“And the Winds Came…”

And the Winds Came…”

“And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew…”

I typically do not blog on Saturdays, but reflecting upon the many storms and tornadoes that ripped through our region, my heart is heavy and when my heart is heavy I often write.

For those of us who live in the South we are accustomed to hearing about the devastating tornadic storms that hit our neighbors in the mid-western and Ohio Valley regions. Sadly, and often stunned, we watch videos and images of mass destruction and loss of lives. The same is true for our adjacent neighbors in Alabama.  They just seem to get “hit” harder than those of us living in northwest Georgia.  But, last night the vast “tornadic storm” had a mind of its own and a very different plan…It wanted to go down in history as being the longest standing storm on record in the month of March traveling from Indiana to Georgia. And, before it was all over,  it brought its “calling card” into my county and into the lives of my family; my parents.

Thankfully, the main part of my parents’ home was not hurt, but on the east side shingles and roofing were torn from the rafters along with their garage and storage buildings destroyed spreading debris across their three-acre property.  Both of my parents are in their mid-seventies, so the storm really had a huge impact for them.  Several of my dad’s Bradford Pear trees were twisted and crushed to the ground along with other trees and branches and limbs from adjacent properties tossed up and down the roads.

But, they were more fortunate than many of their neighbors whose property losses were much greater including some totally leveled homes.  In the wake of the storm was also one of our counties newest elementary schools. Metal roofing ripped from the structure exposing classrooms, block walls fallen to the ground, and portable classrooms picked up and tossed around like they were play cars.  Our counties’ airport also received severe damages as well.  All in all it was a very eventful night.  But, one wonderful bit of news stands out as a reminder of God’s saving power…no one in the path of the storms that hit in Georgia was fatally injured.

Yet, in several states, lives were loss and properties damaged beyond recognition and repair.  “Lord, please be with those who suffered loss of life in yesterday’s storms.”

I have often said that you can truly know someone by the way they respond to various storms and trials that hit their lives.  There are those who feel if you just don’t “talk” about it, it doesn’t exist. There are others who believe if they just say, “It’ll be alright” enough times that everything will be alright!  But, my friend life is not like that.  Life hurts and when it comes at you fast and furious like a storm of nature…it leaves its mark behind.

Physical storms of nature such as tornadoes and hurricanes leave visible signs of damage…buildings destroyed, power-lines down, trees and debris spread throughout the area…But, when a person is “hit” and “hurt” from a storm of a different nature such as health-related issues, a divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of job or finances, family turmoil, rejection, betrayal and abuse of various types the injuries and damages sustained are not so visible and often overlooked.  The devastations, pain, and hurt are often felt on the “inside” and many times not even exposed to those living closest around them.

For those who are hit by the physical storms of nature we know that debris can be picked-up, buildings can be replaced, shingles can be repaired, and new trees can be planted.  It is for those who suffer loss of life during physical storms of nature that we mourn and grieve…everything else is replaceable.

But, what about those who suffer from life’s many trials, dissapointments, and hurts?  For those who are hurt and wounded from these types of storms there is only One who can repair the damages…The Master carpenter from Bethlehem of Judea, Jesus Christ.  “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell NOT; for it was built upon a rock (Jesus Christ).” (Matthew 7:25).

Today, whether you are recovering from a physical storm of nature or a storm of life, I pray that you will find the necessary hope, strength, Faith, and courage you need to face tomorrow.

Remember, God Loves You!

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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