Teaching To Love

Teaching to Love…

“That they may TEACH the young women to exhort self-control, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be modest, pure, keepers at home (taking care of the home), good (kind), submissive to their OWN husbands, that the Word of God be not made void (or discarded).  Titus 2:4-5

 Today’s blog title does not read, “Loving to Teach…” It reads, “TEACHING TO LOVE!”  Before I retired from teaching public school, I recall spending many hours writing out and designing lesson plans geared towards “TEACHING”  my students a specific standard or objective in order to reach a specific goal.

Knowing that all students do not learn in the same way, a truly well-prepared lesson plan contains various methods and styles of teaching.  Some students are audio learners, while others are visual learners, while others are kinesthetic, and some a mixture of all three.  To effectively teach ALL students, a dedicated and gifted teacher will include all three styles and methods of  teaching and learning in order to achieve optimal results. This style of teaching is NOT the exception but the rule of good, basic teaching and learning.

Likewise, one will find the word, “teach”   throughout the Scriptures.  The simple, yet sometimes complex, term “teach” can be defined as,  “to instruct,” “to train,” “to enlighten,” “to impart knowledge or skills through instruction or example.”  Any parent knows that the best way to “teach” or “instruct” our children on how to do a specific chore is to “model” it on a daily, regular basis.  As a child, I don’t recall my mother verbally “instructing” me how to do certain tasks or chores as much as I simply recall “watching” her do them on a daily and regular basis.

“Teaching” specific objectives is so vitally important to our lives that God used the term numerous times throughout the Bible.  Take for example…The Bibles speaks of “teaching” us to Love.  No one has to teach us how to have a temper-tandrum…just take something away from a baby and you’ll quickly see what I mean!  No one has to teach us how to tell a lie….But, God instructs us to “teach” one another how to “love.”  Do you mean that Love and the ability to Love is something that can be taught, instructed, trained, and modeled?  Yes; according to the Scriptures.  The Book of Titus tells the “older” women to teach the “younger” women how to be modest and discreet, love their own husbands, love their own children, to be keepers of (take care of) their own homes, and to be submissive to their own husbands.”  

Sadly, I’m afraid so many are NOT being taught the things that God instructed us to teach: Love, Charity, Kindness, Respect, Purity… For decades now, divorce rates have been on the rise, women have become more and more overt in their mannerisms and behaviors, increaesed unwedded pregnancies, more and more children are being left to care for and raise themselves, and submission to ones own husband….Well, that concept in today’s society is considered as being an “old-fashioned” wise-tale or fable!  In one way or the other I fear that we are all “guilty” of NOT teaching, modeling, and/or instructing our younger women and men in the things of God….And, it shows.

In the Book of Titus ( a very good book for principles on daily living!), it also reads, “Teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts (pleasures), we should live soberly (modest, pure, and sane), righteously (doing what is right in God’s eyes), and godly (according to God’s teachings), in this present world.  (2:12).

With so much alarming RealityTV bombarding our air-ways along with all the “Jerry Springer” crowds, what our children are seeing today is a far, far cry from God’s Biblical teachings.   For example…Our society has attempted to reduce “marriage” to selecting your future spouse from a group of men or women after “comparing” them on the basis of pre-marital sex and wild partying!  Sadly, shows such as The Bachelor continue to be top-raters by viewers.

I fear that until we return to the teachings of God as well as modeling HIS instructions on a regular basis, our society will continue to decline in morals and values.  Ask yourself this question, “What is your life teaching or modeling today?”  Is it teaching or modeling God’s instructions…Or, is it teaching the lost, ungodly world’s concepts?

(In closing, I’m glad that there are still individual people, families, churches, and organizations out there teaching God’s ways.  This past weekend, two of my grandsons attended a Purity Conference with the teens and youth from their church.  With so much impurities being modeled and demonstrated within our society, families, and even some churches, I’m thankful and grateful for those who continue to contribute their money, time, talents, and skills towards helping our younger men and women to know a better way; God’s way.  Amen.) 

Remember, God Loves You

Lin T. Rollins, Author


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