person must pray is a “Sinner’s Prayer” for Salvation.

The Bible does not give specific words for a sinner to pray asking Jesus for salvation (Salvation meaning our taking on the Spiritual righteousness of Jesus into our hearts and lives).  But, we do know that God hears a sinner’s prayer when we ask to be saved from sin, shame, and eternal death.  The Bible clearly teaches that those who do not Admit, Believe, and Confess in Jesus Christ will one day be judged for their Sin of unbelief and eventually “cast” into the Lake of Fire to be separated from God and His mercy and grace throughout all of eternity.  How terribly sad and tragic… Oh, my friend, if you have never done so, won’t you admit, believe, confess, and receive Jesus into your heart and life before it is forever too late??!!

Once a born-again believer has entered into a relationship with God through his Son, Jesus, we can begin to build an “effective” prayer life.  No where can you find more examples for the “need” of prayer than in the Book of Psalms.  Many were written by King David; known as the Psalmist for his beautiful prayers of Faith.  The New Testament clearly provides many examples of Jesus’ prayer life.  He often withdrew himself from the crowds to be alone in prayer with His heavenly Father.  And, thanks now be unto God, Jesus sits on the Throne interceding for you and me!  There is Power in Prayer!

Prayers and Praying is the most natural and beautiful means of communicating our needs to and receiving our blessings from Almighty God.  Each day I encourage you to nestle time set aside to be alone in your “closet of prayer.”  For in doing so you will find needed strength for your soul, mind, and body as nothing else will do…Yes; there is power found in fervent prayer….Prayers that availeth much!

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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